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My Experience of Girnar Parikrama 2011

Girnar mountain range

Girnar mountain range

About Girnar Parikrama

Girnar is very famous mountain in Gujarat. In fact, it’s a mountain range. Every year, on the occasion of Dev Diwali (which falls after 15 days of Diwali festival) people from different parts of Gujarat participate in the Parikrama (pilgrimage walk circling the mountain Girnar). The length of this parikrama is 36 kilometres.

Mountain Girnar

Mountain Girnar

My experience

I left from city Rajkot on a fine morning of Saturday, i.e. November 5, 2011. Reached to Junagadh city at 10:30. Straight away went to visit Madhavanandji, a saint living at Brahmeshwar Ashram near Damodarkund. After having some conversation, followed by Prasadam, I started my pilgrimage walk at 12:00 noon.

At the entrance, all what I could see was people, people and lots of people all around me. Of course, it had to be that way, as every year lacks of people do come for parikrama.

Young Nagabava

Young Nagabava

I had taken few things with me such as camera, water bottle, brush, light bedding, my books, cap, extra pair of clothes, extra pair of footwear and I guess that’s it. Just when I had started walking I noticed a Nagabava sitting at the side of the path. Out of curiosity (and that’s my normal nature), I went to meet him. He was circled by few other people too, with whom he was exchanging his Chalam (a special kind of smoking instrument). He seemed very young (later during conversation, he said he just 25 years old). He asked me sit beside him as he saw me observing him. So I went. He asked me few common things such as where do I come from etc. During our conversation he said that he had taken sanyas right from his childhood and then after he kept moving from place to place. I asked about his Guru and fortunately I knew about him – Indra Bharathiji, who happens to have a very big ashram in Junagadh. In fact, I haven’t met him but have met his Gurubhai Ishwar Bharathiji, who has an ashram in Sasan and now taking care of his Guru Prem Bharathi’s Ashram at Ghantvad village near Kodinar. So, there was not much conversation with this Nagabava for couple of reasons that I was a bit in hurry to go ahead and may be I didn’t sense anything interesting in him.

The first halt of this parikrama is known as Jinabava ni Madhi, which is around 10 kilometres from the inception point. After walking to couple of kilometres, I observed another sadhu standing with support of a swing kind of instrument which was tied with a tree nearby. He was a bit aside from the path, so not much people were around him. I felt some sense to see him so I went to him and uttered “Aum Namo Narayan” (which is the signage namaskar you do when you meet a sadhu). He reciprocated and thus started our small conversation. I came to know from him that he has his ashram near Khambha of Amreli district. His name is Mahant Shivsharangirji. The unique thing about him is that he is also known as Khadeshwariji for his special kind of worshiping by taking a religious oath to never sit down for fourteen years. This is why he was standing with the support of that swing. It had been five years since he has been following this oath, still more nine years to go. I gave him my third book “Turning Point”, and left to proceed further.

Khadeshwari ji

Khadeshwari ji


The word Ghodi is used in rural language for a small hill, rather for its path going up. The first Ghodi I experienced was towards the way to Jinabavani madhi. It indeed is tiresome as well pleaserious. As you go against the law of gravitation you do feel the lack of oxygen within you, but then you have hundreds of people ahead, behind and beside you climbing it. During the entire parikrama, I did cross such three Ghodis, the second of which was indeed memorable for two reasons, one I climbed it during nighttime and second it was the toughest of all, that toughest that at few points, I felt like I shouldn’t have come here! But then, when I crossed that negative feeling disappeared with the perspiration. I was amazed to see very old people (70+) side by side me climbing as well as young people with very small kids (2 years). It’s all about faith. This is the example what faith can do, if you have it in you.

I walked

I had started at 12 PM on Saturday and finished at 08:30 next morning, so It took me 20:30 hours to finish the parikrama, out of which I had taken three hours for taking sleep for three hours at night from 10:30 to 1:30.

Food stuff

I drank water a lot. Then I had buttermilk, orange, coconut water, food at one of the Annakshetras (where food is provided for free), tea and gathiya.

