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Live bindas

I’m gift of almighty, full of strength and courage,
I’m making path with determination and hard work to achieve my aims,
I’m passionate about my work and live in my world of hope,
I’m day dreamer, cant sleep without fulfilling goals,
I’m full of confidence; circumstances will be in my favors,
I’m making efforts till I will get  my destination,
I’m not getting the word impossible, because that word says itself that I’m possible,
I’m blessed with all senses to transform my task in reality,
I’m getting inspiration by music of birds, rainbow in sky and burning sun,
I’m having god inside deep down inside my soul, no need to seek it outside,
I’m having long vision to reach at peak of my success,
I’m capable to change the whole world by spreading love,
I’m having guts to dream and live my life with my sources,
I’m complete, part of almighty with holy soul and strong desires like rocks,
I’m unique and only one who will mark presence on this world tills the sun will shine in the sky

Welcome in the world of hope and day dreaming in which time and age doesn’t matter to learn any new thing. Only what matters is your desire and passion to do your dreamy task.

Are we living our life on our conditions, for our goals? Nope. I don’t think so, very few are living life like that. So, why I have chosen this topic? Definitely this question will arise in your mind, never mind I’ll not blow your mind any more. We all have planned our life but very few of us succeeded. Without discussing about how to be successful, I think it’ll be more interesting if we re-planned our life once again. We all have dreams in life. But hey, if they are still dreams then even it’s ok. Start to work on it from today. Like I wish to learn one music instrument before I die, I’ll fulfill my that wish soon. You know it’s always great to wish for new things in life.

I have heard many people saying that they wish to do this and that, but they are not getting time, but one can do time management, to fulfill own dreams, only thing is you yourself have to work, another person will not come ahead and help you out. After all every one is unique and same way dreams are also special for individuals. Even there is no need of some one who will inspire you. Become your own inspiration, make yourself example for others. People are dreaming but after passing their life, they are sacrificing their dreams, they believe that after some age, like 50 or 60, they will not be able to do that perfectly. Why we all are interested to do things perfectly? I mean can not we forget about results? We should try first. It’ll give you enjoyment & peace.

God has given us life just once, live it king size, dare to dream and make habit to win. Trust yourself more than other’s. Never compare yourself with anyone; you are your own competitor. We all get equal time, few are successful, few are working hard, few are lazy, others don’t dare to dream, and they love their routine life.

People are saying that they are feeling bored many a times. I really don’t understand how one can be bored? I mean there are plenty things to do in life. If you are really bored with your routine life, try to introduce new things in life, introduce new hobbies in life. Age is not factor that is stopping you. Most stupid thing in life is to just waste time and sit idle. God has blessed you with beautiful mind, create innovative ideas, help others, and spread your thinking.

In our Indian culture mostly parents are deciding or I must use word planning for their kids. They are thinking that in life one should become doctor or engineer. Mostly people are not able to think more than that. Many times though kids know what they wish to do in life but always doing the things according to their parents. I would like to tell you one thing that no one is able to make YOU happy, may be few of your decision hurt some one but when you do well in that task, same people will admire you. The thing is to believe on your guts, your strength. One should be passionate to do task. Parents are over protected, leave your students mentally, let them decide what to do in life, make them independent financially and mentally. You can guide them but don’t force them to live their life on your condition. In this way they will never grow up indeed.

One should live life to fulfill his / her dreams; nothing is bad or good in this world. It depends on individual’s perspective. So, make your life more meaning full, start to work out to fulfill your dreams. Make your own path to success, no matter how much time it’ll take, no matter how different it will be, no matter if it’ll be opposed by your friends and family. You know yourself better than any other can, don’t sacrifice your dreams, live life bindas, be crazy and passionate for your dream.

“Rock world by your thoughts and ideas, mark your presence”


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One thought on “Live bindas

  1. Yes, very true. Life must have a goal or say a dream, that we are crazy to achieve. Without a clear goal, we are just a ball of soccer, where we just get kicked from here and go there and vice versa. Having a goal means, having clear thinking about what we want in life, and dreams are the essential part for the same.

    Being a man of imaginations, I know that, whatever we feel so strongly about, we achieve for sure.

    Bindas article, Neema. I am sure, this is quite an inspiring for those who are confused with life. This will give them a chance to re-think about their life, where they are going wrong. Keep it up.

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