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Roadmap for the New Age Alchemist

This interaction is one of the many at Shivo’s commune (Facebook Group), a place for deep and intimate interactions on anything and everything about your life, that helps you evolve in both the spiritual and worldly dimensions. Check out some of Shivo’s multi-dimensional work here & join him. This interaction is edited by Floyd D’Silva, and enthusiastic seeker and keen participants in such debates. – Osho Shivo.




Roadmap for the New Age Alchemist

I posted this wonderful statement by mystic Dr. Deepak Chopra on Shivo’s Commune and never imagined that it would lead to such a beautiful interaction. Astha, Mansi, Cheryl and Rajesh  interacted with Shivo to create this beautiful conversation in which I could participate.


Cheryl Morrison- a freelance writer and an intense seeker.
Astha Sharma- Network Administrator byprofession and enjoys stimulating enquiry on spirituality.
Rajesh Chitara- OshoDhara Sannyasin and deeply interested in the journey of the inner.
Mansi Bhagdeo- Educator, Homemaker, drama queen and lion-hearted mother.
Floyd D’Silva –Computer Engineer, Educator and seeker.


According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stopworrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light hearted and full ofjoy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous. ~ Deepak Chopra

Shivo :  So very true and beautifully said. When you are a cosmic being, the cosmic intelligence takes over. You no more plan your life, as you just begin to manifest what has been already created in spirit world. Hence, I wouldn’t even call it coincidences. It is just that you are supposed to manifest the divine plan and all those who are involved are enchanted into being part of this plan. Right circumstances are created by great spirits and everything seems easy.

Cheryl: This is happening to me right now. Friends don’t understand, my doctor does not understand and it does not matter that they do not, what matters is things are happening to me that are supposed to happen and I am trying not to worry about them. I am opening up to allowing them to happen and I am becoming at peace. I am where I am supposed to be at this moment. I believe it is an acceptance of your life, acceptance of this is what is to be right now. Acceptance is a hard thing. Especially for me, I want everything now to be right/good/happy.

Shivo: Yeah Cheryl , if you expect right is to happen that is another block to acceptance. However, the truth is that whatever happens is always right, but to our ego it does not appear so. Hence till the time, one lives in ego, there is no way, one can figure out what is right or wrong. Hence better to drop this judgment of right and wrong.

Cheryl: Then, just be happy and fulfilled?

Astha: Shivo, also suggest how else would you look forward to a happy/right thing/circumstance to happen? Given – we drop expectation and ego. (which itself is a task to accept). Hope is another form of expectation. And if we say “Just believe”, is that not Hope in disguise as well?

Floyd:  Interesting query by Astha. I feel the highest path of spirituality is from ‘Just believe’ to ‘Just be’. Anyone can believe, because the self is involved in believing and hence the ego is involved. To just be like a blade of grass is what will create a clearing for new bright possibilities which are not our own possibilities but pure manifestation of the divine will.

Cheryl: If only you knew what I have been through in ten years…It is hard to just believe. I am at the end of the path of faith and believing. I have been on a rough path only to see more sadness and pain. There of course were lessons in these pains of love, but I ask, when does this pain end? I was married for many years, to a most incredible man, educated, interesting, mysterious, handsome, and playful and world traveler, but mental illness had him and he committed suicide by police. Then I loved a friend, for three years, a man with a good heart, true spirit, but addictions had him, I went through hell with him, but he is still my true friend. Then I met my twin soul mate, who was my mirror, deep, intense connection, passion.

There was playfulness, chemistry, an understanding that we came from the same sadness and happiness, but he lied about other women and hid them until I found his lies out. He tried to love, but has many problems, even addictions too. When is love smooth? Life is happy and calm? Mine has not been.

Astha: ‎Floyd, to reach the highest path of spirituality of “Just Being” it is the lower several paths/layers of “Just Believing and Karma” practiced in a fashion to be able to equip one with the fortune to reach the state of divinity. The foundation and years of lung filling with the right essence determine the charisma of when you “Just Be”. I am still anxious of knowing vivid thoughts about how to be ego-less and still “Believe and do Karma”? Reaching that magical state?

