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Speakbindas interviews Sureshbhai Jani

Sureshbhai Jani in thinking process

Sureshbhai Jani in thinking process

Live this moment Powerfully

Sureshbhai Jani is retired and lives in Mansfield, Texas USA. People mostly struggle what to do post retirement, as TIME becomes the biggest hurdle for them. Sureshbhai is an example for them, who shows them a way how to live a post retirement life, powerfully. He is into Gujarati and English blogging these days, having published three e-Books so far.

He blogs at:

ગુજરાતી સારસ્વત પરિચય
ગુજરાતી પ્રતિભા પરિચય

We had a very intense interview with him where he shares his ideas on life, along with his present life.


  • Dear Sureshbhai. Speakbindas welcomes you. Tell us about your present lifestyle. How do you manage your retired life?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • Since 2000 Dec. I am in USA. Initially I thought that being employed may keep me busy as well as earning. But later I abandoned the thought, based on input from my children to take it easy. Since then, I have developed couple of hobbies. Apart from literary pursuits, I like Origami, Tangrams, Sudoku, Saathiya, Graphic designs, modeling, puzzles etc. I also did some hobby programming in Visual Basic-6.


  • Mostly, after retirement people come back to India. Yours is reverse. Why is that so?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • All my kids are settled in USA and they love us very much. It is therefore natural for us to live near them.


  • You have been blogging in Gujarati as well English too. Moreover, you have published E-books which can be downloaded at http://gadyasoor.wordpress.com/download/. What really inspires you to involve yourself this writing activity?

Sureshbhai Jani

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • It started with listening Gujarati songs ( esp. Manhar Udhas/ Soli Kapadia) . Then I started reading poetry books. While reading at Readgujarati.com I came to know the word ‘Blog’ and started my own. ‘GujWritey’ SW developed by Shri Kishor Raval was the first one I used. Later I started writing poems. Later I found that I am more free in expressing in prose and wrote quite a few articles/ stories.


  • What’s your take on life of Gujarat language in the next Gujarati generation born and brought up in USA?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • Children borne and brought up in USA are American and their first language is English. Even second language is Spanish or French. Gujarati has hardly any place in their world, except for a very small group, whose parents are keen that they learn Gujarati.
  • In my personal opinion, it is not fair for parents to thrust Gujarati learning upon them. It has no use for them.


  • Now that you have crossed the mark of 60, you must have had many good, bad and learning experiences in your life. So after mixture of all such experiences, what you have to say about life? What one should really try to achieve in life?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • Life is ever changing. Nothing is constant, except one’s being. So I believe that one must try to be what he/she really is and make that being happy. It is also noble to spread that happiness amongst fellow human beings. This is true religion. And this is true at any age, but more so after 60, when one can live the way one wants to, if there are not serious family/ financial/ social obligations to fulfill.

Sureshbhai Jani


  • I read in your bio that, you mostly don’t believe in any God. Are you an atheist? What means religion according to you?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • I am not an atheist. But I have no faith in any established religion or a GOD. I believe that there is definitely a non physical element apart from matter and energy – a consciousness being. I have practiced various ways of experiencing that super mental being. But my final finding is to ‘LIVE POWERFULLY‘ this moment.
  • I have no faith in theory of rebirth either. It is a theory like many such without concrete proof. Even if it is true, I am not interested a bit in life after death. Life throbbing this moment is all that exists. Rest is all far, far away – even my own life next minute.
  • My favourite book on this subject
    • http://www.eckharttolle.com/eckharttolle-powerofnow


  • Tell us something about writing journey so far. Like, what you like to write most about? Publications so far etc.

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • I have written a few poems. But major portion of my writings is in prose. ‘Avalokano’ is my peculiar style, (somewhat resembling Drashanta Katha) in which I have written more than 160 articles. I have also penned down my philosophical views, as also self experiences / true stories/ humor articles etc. I also started writing/ translating from English/ history/ archaeology books.
  • My three e-Books are already released. Matter on 2/3 more is already ready. But paucity of time is preventing me from publishing them.


