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Sting operation of Tantrik and Jyotish by SpeakBindas



Tantrik or Tantriks is a name given to those who perform black magic rituals for either bad or good purpose. The performers generally belong to Aghor sect and are known to be Aghori. Most of them don’t wear clothes at all and have long beard and hair. But these days, modern Aghoris are born, who wear formal clothes, keep a cell phone, give advertisements of their business and do the business via courier. Above are some of the advertisements in Gujarati language given by such Jyotish or Tantriks, who claim to solve problems such as divorce, love issues, loss in business etc.

They also claim to hypnotize a person for you at such an extend that you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH THAT PERSON AND HE/SHE WON’T DENY. They call it ‘Vashikaran’ which means to take control of someone. And they provide GUARANTEE for the same.



SpeakBindas organized a sting operation. We called up such a Jyotish with a fake name – Viral Patel – asking him to solve some of our fake-problems. You can listen the conversation in below video which is in Gujarati language, having English transcript below the video. Note: Name, place and problems mentioned by the SpeakBindas caller are all FAKE.


Excerpt of Sting Operation:

SpeakBindas: Hello, May I know with whom am I talking?

  • Jyotish: I am from Om Maharudra Jyotish.

SpeakBindas: This is Viral Patel from Khambhaliya. I am involved with the business of Timber mart. We have a business competitor. He has influenced our buyers. So I would like to know if we can apply any black magic on him? Like I want to ruin him totally and make him a mad man. Is it possible?

  • Jyotish: Yes, I can do it. I will make him such mad that, he would need support of others even to have food, forget about him sitting on business. So do not worry about that. So meet me in person, or else, we can work through courier too.

SpeakBindas: I live in Khambhaliya here. And it can take my 4 to 5 hours if I come to Rajkot. So it would be advisable if we can move forward through phone calls, because I don’t want you to recognize myself.

  • Jyotish: Yes, you are right about that. This may keep you safe.

SpeakBindas: So, how much does it cost?

  • Jyotish: Well, we will make him totally crazy and helpless that his body won’t respond even to taking food. He will do weird stuffs that people will consider him as mad. No medicine will be able to cure him. We will block his brain. To do this, I would require his name, age and name of his company.
  • It would cost you around 9000 (Indian Rupees). And this will give you lifetime peace of mind. Even competition from others will be reduced for your business.

SpeakBindas: That’s ok to me. May I know your name?

  • Jyotish: Manish.

SpeakBindas: Ok, after I pay you, would I be required to follow any Tantrik rituals?

  • Jyotish: Not at all. You won’t be required to do throw anything upon him or say make him eat something, nothing at all. I will be doing everything.

SpeakBindas: I mean, I am afraid if some Ghosts souls etc. will harass me.

  • Jyotish: No side effects. Well, I wound’t even require your name, hence you will stay out of all rituals that I perform.

SpeakBindas: Ok, so what will you do?

  • Jyotish: It is called ‘Mastiksh Bandhan’ (Locking the head), which I will do. Hence, his brain will be useless and he will become mad. It’s like, we block his brain from all the four directions.

SpeakBindas: How many days it will take to show the effect of your rituals?

  • Jyotish: It will take at least 21 days. Mostly within that, say 11 days.

SpeakBindas: Ok, good. Apart from this, I have one more requirement. There is this lady, whom I want badly. Is it possible that I can get her? I mean, for everything – even sex?

  • Jyotish: Yes, it is possible. Whatever you wish to, can be done with her. Like if you say, you want her to be your slave for few months or say even for lifetime, it can be done.

SpeakBindas: Ok, so how many days this will take? Please know that, I don’t want to get married to her.

  • Jyotish: Sure, we can lock her brain and make her your slave for four to six months, that is how long you want to. And once that period is over, she will totally forget you and will go back to her original life. And this will cost you 5000 (Indian Rupees). This will take around 15 days. This is 100% GUARANTEED.
  • And it’s like, if I do your work successfully, you will bring me more clients. And keeping that in mind, I will for sure do your work the way you want it to be done.

SpeakBindas: But I suspect, what if it fails?