I felt tired

As I said, I felt tired indeed while climbing up those Ghodis, but then I already knew I was going to go through them, so in overall, despite of them, or rather say due to these Ghodis, in overall, I enjoyed parikrama a lot.

Who accompanied me?

Me somwhere in jungle of Girnar

Me somwhere in jungle of Girnar

Generally, it is said that the real fun is doing parikrama in a group. But my experience tells me otherwise. I was all alone, rather say with myself. I enjoyed my company a lot. When I wanted to walk, I did walk, when wanted to rest, I did rest, when wanted to eat, I did eat, so in a way, I was the master of myself. But having said this, I believe that parikrama in a group too would be great, and I’m looking forward to it in the years to come.

What do I take from Girnar Parikrama?

Well, looking at the normal life I have, I find it very interesting with the tough physical experience I had from parikrama. Otherwise, I never walk even a kilometer a day, and here I walked thirty six kilometres, that too with inclusion of climbing hills. So, it was indeed fun at the end.

More photos on Facebook. (Make sure you’re signed in at Facebook)

Go here: Girnar Parikrama photos


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

32 thoughts on “My Experience of Girnar Parikrama 2011

  1. Parsana Jaisukh says:


  2. Lucky you !!
    i was about to have this year but couldn’t go due to resevertaion… hopefully next year..nice blog and nice info, which i was searching for a long time…will chase you next year for any doubts..


    1. Sure, Prashant. Most welcome.

  3. vikas says:

    Girnar Parikrama….Narmada Parikrama….Anubhav karva jeva…

    Tame to Girnar Parikramani tourist guide aapi didhi..

    Khoob Saras!

    1. Ji, Mini tourist guide 🙂

  4. a j says:

    its divine experience to be with GIRNAR in the night. i did it 4 times and i got different experience every time. I love GIRNAR.

    1. Well said a j, indeed the night in Girnar is something I can not exactly express in words. All what I can say is it is so awesome, that we feel the real love of nature.

  5. Tushar Vaidya says:

    Devang this is really good, weldone and keep it up!!!!

  6. dharmesh says:

    good experience in your life.

    1. Next year, sathe jaiye 🙂

  7. asmi says:

    I have gone girnar parvat in shivratri . mane to khobj maja avi ke jenu kaya words ma description karvu. tena mate shabdo nathi malta. hu shivratri ma gayi hati chhata hu roj internet par parikrama & girnar parvat j joya karu chhu.

  8. heamnt says:

    Have you came across any miracle or spiritual experience during the parikrama?

    1. That was my motive & intention behind deciding to go to Parikrama. I have had this perception and still has that, there are chances to meet a real Siddh during Parikrama. But I couldn’t witness any miracle or feel any visible spiritual experience in the parikrama. But yes, i felt intense energy within me throughout Parikrama. though the route is really tough, I felt the power of energy, jungle of GIR all over me.

      so, my journey to looking for a miracle is ON. Spiritual experience is something different, for which i believe that we need not to look outside.

  9. pravinchandra p.suthar says:

    I saw first time girnar parikrma photos & route
    I interested in parikrma to girnar

    It is good web for Hindu Culture & Religious stand in India
    Best wishes

    1. Yes Pravinchandra, it is mostly not available elsewhere in detail. You may join parikrama next year as it happens every year.

      Thank you for your words of appreciation.

  10. satish bajaj says:

    nice and beautifull which helped me as i have plannned for the girnar parvat at 19th nov 2012 with family please explain is it good time to visit as i am with my family and children

    1. Hello Satish Bajaj,

      Yes, it is good time, except no unseasoned rain. But mostly, there will be pleasant atmosphere. And it would be advisable that you start climbing Girnar parvat in early morning so that if the climate is hot, your children won’t have to face the sunlight.

      Good luck for the trip.

  11. Parin Shah says:

    I am planning this year. And after reading the experience of Devang , am 100% going.

    i also went to climb this moutn girnar, whihc is said to be the highest peak of Gujarat.

    i went last year and the experience was amazing styaing overnight at the Ambaji ni tunk at one of the old temples which was 400 yrs old with sadhus and the local people.

    A thrill of life.

