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Something Unusual In This Photograph?

I took this photo enroute to Junagadh city from Mendarada. While I was driving, I saw this shape of mountain Girnar. Something caught my eye. I felt that there is something unusual in the shape of it. So I stopped my car and clicked this photo. If you take a closer look, you can clearly see a human-face. Forehead, nose, mouth and chin are so clear that it seems that someone is sleeping.

Mythology says that it is a material form of “Girnari Bava”, the spiritual saint who is believed to be residing somewhere in the jungles of mountain Girnar and probably at the middle of it. Some books also claim a belief that mountain Girnar is hollow from within and there exists a spiritual world consisting of many Yogis of age of hundreds of years.

It’s debatable subject. And even though we disagree with such beliefs, we for sure get amazed by nature’s such karishma of giving a shape to hill as a human-face.


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One thought on “Something Unusual In This Photograph?

  1. Rajendra Vyas says:

    With Girnar, unusual stories have been attached since decades. But, none has come to public. yes, there are rumors and stories everywhere but that’s all there is.

    Talking about this photo, I believe that it is nothing but the natural formation which gives a feeling of face of a person. but that’s what my belief is 🙂

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