  • Jyotish: It won’t. It has never failed so far. Do not worry at all. I expect more clients from you. Just keep faith in me. I will do EVERYTHING by myself only. You are not required to do anything. Just send me over the total expense I mentioned to you.

SpeakBindas: And, the entire matter should remain secret, right?

  • Jyotish: Everything will remain secret. I haven’t even asked your name, have I?


We also called up a Tantra Vastu Consultant – Santosh Kumar, who heavily denied the existence of any such people who can help you solve your problems either with Tantrik rituals or Jyotish. His voice can be heard in the below audio, CLICK PLAY.


Note: Despite I know him, I didn’t reveal my identity while calling up just to get his frank opinion.

Excerpt of Conversation with Santosh Kumar: SpeakBindas: Is this Swamiji Santoshji?

  • Santosh Kumar: Yes.

SpeakBindas: I came to know of you through SpeakBindas where I read your interview, and from there came to know you are doing something related to Tantra?

  • Santosh Kumar: Well, it is Tantra Vastu that I am consulting for. It’s a technology.

SpeakBindas: Well, but what about Tantrik rituals or black magic stuff that others do claim to do for you? Is it for real?

  • Santosh Kumar: No no, not at all. It’s all about making people fool. There is nothing like Tantrik rituals or black magic.

SpeakBindas: But what about various advertisement that we read in various newspapers? Like they give 151% guarantee?

  • Santosh Kumar: It’s all fake and lie. And if you don’t believe me, try yourself once. It’s not easy for everyone to understand real Tantra.

SpeakBindas: So I was seeking your advise, should I go ahead with it or not? It really doesn’t help?

  • Santosh Kumar: Nope. Rather, give it a try once by giving some money. Check it yourself. And if you get benefited, do also let me know! There is nothing like Tantrik exist. It’s all about making people fool.


Nandini Patel is a businesswoman living in Ahmedabad. She also learns Tarot and Meditation. She too denied the possibility of any such person who is real Tantrik. Listen to her by clicking the below audio.


Excerpt of Conversation with Nandini Patel: SpeakBindas: My question to you is that, these days we see many advertisements in various newspapers related to Jyotish and Tantrik, who claim to do tantrik rituals for your problems such as love, divorce etc. etc. What you have to say about it? Do you believe in it or not?

  • Nadini Patel: I do not believe in it at all because there is no such a thing as Tantrik rituals. Of course, those who are helpless become desperate and pay to such people believing it will help them solve their issues or at least give some relief. But there is no such magic happens that you pay and your problems are solved. It’s all a lie. Rather it’s not possible at all.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

34 thoughts on “Sting operation of Tantrik and Jyotish by SpeakBindas

  1. Ramkumar says:

    Its a real shame we have people like this in our country who call them Tantrik .

    1. The simple logic is that, if they can help us EARN MONEY through some Tantrik ritual, why they are required to give advertisements in newspapers? They themselves should EARN MONEY through Tantrik rituals.

  2. John says:

    I have read the sting operation given below. I agree that there are some people who fake these things.
    But about black magic and stuff I would say is clearly mis-interpreted by people.
    Those who know about Yajur Veda would know that :

    There are two primary versions or Samhitas of the Yajurveda: Shukla (white) and Krishna (black). Both contain the verses necessary for rituals, but the Krishna Yajurveda includes the Brahmana prose discussions within the Samhita, while the Shukla Yajurveda has separately a Brahmana text, the Shatapatha Brahmana.

    These verses have the power to do anything.But it requires special skill and knowledge to perform them.
    These can be used for good as well as bad purposes.

    What will you say if you just tell your name and dob to a jyotish and he/she tells all the problems faced by you in your past as it is in few minutes?
    Will you still disagree that the person is a fake?
    I myself was surprised when one of them told me my problems as it is and also described the girl and her features perfectly!!
    Since then I have come to know that these are all part of science itself but are still out of our imagination…these so called magic are nothing but the cosmic energies which are being played with for good or bad.
    Just think for a person of 100 AD will say that the concept of phone or internet etc just cant be possible and will imagine it to be some kind of magic!!
    Even Galileo was imprisoned when he had said that its the earth which revolves around the sun as people feared him and this “prediction”.

