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Speakbindas interviews honey dose RJ Deval

RJ Deval

Rajkot’s very first popular female RJ – RJ Deval

The owner of Husky voice, RJ Deval received huge popularity and fan base in Rajkot during her working span of 10 months as an RJ in Big 92.7 FM. While she communicates with you, you just witness the flow of clearly audible words. She also carries a big cute smile with her.

Apart from RJing, she has acted in a movie called “Samanjas“, which is a story about deaf and dumb children. The characters were played by the real deaf and dumb boys. Deval played the lead role in the movie. The story goes like, out of the four deaf and dumb boys, one meets death while crossing a road, and hence the rest three feels severe disliking towards their dark life, and attempts for suicide, but they are stopped by the rector. Later, they meet a girl, who is blind, deaf and dumb, but she is so much vital that she performs all works of her life like a normal person does. This girl inspires those boys to live their life, and at the end they confess to this girl that to live a life, physical organs are not must but the inner-desire.

Deval performed the role of this blind, deaf and dumb girl. Movie was appreciated all over the world.

Enjoy below the chit chat we had with RJ Deval.

Speakbindas: You are known as Rajkot’s very first popular female RJ. What is the story behind that?
RJ Deval:  Well, to be honest, while I was doing my graduation, I came to know that Big FM, a Radio channel is looking for RJs.  I had no much idea about what an RJ is all about. I appeared for the interview, went through six rounds and I passed through all of them. The remaining is the history. My voice was little different from the routine RJs, it wasn’t a typical girlish voice. It was a bit husky voice. So people at radio channel were initially doubting that how can they utilize my voice as an RJ? Initially, I was given a women band, which was an 11 am to 1 pm show. Then, they felt like that let’s offer her a night band, which is 9 to 12.  Now, 9 to 12 is such a show which requires a husky voice, and which I owned, so things started rolling from there.

Speakbindas: As an RJ which show you hosted? Tell us about the show.
RJ Deval: At Big 92.7 FM, I used to host a show named ‘Honey Dose‘. It had a very catchy punchline “Ho jaiye dil ke close, Lekar honey dose, Aapki aur sirf aapki dost Deval ke sath.”

Theme of my show was sort of share your feelings. Like I was a friend for the listeners and they can ask me anything considering me as their friend. Because 9 to 12 is an youth oriented band, I used to receive many funny, serious and sometimes weird questions. Like a mother would ask me “My son eats only fried items, what should I do?“, where as sometimes I used to get some funny questions like “I love my wife and I love my wife’s sister too. Whom should I live with?”. You would be surprised if I mention you one question here. One day, I received a call from a guy and he said “I love a girl, and she loves me too. I just need to propose her. Only the thing is she is married, what should I do?“. Well, here it wasn’t always easy for me to answer, but fortunately, I could show them the right ways.

Devang Vibhakar with RJ Deval

Speakbindas: Well, RJs are known to be very energetic all the time, like they talk a lot and at the same time being so much into the show they are hosting. What’s the reason for being so much energized?
RJ Deval: RJs are 24 hours RJs. Like if you wake me up from the deep sleep, I would utter “Big 92.7 FM!”. It’s like, when we have the mike in front of us, our entire world gets changed. It’s like only because they are so much energetic, they are RJ.

Speakbindas: At present, you’re not working as an RJ anymore. What’s the reason and when you left this profession?
RJ Deval: I quit this profession in December 2008. I started feeling really over-stressed, and as I had to speak a lot, I was diagnosed with piles in my throat. And my voice therapist suggested me to give at least 6 to 8 months of rest to my voice. I was not allowed to speak anything at all, and my communication was through writing on a slate.  At that time, I completely lost my voice. And at one time, I was faced with two options, i.e. either I had to chose my M.B.A. or my RJing, and I went for my academics. But if I tell you in short I have lost my original voice, though working on it through voice therapy.

Speakbindas: What message you would like to give, particularly to girls who wants to become an RJ?
RJ Deval: Well, it’s not an easy job to become an RJ, if you’re taking it lightly. It has some toughness too. It really requires great workout. You need to remain uptodate with latest happenings. But yes, spontaneity is the prime skill you should work on, if you really have a dream of becoming an RJ. Given any situation to you, you should be able to tackle the same spontaneously. And being an RJ, people expect the same thing from you that how you react to particular questions and situations. So if you have spontaneity running in your veins, you can surely become an RJ.

Speakbindas: Any message to your fans who are missing you today as an RJ?

RJ Deval: Well, I have the same message that I always used to tell to my fans “Ho jaiye dil ke close, Lekar honey dose, Aapki aur sirf aapki dost Deval ke sath.” Deval is always your friend. I’m in touch with my fans through Okrut. Keep in touch.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

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  1. vijay says:

    u have given rj deval’s interview but video is someone else’s. pls check d error.

  2. Thanks Vijay for showing the hole. Some issues at the video website. So has removed the video for now, soon will be available.

  3. Sanjay says:

    Do u have any survey’s that she is Number 1?

  4. KAILASH PATEL says:



  5. A LOSER who posted under the name of Sujal Desai. says:

    Hi Devang,

    why is this lady so much obsessed with herself?
    she had no image then, and no one remembers her even now.
    i know her personally thats y m saying this.
    u shd have better chosen me for the interview rather than write such crap for a person forgotten.
    she must respect n stay with her present but instead she s boasting of a past that never existed.
    i would like u to reply me on this blog itself.

