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Why We Kill – A Movie with a Message Appeals for Crowdfunding

why-we-killThere are some groundbreaking studies going on examining the roots of human nature by questioning fundamental questions such as what is love?, what is the meaning of life?, who are we?, etc. A.G. Melkom, Producer, Director and Writer comes up with one such another question, ‘Why We Kill’. And he just doesn’t stop with the question rather has decided to make a movie with the same title explaining it in detail.

Do watch the below video clip to get a gist of the same.

A message on official website of this movie states:  “We live in a world where blind people can see through “computerized” eyeglasses. Faces can be surgically replaced through transplanting procedures. Exploration rovers can land and operate on the Martian surface, and yet… we go to war and kill each other.” And asks us: “Do we believe killing is part of life, just human nature, and it is what we do?  But is it?”

The total crowdfunding required for this project is $165,000.

The campaign is live on Crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo. It has set different credits for different amount of support which is raised.

Why We Kill is a multi-media, feature-length movie project, which combines documentary-style

interviews, computer-animated graphics, and a narrative seeking to understand the underlying psycho-biological mechanism responsible for the overall trajectory of the culture of violence in the evolution of Homo sapiens.

A cinematic collaboration with scientific experts and real people who tell their stories to help explain why we kill each other?  What triggers it? ​What function does it serve?​

Moreover… the movie looks at the derivatives of violence, examining their development, and how unacceptable behavior becomes acceptable in society.


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