Shivo: ‎Cheryl, I can feel the chaos you are going through in your life.  However, let me tell you, every chaos has a purpose. Come to the center of it and this chaos will transform you. You are facing all these difficulties because divine wants you to discover a whole new dimension of life. This crisis will continue, till you keep trying to discover solutions, within the known  domain. Every solution in the known domain will push you into another crisis. . Life is calling you to go beyond your boundaries. You need to take a quantum leap, explore a whole new dimension and let the past go. Your door to an ecstatic world may just be opening, if you can understand what I said. Everything is a Blessing.

Shivo: ‎Astha, I can feel that your questions are so genuine and they are flowing from your heart. Let me explain the practice which can help you. If an event is good or bad, depends on how we perceive it. I suggest start from believing that everything that happens to you is a blessing. And to your own amazement you would see, that even the events which world labeled as unfortunate, turned out to be the real path opener and caused a breakthrough. And you may describe the same events as the turning point of your life. It is strange that there are so many people in the world to whom something so called good happens and they were waiting for that to happen for years, but when it happens, it occurs to them as curse. Someone was waiting for promotion and when it comes, he starts to crib about added responsibility. To such people, even the good events become the beginning  of misfortune. I hope you understand, it is all about how we perceive what happened. If you believe something to be a blessing it will manifest as blessing and if you believe something to be a curse, it would manifest as curse. So, here is a practice I suggest, go to all the so called fortunate / unfortunate events in your life and say thanks to god, feel gratitude for what happened. You will soon see, how miraculous, such a simple practice is.

Shivo : ‎Astha, since you have mentioned about karma, let me suggest you another practice. Look at every action of yours as value creation possibility. Normally, we make choices depending on what we are getting out of it. Now start to make choices based on what value you are creating out of your  action. So, if you have two choice A- you create lots of value for world, but your pay offs are limited B- you get lots of pay off, but you are actually  involved in destroying value (for example, market a product by showing false promises) , in such cases always choose A and you will see, soon your life will be filled with positivity. You will start to become more intelligent, creative and soon you will get surrounded by some wonderful people and new  possibilities will open up. Choice A appears to be difficult but actually it turns out to be full of possibility, choice B appears easy but turns out to be a  morass, in which you can only sink further and further with no way out.

Astha: ‎Shivo, The choice of words used in your answers happen to stitch  together many abstract thoughts in a melodious manner. Everything makes perfect sense. Thank You. Can you on the sideline suggest how can a person get rid of a rooted habit or routine with peace? Because with Osho, I learned that trying to strictly control or resisting a habit will only make the situation worse and one will be in a never ending loop. So the idea should be to make peace with the habit and solace freedom. Any other additions to this theory with respect to value addition will be appreciated…

Punam: Thanks Shivo for the wonderful practice-able and practical practices.

Shivo : ‎ Astha, you are very true. you can’t give up a habit by  trying. Why? Because the habit is rooted in sub conscious and your efforts emanate from conscious. And you would know that sub conscious is 9 times more powerful than conscious, hence there is no hope to get free from habits by trying. So how does one approach it? It is by way of working on sub conscious by various methods like landmark, Osho Dynamic meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, Vipassana and Past Life Regression.

Cheryl: Yes, Shivo I have learned a lot and am a stronger person from my troubles. My past is now, coming into helping the current man I care for…I am seeing how it all comes full circle. But I know there is more to come and I must be prepared for it.

Shivo: Cheryl, when someone says, “I have learned a lot and am a stronger person now”, it makes me worried immediately. As I explore this further about she has learned, I often discover that in the name of learning, she has learned to say NO to life, she has learned not to be vulnerable, she has learned not to listen to her heart, and she has learned not to trust life. So Cheryl, if this is what you have learned, then I am worried about you , as you are now more disconnected with life. However, if you now know more about your own identity and your insecurity patterns which trigger when you are in such a situation, then I truly admire, as this will lead you to say YES with more and more inner empowerment. So I am really keen to listen, what you have learned?

Cheryl: I see what you are saying, well, I have learned to be more accepting of others. But I have learned to not to be vulnerable and not trust, because those I have loved have deceived me in so many ways. What I have learned from them has pushed me away from love. Yes, made me are detached with love. I enjoy doing things, but shy away from love now. I see what you are saying.

