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Make your educational journey easy with Sallie Mae Student Loans

Education is an imperative part of a child’s journey. Parents work hard to have a better future for their children and student’s dream to get into ivy leagues or good schools as their foundation to fulfill their dreams. We often hear stories of students who could not pursue higher education due to poor finances. The availability of loans today has worked very effectively on financial issues and is a wonderful answer to all those who have an undeterred spirit to study diligently. Sallie Mae student loans make this dream come true for you by offering you loans to make your educational journey happier and easier.

From offering loans for higher education, which is rather common now, there are loans that the company offers for any time for educational purposes. After filing certain requisite forms that have personal information of the debtor, you are ready to get the loan. Below are the types of educational loans that are available:

  1. Cosigner: Student’s in school are most likely to have a restricted history and hence, it is not possible to find out their payback ability. In that case, the students can still get a loan, but they need to sign up with a cosigner. It is often seen that a cosigner is a parent. This means that someone who has the ability to pay back and has a good credit history can be a cosigner. This also means that the person is liable to pay back the loan if need be. This kind of loan can be taken at any level of your educational journey and not necessarily for higher education.
  2. Undergraduate students: This loan is conferred to students who are planning to pursue under graduation. After availing the federal loans, sometimes, still, the amount required is short of the actual one. The financial institutions can bridge this gap so you may continue with your aspiration of studying in a particular college. This loan is given for a period of 5 to 15 years with the fixed rate of interest ranging from 5.74% to 11.85%. There is also a variable interest in this smart option student loan that you may like to avail.
  3. Smart loan option for professional training: Unlike loan for education, students wish to undertake professional training for specific courses such as media, video editing, plumbing, construction etc. It is for these professional courses that the smart loan option is available. The tenure of this loan also ranges from five to fifteen years and has an option of the variable rate of interest only. After taking this loan, you may proceed to ascertain your goals and work wonders in your field.
  4. Parent Loan: In this type of loan, a parent or a guardian can take this loan. Sometimes, not even the parents are equipped to take loans, for reasons like paying off, affordability etc. in that cases guardians can apply for this loan and support the student financially. This loan can be taken at any time, from the undergraduate level to a certificate education. This rate of interest for this is variable as well as optional and can be taken for up to 10 years.
  5. K-12 Education loan: If in search for better educational standards, you have opted private school for your child, you can then opt for this loan which is offered for a period of three years. It comes with a variable rate of interest.

6. Graduate Loan: For many courses, the loan is available at a variable and a fixed rate of interest with no application fee.


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