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Rakhi Sawant’s new program – Rakhi Ka Insaaf

Promo of Rakhi Ka Insaaf


Please answer me one thing honestly. What exactly do you come to feel after watching above promo?

Now hot Rakhi Sawant comes in the format of an advocate, a counselor, or say a judge! In this show, she will invite people who are having problems such as husband & wife, mother in law & daughter in law and all that sort of confusing relationship examples. She will listen to them and try to solve the problem her own way. There is another promo too going on which shows clips of people fighting on the show and Rakhi responding to the hot situation with equal energy.

This sounds like a totally different version of Kiran Bedi’s earlier similar show called Aap Ki Kachehri. Kiran Bedi has the background of being a police officer and hence it can be accepted having her the host of such a problem solving show, but Rakhi? Well, it’s little bit tough!

(Image courtsey: NDTV Imagine)

But whatever we say, Rakhi creates an attractive image of the show she works in. For example, Rakhi Ka Swayamwar. The show received good viewership mostly because of her. It’s totally a different thing that she didn’t marry the guy she chose!!! Moreover, even viewers have a volatile memory.

Let’s see how this new program of Rakhi Sawant attracts people. But it’s always fun watching her ‘drama.’ She is damn good at that.

Check here another video of this program


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11 thoughts on “Rakhi Sawant’s new program – Rakhi Ka Insaaf

  1. ankur yagnik says:

    it seems very strange 2 c rakhi giving justice 2 others …..she ;ll listen 2 others.nd give them solution…….its bit like crackin joke….dat she ‘s hosting show aur wo bhi as a JUDGE……its like playin with LAW…..herself is a big gamer n politian.so hw can she judge others????plzz show is OK..but rakhi is not ok……she’z item girl…….so she shud stuck 2 her genre…………

    1. Producers of this show may not be interested in getting the real solution to people through Rakhi. They are just encashing the dramatic character of Rakhi 🙂 Don’t you think so?

      1. ankur yagnik says:

        yeah……its only for gettin TRP TRP n only TRP….nothing more than that………..and rakhi knows how 2 draw people towards them………so its lik dat…..but now “YEh public he sab janti he.” i think show ‘ll be failed 2 temptate public…….

        1. Next step in Rakhi’s career may be of a politician (a wild imagination!)

  2. hima unadkat says:

    i m also agree tht rakhi is in the show just for incresing the TRP…
    i think Law should not b just for entertainment..
    by watching promo it would b difficult for people to judge tht rakhi shoot this promo for “show” or for “her advertisement or modeling” …fully disagre with this video..

    1. Yes, her dressing sense doesn’t suit to a ‘judge’ or say even a person with ‘social cause’ 🙂

  3. Rushiraj says:

    rakhi shuld not do that…
    she is shame less person i cant understand that what she is going to do ???
    i think she is a big FOOOOOOL…
    shame RAKHI shame

  4. Nisha says:

    we all know that what she is doing but i really think we r no one in her life so we should not talk about her dressing sence and there is no spicle dress to gudge
    so leave it 2 her whatever she is doing its her life
    boss mera tho ek hi funda he “APNE KAM SE KAAM REKHO”

  5. Shrishail Kumbar says:

    Rakhi is whatever she is doing its only for fame …..she wants to be all time contraversial so that she wants to update herself to meadia . Todays some celebrties are playing with public feelings they are already over come .now a days no one family members dare to watch TV programs in a group . I am not only point outing rakhi its all about to celebritis, My request is to for youre shake dont paly public feelings . Because you are aleredy got down on public views .

  6. Raakhi ka Baap says:

    A shameless idiotic character which has got no meaning to her life. Hell why is she even born.

  7. Deepak says:

    First we have to blame the media for bringing bitches on Tv who dont know what is life let them close the holes of their own family instead questioning others… an idiotic programms frm Media

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