  • What impact you have of your parents in your life?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • Tremendous. My father insisted that all of us siblings should read library books. Despite his modest means, he had set up a small library in our house. ( about 400 books) My mother could study up to 4th class only. But she had read many Gujarati books and had many poems/ bhajans on the tip of her tongue.
  • You may like to read their bio data at
    • http://mahajanparichay.wordpress.com/2007/10/15/shardagauri_jani/
    • http://mahajanparichay.wordpress.com/2007/10/15/bhikhabhai-maganalal-jani/


  • Tell us something about your present family- tree that you live with in USA.

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • We have a daughter – married with two kids.
  • We have twin sons – one married and other single.
  • All three are IT professionals and live in DFW metroplex.
Sureshbhai Jani

Sureshbhai Jani


  • Do you miss India? How do you remain in touch with your native? Any plans of visiting India in future?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • Not much now, as I have enough activities here. But whenever I come to India, I love to meet my relatives. Friends; as also see for myself, the progress.
  • No plans right now for any visit.


  • If you were allowed to undo one thing or one incident of your life, what would it be?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • It is difficult to close down on one incident amongst myriad of events. But one thing that changed my course of life was – In 1961 ( Intermediate Science) I longed to pursue study in Physics and get B.Sc/ M.Sc,/ Ph.D. in nuclear physics . But under family pressure,  I joined Engg. Had i pursued my taste, I would have excelled much more.


  • If you were allowed to relive one thing or one incident of your life, what would it be?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • It is difficult to close down on one incident amongst myriad of events. But listening to and reading Swami Satchidanad changed my view towards life a lot. That is why I say that I was born in USA for the third time in the same life. I like to live truthfully, honest to my conscience, listening to my inner voice.


  • Any special message you would like to share with your fans and readers?

Sureshbhai Jani:

  • Live this moment powerfully.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

43 thoughts on “Speakbindas interviews Sureshbhai Jani

  1. Enjoyed. Thanks.

    “Sureshbhai is an example for them, who shows them a way how to live a post retirement life, powerfully.” – very true. 100% agree.

  2. Mahendra Shah says:

    Very good. Congratulations Sureshbhai.


  3. Harnish Jani says:

    Now we know who you are Dadaji-very Good.

  4. Bravo dada. He is a true man with vigor of a youngster and ability to stick to principles. I am blessed to find a buddy in you.

  5. Ramesh Patel says:

    It is also noble to spread that happiness amongst fellow human beings. This is true religion. And this is true at any age

    Sureshbhai Jani:

    Live this moment powerfully, …true religion shown by super sence and that is God
    as I believe.

    Ramesh Patel(Aakashdeep)

  6. Umang Jani says:

    I am proud of you Bapu.
    His other two blogs are _-
    વીશ્વ ગુર્જરી
    Expressions ( In English)

  7. Tushar Bhatt says:

    Mr Jani is a versatile man of values, a rare person in this era of no-value life and fickle opinions.
    His interview has come off well. Both he and the interviewer deserve compliments.
    I was intrigued by the fact that speakbindas does not disclose his identity. He wants others to be bina dhasti and himself conceals his identity.
    There must be a powerful reason.

  8. It would be ungrateful on my part , if I do not thank my friend at Boston
    Dr. Rajendra Trivedi – a Neuro psychiatrist
    for the excellent pictures.

  9. માનનિય સુરેશભાઈ
    આપને અભિનંદન. આપની પ્રવૃત્તિ એટલી વિશાળ છે કે એક બે ઈંટર્વ્યુમાં સમાવી ન શકાય.
    આપ જે રીતે જે ઝનુનથી બ્લોગિંગ કરો છો એ તો જુવાનિયાને ય શરમાવે એવું છે એમાં કોઈ શક નથી. આપને કોટિ કોટિ વંદન.

    આપની આ પ્રવૃત્તિને ખુબ ખુબ સફળતા મળે અને આપની તંદુરસ્તી જળવાય રહે એવી અભ્યર્થના.