    1. I am yet to spend a night on ambaji tunk…. glad you are planning for Parikrama this year… I am too probably going… where you from Parin?

  12. Bhavik says:

    I just wanna know about your interview of Mr. Anantrai Raval, Author of Gebi Girnar, what number will you give to his book ( About Factism ) Fact or Near about Fact { 80%, 90%} You have taken his interview so you can tell us about the matter and about his experience which he exposed in his book, Plz. give me reply in detail . Thanks….

    1. Dear Bhavik,

      If you watched the interview in-depth, you would have noticed that I tried my level best to get the answer for the same question you have asked here that “is it all really true even in this era?”, and I must tell you, I couldn’t get clear-cut answer from him, moreover, he at one point has confessed that 25% of what he has written in the book is fiction. Now that’s what tells the story. Still, judging him entirely for truth or false based on this may not be appropriate. Just watch the interview again. He has given good explanation in terms of philosophy of our spirituality, but often said that he just can not prove such things nor can take us to places that he has mentioned of having visited in Girnar. It’s really a trick subject. I mean, it’s about experience. So it’s really tough to share a clear-cut opinion or judgement about him and his book. It’s always unsatisfactory, isn’t it?

  13. Jamod sanjay says:

    I like girnar in gujarat . I am all year going to junagadh prikarma .

  14. Jamod sanjay k says:

    My name is jamod sanjay k . I am frome botad (bhavnagar , gujarat ). My mobile number is 9898914681 . .
    Me har sal junagadh jata hu or bahot maja aata he . One round around girnar . Me is sal bhi girnar jane wala hu . Kal hi nikal jauga .

    1. That’s good to know Sanjaybhai. I went this year again. You can read about the new experience at this link: https://www.speakbindas.com/my-third-experience-of-girnar-parikrama-2012/



    1. What route did you take Pravinbhai? Through Sarkadiya Hanuman?

  16. vidya umale says:

    i ‘m the resident of Nagpur and i want to go for girnar parikrama. shall u guide me regarding that? can i go alone? is it safe and secure to go alone there?

    1. Hello Vidya Umale,

      Girnar Parikrama is held on the eve of Devdiwali every year and so far I haven’t heard any bad incident that may have happened to the solo pilgrim/traveler. You need to take in consideration the toughness and physical strength it requires to finish it and generally takes two days to complete it.

      Let me know if you seek any further guidance.

  17. sai Krishna says:

    Dear vibhakar,
    Myself and my friend planning this year, Could you please guide us how to proceed. We are starting from hyderabad tomorrow and reaching junagadh 8th November morning. We are very new and not knowing anything. Please guide to us.my contact no.9440475440

    Sai Krishna

  18. Devang Dave says:

    Hi Devang,
    I am planning to go for Girnar parikrama this year.
    Could you plz share few details regarding this?
    Is there any shortest route or all need to follow the same 36 km route?
    During night time, is there any accomodation provided by forest department ?
    As lions are present in this area, is there any possibility of attack during night time?
    What is the difficulty level of this parikrama ( difficult/ moderate/ easy) ? I am with my mother ( 62 years old) and elder brother.

    1. Hello Devang,

      I think I’m reading your comment a bit late as Parikrama is over but this may be useful to others who’re planning for next year and reading this:

      1. There’s a short route which starts from Vadal village (comes before Junagadh) but there you need to walk five kilometers to reach to route point.
      2. No, no accommodation facilities provided at all. You need to sleep in jungle. You can bring a shawl to spread on ground to sleep, and another to cover yourself from cold or insects. But not much an issue.
      3. Well, there hasn’t been any incident at all about lion attacks in the history of Parikrama.
      4. Difficulty level for mother (62) should be considered as in route of 36 kms, there comes two hills(Ghodi) that requires lots of energy and tastes the temperament. For young people below 40, I would call it moderate.

      Hope this helps and in case you made it to Parikrama this year, please do share your experience.

  19. Ekta says:

    I am want to do parikrama this year.
    I am from vadodara and accompanied by myself only for the holy parikrama.
    I am confused about the parikrama route and night stay..
    If you suggest.


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