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Silent sayings

Ankor Speia

I think it’s almost happened to most of us that though we have passed through some sayings or verses by thousands of times and even though we understand its literary meaning, we fail to get what it has hidden beneath it!

And at some odd moment of life we realize its meaning that it always content. It’s like hearing but not listening. It’s like understanding it –not Realizing. It’s like we all understand very well the law of gravity but the realization of the same come only when you place yourself in a rocket.

To realize what is said while reading it, I call it an active reading – though reading itself is an active process but to remain active not to the words, not just to its meaning but to its realization. Let us pass our self to such process. I intend to create here that same odd moment that culminates your understanding in to the realization.

Have a look of the picture given above. See it in totality. Notice Each and every inch of it. And try to get it. It’s quite natural that you will get its meaning, you may come with a whole lot starting from what this building supposed to be or whether it belongs to some oriental architecture or is picture of a sepia tone or it’s the effects of natural light, or what that tree might be that is about to engulf the existing structure, or what else?  I do concede that as having varied and rich imagination you may weave wonderful story revolving around it also. But it’s not all about stories, not about imagination, not about speculation but it’s all about its realization. OK let’s start together: Read the story of tine seeds given below   “If seeds could think the one that fell into the builder’s yard must have thought itself really unlucky! It had drifted down through chain link fencing, perhaps rolling off angle iron struts. Eventually it landed on the rubble and rubbish strewn soil – under two discarded metal gates, each of which would have needed two strong men to put them there. What chance did it have? What could grow under all that iron and debris? It should have given up. Instead it tried. It grew. A little shoot not big enough to move any of the rubbish around it, so it grew around it. But surely those great heavy gates would stop its efforts coming to anything. So it grew some more. It found spaces, grew through them, grew around them, and joined up on the other side of them. It kept going. Now there’s a thirty foot tree in that space. Metal struts are trapped inside it’s trunk and heavy building boulders are on the verge of crushing out. They’ve been lifted off the ground but they can’t be moved other than by the tree. The gates can only be seen now because it’s winter, but in the summer the branches of the tree fill their little corner of the yard and all you can see is swaying greenery.That’s what love can do. It doesn’t stop because the soil seems barren or because the obstacles seem too great. It grows in the most inhospitable places. It doesn’t give up and eventually the people that said it would never happen are enveloped by it and are part of it.” That’s all folks!You might have come up with the different story, more elaborate, more fantastic, and more beautiful but what matters is not whence it came but where it renders you! Don’t you find the picture framed above encapsulates all that’s scribbled in the form of a story above? Isn’t the picture all enough to convey the same message?

The same frame of picture holds a timeless wisdom in its bosom. What’s needed is to unearth it.

Just see how graceful nature is being to all of us.

How many frames a day we come across? Every scene we see, every frame of time we pass has something inherent, something precious, something marvelous, something enlightening in it and by overlooking it or by just understanding it without any realization of the same we are depriving ourselves from the infinite treasure that nature has with it, always ready to share, in actuality always sharing, but we remain utterly heedless!

We can’t afford the luxury of philosophy on rose letting its fragrance been despised!

Immerse yourself into the moment and find your treasure!

Realize the each frame!

It’s the path to the eternal truth, to experience the worth of every moment!

It’s the path of bliss!

It’s the path of enlightenment!


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One thought on “Silent sayings

  1. neema says:

    well,i have also felt the same way as author describes,but when u realize meaning of saying,u’ll never forget that incident in throughout life till death,beautiful article,touchy one, good one.

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