    1. John says:

      Correction : I have mentioned Yajurveda above…it is Atharva veda which contains :

      a very heterogeneous collection of mantras. Unlike the Sama Veda and the Yajur Veda which mostly repeat the hymns of the Rig Veda, the Atharva Veda is an independent set of mantras that concerns itself with the everyday life of the Vedic people and is usually considered the Veda of magic. The Atharva Veda hymns are very diverse in character, they have charms to counteract diseases and ward of evil spirits, descriptions of medicinal herbs, prayers for health, wealth, happiness and longevity, love spells, chants that help kings accomplish various royal tasks, black magic and counter black magic, and perhaps most surprisingly, philosophical speculations.

      1. raj says:

        Hi john I want to know abt that jyotish who told u everything true.brother there is too much problems in my life.so plz help me kindly tell me how will I contact that person

    2. John,

      I don’t deny the existence of such powers, rather my subconscious is a believer of the same. The problem is with the fake Tantra practitioners. It’s simply cheating people. And we cannot even blame people for going to them seeking their help, because either they are helpless or lack knowledge.

      I have read few books, where in which, real experiences of some Yogis are written. In one such experience, I read about the power of Mantra. A learning Yogi read some Mantra from a book that his Guru had given him to take care of with strict instruction not to open it, but he didn’t obey it and started chanting some Mantra with proper instructions given in the book. And to his surprise, he saw two huge male and female right infront of him, totally naked and furious looking, coming to kill him. But his Guru saved him at last minute.

      There is also one more story of an Aghori, who had the power to convert one object to another, like he could convert meat to some sweet dish. And he could do so many such things. There was another Tantrik, who had the power to bring any dish from any restaurant of the world. That is black magic.

      So denial is not against the existence of such power or energy but against so called Tantriks, who with very less or no knowledge at all, proclaim themselves as Tantrik and start cheating people. I mean if for just 5000 Indian Rupees, they are claiming to get me a woman I want without her consent, then, what the hell this is? I mean, is it possible by such advertisement giving Jyotishis?

      One more thing, I believe that the true Tantriks would be there, but would like to remain hidden from the humans. Because, once we the humans know that some particular Guru has some power, we just rush to him for begging for some material desires.

      And yes, I would like to know more of that Jyotish whom you met, who told you about your problems AS IT IS.

      1. paras says:

        email me i will send you phone no of a person who tells you of your problems for free using jyotishi @ parassharma.ps98@gmail.com

        1. Hello Paras,

          I’ve sent you an e-mail. Let’s explore. Thank you.

        2. Vikash says:

          Sir my father is not well since last 3 months. We are consulted with doctor and advised us that he will take 4 or 6 months to be ok but some bhagat g and guru g told me that he will be in very trouble in future. So i need contact no of genuine guru g who can help me………

  3. Swaram says:

    Gr8 job there by creating awareness against all these rituals. Even if people do have wonderful powers, they better use it for service to humanity rather than make somebody mad. Its surprising na that there are people who still go to such tantriks! The newspapers should ban such advertisements.

    1. Newspapers won’t ban such advertisements merely for the reason they are getting PAID. It’s us, the people, who has to stay away from them. The INDIAN villages are full of such people. Well, I do believe in natural powers and energies, but I don’t believe that a person giving an advertisement is a real Tantrik.

      1. Swaram says:

        Thatz true … if only money would not command everything 😛
        I wish such people use natural powers for the betterment of future rather!

  4. Mohan says:

    Can’t imagine the fact that such people still exist in our country and more so there are believers in such people. Absolute stupidity.

    1. Well, I do see their advertisements thrice in a week. The kind of content they put in their ad is really lucrative that a weak minder will for sure get attracted to it, Mohan.

      For example they say “I guarantee 151%”..

  5. Swati Prakash says:

    It is good you are bringing this into awareness. However the definitions given in the beginning of the article need MAJOR correcting:

    Tantriks are not supposed to be necessarily black magic practitioners. Rather the proper definition of Tantra is a way to change or alter reality through will power which using hindu or vedic version of magic through mantras, yantras etc. Aghora literally means fearless and a true aghori is not also necessarily an evil person. A Witch similarly means Wise and has nothing to do with negative magic. Unfortunately some people have abused these words and led to negative associations that should be shattered.

