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5 Reasons why taking biotin tablets are a good idea

While everyone acknowledges how important first impressions are, a lot of individuals fail to keep that up, in the long run, by accidentally neglecting the health of their skin or hair, thanks to their extremely hectic ambitious lives. Even if you’re someone who puts in a lot of maintenance externally, in the form of creams, conditioners and lotions, nutrition is being absorbed internally, in the form of diet. It is although possible that our dietary requirements for optimal hair and skin growth aren’t met. Here is where, biotin tablets step in, as life savers. They ensure your body has the proper dietary nutrients for healthy looking glowing skin, strong shiny hair while reversing negative effects of brittle nails or hair loss. If you’re wondering about the health benefits of Biotin Tablets, here are the 5 most important ones:

  1. Healthy hair: Biotin helps in producing keratin and so promotes growth of healthy and strong hair. Evidence, however is weak because people only with seriously deficit hair have seen results. On an average, 30 to 100 mcg per day is the intake required. For infants, it should be close to 10 to 30 mcg.
  2. Improved metabolism: Biotin helps in the production of energy and in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein with the help of certain enzymes. Biotin affects gluconeogenesis as biotin containing enzymes initiate this process of glucose production. It also helps in the synthesis of fatty acids and in the breakdown of amino acids also including leucine.
  3. Cures brittle nails: Biotin easily recovers brittle nails and can be meted out by having biotin supplements. 2.5 mg of biotin for six to fifteen months will show the result.
  4. Breastfeeding and pregnancy: Unlike other times, biotin intake should be considerably high during the period of pregnancy and lactation as deficiencies occur during this time which includes the breakdown of biotin too. This would affect the well-being and hence, biotin supplements are important.
  5. Reducing blood sugar in diabetes patients: Biotin helps in curing type two diabetes which is a metabolic disease. Studies show that people with increased blood sugar levels have less concentration of biotin in their blood. Biotin supplements and mineral chromium help in lowering blood sugar levels and help.

While biotin tablets makes up for the loss of proper nutrients in the diet, there are natural sources of biotin are egg yolks, liver, kidney meat, yeast, soya beans and peanuts, cheese, cauliflowers, mushrooms and nuts and nut butters. These should be consumed non-cooked or less-processed way as biotin may render ineffective.  Additionally, gut bacteria also produces some amount of biotin.

While it can be difficult to procure or consume the natural ingredients containing biotin, biotin tablets are readily available as helpful supplements. These multivitamin tablets are available online. Purayati dietary supplements for hair, skin and nails are often a preferred choice, among users. It caters to maintaining your over-all health needs, and makes up for nutritional deficiencies in your diet. What makes this one of the most preferred biotin supplement is its ingredients like selenium, zinc, inositol, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and others.


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