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Piyush Vani on Transparent Sheet with the help of Fabric Cone Liner

Piyush Goel now completed his own book “Piyush Vani” on Transparent sheet with the help of “Fabric Cone Liner” the purpose of writing on transparent sheet is to see the words from both the side, the book is written in Mirror Image. By now(2014) Piyush Goel has completed 14 Spiritual and World Fame Books with his own hands in Mirror Image in Different Ways.
 1. ShreeMadBhagvadGita in Hindi Language.
 2. ShreeMadBhagvadGita in English Language.
 3. Shree Durga Saptsatti in Sanskrit Language.
 4. Shree Sai Satcharitra in Hindi Language.
 5. Shree Sai Satcharitra in English Language.
 6&7. Sunder Kand (2 times)
8. Shree Ram Charitra Manas(only Doha,Sorte,and Chaupai)   
9. Madhushala of Late Harbans Rai Bachchan father of Amitabh                 Bachchan.  
10. Gitanjali of Rabindra Nath Tagore 1913 Noble Prize      Winner for Literature.  
11. Piyush Vani of Piyush Goel on Aluminium Sheet.
12. Piyush Vani of Piyush Goel on Transparent Sheet.
13. Panchtantra of Vishnu Sharma on A-4 White Paper.
14. Meri Ikyavan Kavitain of Shree Atal Bihari Vajpaei on Magic Sheet with the help of Wooden Pen.

Piyush-Vani-on-Transparent-Sheet-with-the-help-of-Fabric-Cone-Liner-1 Piyush-Vani-on-Transparent-Sheet-with-the-help-of-Fabric-Cone-Liner-2 Piyush-Vani-on-Transparent-Sheet-with-the-help-of-Fabric-Cone-Liner-3

By profession Piyush Goel is Diploma Mech Engg, pass out in 1987,and reading also his passion by now he has Diploma in Material Managemaent,Diploma in Vastu Shastra.
Besides all of these he is very fond of collection he has Pen Collection,Stamps Collection,Match Box Collection,Cigarette Packet Collection,and Autograph Collection(Amitabh Bachchan,Atal Bihar Vajpaiee,Man Mohan Singh,Abdul Kalam,Sachin Tendulkar,Lal Krishan Advani,Lata Mangeskar,Kapil Dev,1983 Indian winning Cricket Team,1983 Loosing West Indies Cricket Team,Indian Women Cricket Team,V.P.Singh,Chandsekhar,Hema Malini,Ritique Roshan,Salman Khan etc.


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