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Plastic Surgery Facts You Might Want to Know

Very many people opt for plastic surgery procedures for varied reasons. Advancements in science and technology have improved the outcomes of these surgeries and today, there are more surgeons qualified to handle them. Since not all surgeries produce good outcome, definitely an individual who wishes to change a thing or two about his bodily features may have a number of questions about plastic surgery.

Here are some facts that you may wish to acknowledge when heading for a plastic surgery procedure:

1. Plastic surgery is costly

You will have to spend a significant amount of money for plastic surgery. Of course the cost will depend on the specific procedure you are going for. Nonetheless, you will have to prepare yourself financially as many medical covers usually will not cater for these surgeries. The facility at which the procedure will be done will levy a charge and definitely the surgeon performing it has to be paid as well. Hence, if you are wondering “how much is a nose job”, you have to factor in all the parameters of the surgery.

2. Not everybody is a candidate for a given plastic surgery procedure

In spite of your desire to have your body altered for enhanced looks and functionality, the surgeon may disqualify your candidacy. This is based on your health and a number of other factors. It is therefore important to accept the advice of the experienced professional because defying it may come with immense retribution to your health.

3. Plastic surgery enhances the appearances of people and this brings self-confidence advantages

Many people, celebrities and otherwise, have had different plastic surgeries done on them. The Jessica Biel Nose Job is an example of a successful plastic surgery done on a celebrity. The change to her look is noteworthy and has made her facial features more appealing. Even ordinary people who do not have as much fame have had different such surgeries and the impacts have been life-changing. An abnormality of body features due to accidents or congenital malformations usually steals the confidence and esteem of affected people. When plastic surgery rectifies this, the personality changes are clearly seen.

4. Plastic surgery can enhance function of the body, not appearance alone

Contrary to what many people believe, some plastic surgeries are done because the body is not working as it should. For example, nose jobs may be done to correct breathing problems as well and not merely shape the nose as desired. In fact, many facial surgeries are done to improve on functionality of the body parts as well.

5. More women than men choose plastic surgery procedures

There are millions of people in the United States alone who have these surgeries done on them annually. In 2011, for example, more than 14 million surgeries were done. Of these, more women than men underwent these surgical procedures.

6. Some of the earliest plastic surgeries were done in India

By 3000 BC, skin grafts were done to repair the nose after fire accidents or injuries sustained in battle. There are several more places where the earliest surgeries were done. Greece is one of these.


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