  6. @Sanjay

    Buddy, I just hate bad readers, who simply comment on an article without reading it entirely or with proper understanding. Show me where have I mentioned she IS the number 1?

    @Kailash Patel
    Again, the same feeling I’m getting here through your comment,dude. I would request you to take a look at the Interviews section and see for yourself the interviews of recent celebrities. I don’t understand one thing, why people don’t just read the entire article? Coming up with personal grudge without any solid reason is foolishness.


    Before I reply your comment, let me clarify few things about my style of interview. I pick up people randomly and interview them. Looking at their profession and status in society, I chose questions and ask them. Now, I have no whatsoever control on the answers they produce, and I do not even guarantee over 100% correctness of their answers, I mean no media does it, where as I’m not a media at all!

    Coming back to your comment, As you know her personally, I think you should ask yourself to her why she is so much obsessed with herself, which is what you came to think after going through the interview.


    @ ALL

    I think, I will request Deval to this discussion board, as only she will be able to answer all your questions, grudges or whatever it happens to be. My answers may not give the perfect satisfaction required here. Let’s see if she comes up here and replies to above doubts raised on her popularity.

  7. Sanjay says:

    NO. 1 is equal to wat U say”The Most Populat Female RJ”
    Please provide us with The Strong evidence that she was “Popular enough” to take an intervies.

    Don’t be personal again & try taking things in positive manner.

  8. @Sanjay

    People can have different perceptions over the same frame of words. “The most popular female RJ” was meant to deliver a message of the then time, when Radio station was something new in Rajkot, and she was a RJ then, and hence was most popular too, which may be for a short frame of time.

    Now, if we keep digging the same sentence further, outputs will be many. But, let us think whether it would be worthy enough to keep pressing the ball so hard?

  9. Nishith says:

    Hi All,

    First of all, seeing people commenting here itself means she is not forgotten YET.
    In fact people can’t wait to read the interview properly and jump to conclusions.
    They just see Deval’s photo and think of RJ Deval !!! That means something.

    Let’s just accept the fact that she actually was a popular RJ.
    She wasn’t just another RJ, she was an RJ with difference.
    The elegance, decency and sensibility in RJing was her mark.
    Something that we don’t find in any other RJ in Rajkot.

    RJ of today believe in shouting, poor jocking and talking senselessly.

    Personally knowing Deval I can say she is a natural RJ material and in addition to that she has an exceptional technical knowledge.
    I firmly believe that even if today she starts RJing, that radio station’s listener ship will zoom up drastically.
    Even not being an RJ these days, much more people would be knowing Deval than some other ordinary RJs. I think that’s where the problem lies for some people here.

    They are dwarf in comparison to her personality.

    Keep rocking Deval.

  10. Maulik says:

    Deval is one of the best voice Rajkot has ever heard on radio.
    Her soothing voice was a relief from noisy programs all the day.

    Where ever you are Deval, Please Please Please come back to Radio.

  11. Sujal Desai says:

    Hi Devang,

    This is RJ Sujal.
    I’m shocked to see the comments on this thread made using MY NAME.

    First of all Deval is my very good friend and i have deep respect for her as a professional.
    Someone is trying to double cross us using my name.
    He also tries to down value me by asking for interview.
    Rubbish is the only word.
    I have all the reasons to blame the site security for this.
    There is no real authentication system to post a comment.
    Virtually anybody could write anything about anybody here. Again Rubbish is the only word.
    I would expect the post to be deleted from the site now, i dont care how.
    You can call me to confirm.

    And message to the one who wrote that post.



  12. @Sujal Desai

    You said “I have all the reasons to blame the site security for this.”

    Well, this has nothing to do with the site security. It’s a common blogging feature that you would see in all the blogs floating in the internet world today. But as now that you have clarified your point of view, I have renamed the earlier poster’s name which was said to be yours. Deleting won’t make a difference, as proof has to be preserved for the future reference as well as to keep the comments in link. But I must say that, whoever posted it is a loser, who has no enough strength to project own thoughts with own name. Only a weak-hearted and a dirty-minded guy/girl could do such a thing.

    And from your message to the poster, it seems you know him rather you have doubt him. Why don’t you just tell his name here, so we all know who did this? Let the truth be revealed.

  13. Kanhaiya says:

    देवल वोरा को मैं व्यक्तिगतरूप से जनता हूँ.

    उसकी आवाज मैं कोई तो जादू है.

    जहाँ जाती है सभी को अपना बना लेती है.

  14. Paavan Jethava says:


    I am mine college(A.V. Parekh Technical Institute,Rajkot) friends always listen her together in our college canteen.

    Great fun there.

    Thanks for sharing about her here.

    Will share this all college friends also.

  15. SUNSHINE says:

    me sirf itna keh sakta hu ki kafi log ese hote he jo dusro ki saflta se jalte he…………..

  16. Gitesh Sharma says:

    This is very nice to read your interview and feeling myself lucky that I am your friend Deval. Stay blessed and live your life in your own way.

  17. Gitesh Sharma says:

    Dear Devang,

    Thanks for sharing interview. Eagerly waiting for right video here. Hoping we will see it very soon. Have a nice Day!

  18. Ronak says:

    I was in High-schools in 2008.
    Its very nice to see her interview. She was really Famous in those Days, I loved to here her Voice On Radio.
    If nature would have allowed her to continue than definitely she would have made people to leave tv and just listen her amazing show that to too many years.
    I miss a lot RJ Deval. She is having a great place in my child memories.

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