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Start-up LaPlant introduces Rare Himalayan Herbal Infusion

  • 10 Rare Herbal Infusions grown specially in upper Himalayas
  • First company to market it on a wider geographical area
  • Unique model of sourcing that offer better pricing to farmers and get rid of middlemen

Mumbai, December 19, 2014 — LaPlant Beverages (www.laplanttea.com), a start-up that truly address the growing need of Green Tea and Herbal infusions by wellness seekers in India, announced today its product offering of rare Himalayan Herbal infusions.

Herbal infusion is a nascent market in India, but world over, it has caught fancy of people seeking alternatives to tea and coffee with no caffeine. Initially, LaPlant will be offering a range of 10 different herbs and blends under its Himalayan Herbal infusion range. Over the next one year, they plan to increase the number to 30. For now, it will be sold through leading e-commerce platforms in India and abroad and from select retail outlets in major metros.

The benefit of herbs grown in the Himalaya is well documented and multifold. Herbs grown here tend to retain more nutrition in their stems to passover the adverse climatic condition vis-à-vis a similar herb from planes.“We use finest Himalayan herbs, grown above 3000 feet from sea level” Says Pankaj Prakash, Co-Founder, LaPlant Beverages. “All our herbs are hand-picked and manually cleaned to ensure zero impurity. The range offers people the choice of picking up infusion as per their preference, ranging from finest chamomiles to rhododendron.” He adds.

LaPlant Himalayan Herbal infusion range

When asked about the supply challenges on sourcing from Himalayas, Pankaj says “Farmers in these places do not have large land holdings. So, it was not possible for one farmer to cater to our volume needs. To ensure that the quality was consistent, we set up farmer groups in different villages that today work closely with us round the year. This also ensures that they get a good price for their product and stay away from middlemen.”

LaPlant Beverages is a start-up by Amod Singh, a IIT Kharagpur and Cornell Alumnus and Pankaj Prakash, a MICAn. It’s dedicated to Green Tea and herbal infusions in India. They have devised numerous blends, especially suited to the Indian taste, and innovative packaging solutions to retain the aroma for the longest duration. Armed with over 20 green tea blends and more than 10 Himalayan herbs, they are the largest selling Green Tea Brand in the Indian e-commerce market. No wonder, they call themselves warriors of the Green Tea Revolution.


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