  10. Dear Sureshbhai,
    Thanks for your Email with the LINK to this interview…..I had known you even before reading this interview, but the interview gave me more informations & knowing you better.
    It seems your journey in this World had evolved significantly over the passage of so many years. It seems to me that with your parent’s influence, you had started “traditionally “to the Bhakti Path with God/ Mandir etc, but as your “Gyan ” elevated you, you are now a ” philosophical thinker ” & now your motto in life is “Live this moment powerfully (best ) “. I can still feel that “hidden Divinity ” within you !
    As regards your present retirement in USA, you had done SO WONDERFUL in the World of Blogging. You had managed to share ” your thoughts ” with the OTHERS. Even, you even got the “love ” from the younger generation , who lovingly call you “DADA ”
    I feel honored to be your friend. I wish you GOOD HEALTH & may you continue your ” BLOGGING JOURNEY” so that many can discover ” words of the Wisdom “. May our FRIENDSHIP be everlasting !

  11. @Tusharbhai Bhatt

    I really do not hide my identity. I mean, most of the readers know that Speakbindas means Devang Vibhakar and that is me.

    I have a page about me here on Speakbindas, which you can visit at:

    @Sureshbhai Jani

    I feel so great reading all such meaningful comments about you. Most of them seem to be knowing you personally. I will make sure, sometime even I get to meet you personally.

  12. dipak says:

    Many congrats & thanx for this lovely interview.Through this we have come to know something more about dada.Many people will get inspiration through this.

  13. Rajiv Jani says:

    Amazing interview! Thanks for publishing for us. Sureshkaka is really younger than most of us. Something that was described in the book of Deepak Chopra-“Ageless body, ageless mind”
    I salute you and wish most of us are infected positively by your spirit.

  14. Sangita says:

    Great interview! Congratulations!

    Best regards,

  15. Ullas Oza says:

    It was interesting to know about Shri Sureshbhai speaking forthright.

  16. sunil shah says:

    નિવૃત્તિ પછી પણ અનેક પ્રવૃત્તિઓ દ્વારા માણસ કઈ રીતે મનથી તંદુરસ્ત રહી શકે છે એનું ઉત્તમ , પ્રેરણાદાયી ઉદાહરણ એટલે મુ.સુરેશકાકા. વંદનસહ..

  17. Nirlep Bhatt says:

    Good interview….exemplery life, indeed, one may agree or disagree with him, on certain issues – but has a lot to learn from his life.

  18. anjalee says:

    hai kaka you are the same as I saw you from childhood.- energetic.

  19. Suresh Dada,

    aap ganu laambu jeevo ane aamaj lakhata raho…

    khub khub abhinandan…

    Deepak Parmar

  20. manoj jethwa says:

    congratulation to bravo dada

  21. Nathubhai Mistry says:

    Congratulation on all your activities being performed during your golden period here in the State.

    I am bit surprised on your thought about your God and rebirth or pujanma though born and
    raised in Bharat- the land of Sanatan Dharm.


  22. Rajesh Parikh says:

    Resp. Sureshchandra

    Since I was busy with routine and vry hot weather here it was delayed to reply.

    It was ver encouraging to people finding ways to live gracefully at you age.

    Keep it up.

  23. M.S.Sharma says:

    Dear Sureshbhai,
    It is really surprising with Happiness to take note that you have such qualities-writing etc. and I did not know when U were with us (AEC).
    With regards,

  24. Dear Bhai Suresh,

    You are seen in real Media as a hero home away from home in USA.
    Giving credit was not needed. Your friendship and reconnecting after Fifty years in life is valuable.