Mansi: Shivo, those words of yours are such a pure flash of lightning that will illuminate many a stormy incidents in our life and let us see clearly who we are and what we have learnt from those stormy incidents. Cheryl, you have shared so honestly and in this comment so opened yourself and made your vulnerable on a public platform that it fills my heart with love for you.

Cheryl: Thank you. I appreciate this. It is hard to be vulnerable, when I do, I get filled with hurt and pain. Thank you.

Rajesh : This is a wonderful and fruitful discussion. At one point Shivo you said about clearing the unconscious mind by dynamic, sudarshan kriya etc. These are the wonderful techniques. for how long? At one point of time it appears that you are in awareness, in bliss. one feels that he is totally blessed.. everything looks beautiful.. Then in the next moment you are facing the crisis. you are shaken.. again you need dynamic kind of meditation. This is a strange Gorakhdhanda. Or in another sense when you are going up near the peak you need higher amount of awareness to stay there and going up.

Shying away from love is riskier

Shivo: ‎Cheryl, Love is the most potent force, which can transport us to new dimensions of life. Love may give pleasure or pain, it always causes alchemy. If you get scared of love, all possibilities end here. So love appears risky, but to shy away from love is even riskier as it will turn you into living dead person. However, it is also true, when there is a heart break, it appears like the worst thing ever happened, worse than a business bankruptcy, worse than massive failures etc. However, pain of love is so potent, that it can take you into the true bliss, if you know the Alchemy. I will be happy to share the alchemy, if you are interested.

Shivo: ‎Rajesh, thanks for the beautiful sharing. YES, for how long the gorakhdhandha of Dynamic etc will go on. It got to be dropped at some state. Once you are in the high state of awareness, all this is not needed. What is needed is this: Live the life with totality and then you would see the storms crossing thru you. When it has crossed, you would notice, that it has left an imprint on you, which you can experience as some kind of awakened energy within, which turn out to be highly uncomfortable at times. Just be present to this energy and drown in it and you would see that you are transported straight to the divine dimension. Once you get comfortable with it, you would truly know that everything happens for good. The event you went thru may have been positive or negative, it will still transport you to divinity, as long as you are present to it. This is the state in which every moment turns into a blessing.

Shivo: You are a true blessing goddess Mansi.

Cheryl: Shivo, yes, please share the alchemy. Yes, I felt dead until I recently fell in love, but then one heart break after another.

Shivo: hahahahahah… yes Cheryl, this is the choice you have. To be in love and be alive or to avoid love and be dead. And when you are alive, the whole life comes at you including the intense pain. But, this is far better than being dead. Here is the alchemy, which makes you transport to divine world, while you go thru pain. Well, before I tell you, let me tell you that this alchemy is just too simple. Hahahahahahah….. LIVE YOUR PAIN, DONT RUN AWAY, DONT AVOID IT, LIVE IT. Hahahhahahah… isn’t it so simple? When the pain comes, we run away, try to hide in some corner, talk to some friends, and go for shopping and movies, so that we can get freedom from this pain, but it never goes away. Then we carry it like a load on our heart. But actually, it was very simple to not just gain freedom but also to take the leap. And the secret was so simple- JUST LIVE IT, HERE AND NOW. NO NEED TO RUN AWAY.

Shivo ‎: Cheryl, if you need my support in this alchemic process, you are welcome for a chat. I will take you through it.

Cheryl: I have walked through some pain. It is the stress, anxiety and confusing messages the lover gives me. Not knowing his true intentions, are what drives me crazy.

The above things are what make me run away as well as the dishonesty and him not living as his true self. I am trying to discover my true self and he does not live as his true self. Cheryl: Isn’t better to leave than to go through pain when the pain is more destructive and does not serve a purpose? When the person you love takes up so much of your energy that is no longer positive.

Shivo: Cheryl, I can understand your pain. You need to create an alternate space to experience divine love. I would suggest, find out a true well wisher, who would be ready to go in deep meditation with you. You may or may not be in love with him. Only condition is that you should trust him and he should be your true well wisher. If you are able to find such a person, let me know, I will take you through the process, which will create an alternate blissful space, making you free from this pain.


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