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Lumenaura water bottle helps you stay hydrated while you play Tennis

I love tennis. I love to watch tennis, play tennis, talk tennis and generally do anything having to do with tennis. I am such a tennis fan that the local pro shop has me on their Christmas card list.

When I say I like to play tennis, I do. I just so happen to play tennis badly. When I say badly, I mean as good at tennis as Enron was in keeping the books. Yes; I play horribly. Sometimes I even manage to keep the tennis ball in play, and by in play, I mean on the court and not skyrocketing out of the playing area.

It really is a passion, and when I am playing tennis, I work up a solid sweat. When I say sweat, I mean drenching my shirt in a solid mass of liquid.

This means I need to stay hydrated and hydrated well. Tennis courts do not have the best shade, and when I say not the best shade the court is scorched under blazing hot sun.

This is why I have the Lumenaura water bottle. The glass bottle means no nasty BPA or worries about chemicals.
The silicone sleeve keeps the bottle from getting too warm in the sun and protects the glass against the aforementioned balls skyrocketing around the playing area.

Since it comes in two colors, I bought one for my playing partner. I have the stylish blue, and my partner the guava. We fill them with cold water before leaving for the courts, and we manage to have lots of cold water throughout the day’s play.

One day, I will get a few more of the Lumenaura glass bottles. For now, I am keen to keep trying to play tennis and enjoy myself. By enjoy myself, I mean to keep from pulling a muscle or collapsing in a heap of exhaustion. Regardless though, I will remain well hydrated and stylish the entire time I am on the court, and by on the court I mean literally sprawled out on the court in pain.


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