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MyComms – For A Stronger And Healthier Community

Every big change starts with small steps. An individual initiative can bring world closer and together. We all want to live a happy and better life. Deep down inside us, we want our community to be a one big family. To do so, approach of volunteering comes into picture. MyComms provides a platform to make this happen.

mycomunity_logoAt MyComms, you get a vibrant platform and inspiration to serve your community. It advocates the idea of a stronger and healthier community which prospers not only the community but us at an individual level. The spirit of volunteering bring people closer and builds friendships that we otherwise would have never come across. And at the same time, by investing your skills and knowledge into development and betterment of community, you get the satisfaction of helping others.

To sponsor the idea of volunteering, MyComms has introduced a segment called ‘Events’.

You can create an event here for free. All you need to do is register. In your ‘Event’ page, you can mention the details about it with text, photo and video. It also has a feature to display the map of the location where event is going to be held. As you go through various events listed on the site, created by users, in other words people from different parts of the world, you can join the event with a simple click on “JOIN EVENT” button. MyComms helps you in knowing about if any events are happening around your place and gives you an opportunity to participate in it.


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