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Lumenaura glass silicone water bottle as your travel buddy

Taking the family on vacation is only slightly easier than amending the U.S. Constitution. After packing clothes, toiletries, personal effects, cell phone chargers, towels, extra underwear, Granny and the entire corpus of ancient Greek literature, we were on our way to the destination.

We got lucky this time; it was only two miles before the youngest had to go. A record, I may add.
St. Augustine, Fla., is the oldest city in the U.S. Now celebrating 450 years, it is a very family friendly location for a vacation. It has history, beaches, places to leave a cell phone and Granny, but most importantly, it is easy to travel on foot.

Unfortunately, summers in North Florida can be brutally hot. Temperatures average well above 90 degrees and coupled to humidity levels that can be tasted with a spoon, getting dehydrated quickly is a problem. This is why everyone in the family has their own Lumenaura.

My family is quite active. We all enjoy biking, tennis, golf and baseball. Our active lifestyle means we keep healthful living and eating habits, so the Lumenaura is ideal. BPA free, this glass bottle is perfect for all of us.
Most think that the glass would be more of a hazard than a benefit, but the silicone easy to grip sleeve protects the glass from almost anything that can happen, including a bike crash, wild baseball or thrown at a sister or brother in anger.

Believe it or not, we actually have a good time when we go on vacation. The family has a good time, stays well hydrated and even makes sure Granny has a good time as well. The Lumenaura is a key element in everything that we do.


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