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Radio Controlled Helicopters – Basics

Radio-controlled helicopters popularly known as RC helicopters are model aircraft. There are different kinds of basic designs of RC helicopters available in market, among which few are maneuverable than others. The more maneuverable designs are often harder to fly, but benefit is that it has aerobatic capabilities. In market, you can find Toy RC Helicopter for sale and Mini RC Remote Helicopter which can be your first entry to this realm.


RC Helic opters for Beginners: Nitro vs Electric

Many Nitro (or gas) powered helicopters can be found out there. Some of the benefits to a Nitro RC helicopter includes the the ability to tweak your engine in order to get increased horsepower out of it and (typically) a longer flight time. There are some drawbacks to a Nitro RC helicopter however. The noise that one can produce could be labeled as annoying at best. If you have neighbors living close by then this could be a definite problem. Also, the amount of gear you have to carry with you when you go out to fly can take some of the fun out of it. From extra fuel to adjustment tools and starters you may soon tire of the amount of work involved. Your other option is to choose an electric RC helicopter.


Night Time Flying vs. Day Time Flying

Night blades are a popular choice and many veteran night flyers will say that they are essential for night flying RC helis. LED lights are a more recent accessory that is available they can be attached to the blades with an on-off mechanism. When the blades rotate at night, they make a circle of light so that the heli becomes clearly visible.

Pitch, rotor control, throttle movements are some of the most important and depending on the model most difficult aspects of learning to control your RC heli. Learning the various capabilites can take weeks but once these controls are mastered, RC heli flying is a blast!

Here’s an example of a death spiral:


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