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Satsang with Mohandas Bapu

Mohasdas Bapu

I was at Junagadh during the festival of Shivratri. There, accidentally we happened to meet one Sadhu. His name is Mohandas. He believes in God Ram. We had some intense discussion on various topics. He also shared his personal experiences of traveling the most difficult places. He has traveled countries like USA, UK, Uganda etc. Below is the video. Language: Gujarati.

Video of Satsang


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2 thoughts on “Satsang with Mohandas Bapu

  1. parth says:

    awesome interview …

    please tell us about your experience did you find any cave
    did you went for the expedition

    1. Hello Parth,

      I’m glad to know that you liked the interview.

      I did not opt for an expedition that of which Mohandas Bapu had mentioned. It was me meeting him for the first time only. And moreover, the the invitation to explore was based upon my question about existence of such caves and Yogis, hence I felt that it was just a ‘reply’ and not really a real invitation 🙂

      Although, I have been to Girnar Parikrama twice. You may like to read my experiences here: https://www.speakbindas.com/my-experience-of-girnar-parikrama-2011/

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