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Wedding Planner 101:5 Essentials for a Spectacular Wedding Day

To make your wedding day special and memorable, you can even have it called the wedding of the year; you must have some things in order. Their perfection or perfect imperfections will make your wedding the talk of the town for long.  Once you have settles on the wedding planner with the bets package, work with them to ensure that the following essentials are set:

  1. The décor

The decorations use should be the best and have the most creative presentations to them. The order and designs of the décor should be spectacular and literally out of this world. This is why even the best wedding planners try different designs in different occasions to standout from their competitors. The décor should also match the wedding theme.

  1. Music

Music is a universal language understood and felt by all. Different styles of music will elicit different effect to the audience.

To make your wedding planning easier, wedding planners have packages that include wedding music. Depending on your package of choice, you can get string quartets, a ceremony band, live performances, sultry jazz trios as well as swank and relaxed solo pianists to serenade the guests at your wedding.

An entertainer and a DJ should also be in your package to ensure that the guests are well entertained. There should also be the right music for all the right moments including the first dance, the right music for the reception entrance mother/father son/daughter dance, garter dances, cake cutting dance, bouquet dance and the last dance. These songs should all be beautiful.

  1. Lighting

Your wedding venue’s lighting will be responsible for the overall feel of the space. The lighting should complement the décor while creating warmth in the space. You should not that the quality and type of lighting use will affect the photos taken.  Natural and artificial light should be considered and how the two will marry.

Making your wedding a wonderland will spice things an make your wedding memorable for all guests. Grand, echelon and perimeter lighting are available packages offered by most wedding planners. You should choose the best package matching your budget and theme.

  1. Hair and Makeup

Looking great is big wedding rule and essential. Everyone gets dolled up for the wedding and this means that the bride and her bridal party as well as the groom and his team must all look glam.

Wedding planners have embraced this as a service they provide and have it in their package. Ensure that they have professional makeup artists to avoid any issues or disappointments.

Well done makeup further results in great photos because professional grade photoshoots incorporate equipment that capture everything. Tangles hair, bleeding lipstick, frizzy updos, clumped mascara, smeared eyeliner, enlarged pores and creased eye shadow are unacceptable.  You look flawless, sassy and glamorous.

  1. Catering

Though not offered by all wedding planners, you just have a reliable caterer with the nest cake, drinks and food for the guests at the reception. The food and drinks should be well presented and tasty. There should also be enough to go around to go around for everyone. There will be one or two party crashers, so, keep this in mind.

In conclusion, every wedding planner lives by these rules and essentials. They should all be done right to create the most spectacular impressions and finishes. The flowers, music, food, drinks, light and makeup must all be perfect.

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Carole Bauer is a wedding planner and a music team leader. She is responsible for the best ceremony band courtesy of Bellagalla wedding planners. Her expertise is envied as she brings different experiences to all weddings. Check out their website to learn all about exceptional weddings.


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