  25. દાદા ને જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ…

  26. માનનીય સુરેશભાઈ,

    નીવૃત્તી બાદ ડોસાઓ બીજાને બરબાદ કરવા ખણખોદ કરતા હોય છે. જ્યારે આપની નિવૃત્તી પછીની પ્રવૃત્તિઓ યુવાનોને શરમાવે એવી છે. આપ કાયમ માટે તરો-તાજા રહીને નિવૃત્તી પછીની પ્રવૃત્તિઓમાં સફળતાને વરો એવી હાર્દીક અભ્યર્થન સહ ખુબ ખુબ અભીનંદન…

  27. neema says:

    well,, very impressive, i also believe that one should listen inner voice,one should not just lust for money, but satisfaction of job & ur work matters. if ur happy to do things in creative way one should go for that. nice interview.

  28. maja padi gai dadaji…

  29. Neela says:

    Congrates Sureshbhai.
    Enjoyed your interview.

  30. Paavan says:


    Found lots of good,impressive and inspiration article from this great person’s blog.


    — Jay shri Krishna

  31. Krishna Shah says:

    Sureshbhai, you are the inspiration for many of us…!

  32. Atul Vyas says:

    Very interesting
    atul & family

  33. Respected Sureshbhai,
    I will have to read about you again with more time in hand. it is very interesting to know all these so called common people. I think it is little longer. In this fast life it is very hard to keep up with our interests. if it is shorter more people would read it. no doubt it is great !

  34. Yusuf Kundawala says:

    Sureshbhai Jani has been a valued member of our Gujarati Poet group -Shodh-in dallas metroplex-He and I share the same ideas on religions and afterbirth-He is very energetic writer of his blog and keeps us well informed with his e-mails–We all wish him the best in his retired life–

    1. AMIN PANAAWALA says:


      1. amin panaawala says:


  35. chetu says:

    પૂજ્ય દાદા, આપની કોઇ ને કોઇ વાતો દ્વારા પ્રેરણાત્મક વિચારો દેખાય છે .. આપનો પરિચય ફરી એક્વાર વાંચી આનંદ થયો આપને હાર્દિક અભિનંદન …

  36. GOVIND PATEL says:

    મુરબ્બી શ્રી સુરેશકાકા,
    આપ સદા સર્વદા અમારા જેવા અનેકોના માર્ગદર્શક છો. આપ જિંદગીની
    પ્રવૃત્તિની સીડીને જે ઝડપે દોડાવીને સમાજની અગ્રેસરતા લઈ રહ્યા છો.
    તે અમારા જેવા બાળકો માટે પ્રેરણા રૂપ છે. અમારાથી તમને વંદન કરાય.
    આપ શત શત વર્ષો સુધી ગુજરાતી સમાજ ના પ્રેરણા સ્ત્રોત બનો એવી
    પ્રભુ ને પ્રાથર્ના સાથે સાદર વંદન .
    ” સ્વપ્ન” જેસરવાકર

  37. AMIN PANAAWALA says:

    gujrati toa avde che kavi ri te lakhu .

    1. Aminbhai,

      Best way is to download Baraha Software from http://www.baraha.com/download.htm

      Using this software you can type in many local languages of India, including Gujarati.

      In case, after downloading it if you need any help, feel free to ask here.

      There are few other options too to type in Gujarati, but this one is to start with.

  38. Dharmesh Vyas says:

    બ્લોગ જગત માં પ્રવેશ કર્યો ત્યાર થી સુરેશદાદા નો પરિચય થયો, નિવૃત જીવન કેવી રીતે જીવાય એમનું એક આદર્શ ઉદાહરણ, મારા ફાધર ને પણ હું ઘણી વખત એમનું ઉદાહરણ આપી ને કોમ્પ્યુટર પર બેસાડતો હોવ છું….. હાલ માં જ મારા નવા સાહસ (ધુમખરીદી.કોમ) એટલે કે ગુજરાતી પુસ્તક દુનિયા ના કોઈ પણ ખૂણે પહોંચાડવાની ઝુંબેશ માં એમને સાથ આપવાનું વચન આપ્યું છે અને ઘણી મદદ કરી છે. સ્પીક બિન્દાસ નો આભાર કે આટલી સરસ માહિતી અમારા સુધી પહોંચાડી

  39. Please send me your address and phone.

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