    Magic is something we observe all over the world in every religion and culture.

    Black magic by definition is attempted use of magic for harmful purposes – so it is by definition for bad and not for good or bad as mentioned in your article. Moreover it rebounds to the sender sooner or later through the law of Karma.

    Black magic is NOT the only form of magic. There is also positive magic such as prayers and rituals for good purposes (in any religion, hindu, christian, etc we perform prayers), meditation, tarot and astro therapy, gemstones, positive thinking and wish fulfillment, working with angels, using positive spells and feng shui ,vaastu, positive mantras, positive yantras, crystals, Wicca (a magical religion that is based on Harming None), Herbal magic such as ayurveda, energy healing such as Reiki and pranic healing, Shamanism, positive Voudon (yes positive forms of Vodou also exist), etc for creating a good joyful life for yourself and others without harming anyone.

    If you have ever made a wish, eg. while blowing candles on your birthday cake, or prayed for anything, it is magic and as long as your wish did not harm yourself or others, it is a good kind of magic. If you have every wished someone ill, thought hateful things, or sent anger or jealousy to someone, you have performed a kind of black magic.

    There can be no guarantees for any kinds of magic because it is like a prayer and the practioner is more like a priest. If anyone makes a guarantee he or she could be fake. A good magickal practioner is more like a counselor, thehrapist or guide who helps you be more positive.

    One must read the right spiritual authors such as Rhonda Byrnes (The Secret), Louise L Hay, Doreen Virtue, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Neal Donald Walsh, Scott Cunningham, Don Lewis, Anthony Robbins, and many more enlightened masters who have always practiced positive forms of magic.

    In short – Magick (spelt with a k to differentiate it from fake tricks or black magic) is nothing but ‘think and make good things happen’ or ‘law of attraction’.
    This should be used only for good of yourself and others and never to harm, control or weaken someone.

    To use any such powers for evil is entirely wrong and will only harm the doer, ie the clients who go for such negative practices and also the ‘so called’ tantriks who perform this.

    Always stay away from negative practioners of magic and negative thinkers who will only either dupe you or take advantage of your weakness and temptation towards negativity to put you in a further mess. The major blame goes on you if you think negative thoughts about others and intend to harm them as it will rebound to you through the law of karma. Always remember that bad karma will give only bad luck to yourself. Black magic is just an illusion that traps you into negativity making your own life hell. So do use the magic of positive thinking only and never try to harm anyone if you want to be happy and successful in life.

    Real Magick is one that heals and helps. It is definitely good and the power of goodness is within us……..and we must be in touch with that always. The good we do always comes back to us.

    Blessed Be

    1. Hi Swati,

      What you are saying is true. I have watched ‘The Secret’ DVD which talks about Law of Attraction. Hindu Rushis, perhaps used to follow the same process, like while giving a boon or curse, they used to perform the Law of Attraction and the universe used grant their strong wish, instantly. But that’s about positive feelings, not only thinking.

      Where as, the so called Tantriks or Jyotish, are totally fake subjects of the object.

      I visited your website and learnt more of you.

  6. John says:

    Hi all,

    It was really informative to read all your comments.Yes I agree to what Devang said.We should be aware of such fake people who claim to be tantriks.
    But a real tantrik even if wears a watch, has a mobile etc wont ever do anything to HARM OTHERS!.
    If you go to a good tantrik/jyotish he wont ever accept such a request to harm others.
    Because they know the law of karma which says if you do anything against the law of nature,it will be returned to you with a much heavier loss etc.
    They can very well help you to improve your economic status etc but that too to some extent and cant make you an absolute billionaire!!
    And they may just help remove negative ‘energies’ from someone whom you love and “who in turn loves you as well” but is having some fears/restrictions in their minds and open up their heart.
    They will never help you to satisfy your lust.

  7. John says:

    Also @swati
    I would again like to tell you one thing.These so called magick is no magic at all.
    These are some scientific ways of controlling the energies of the universe.Its just that this science is not yet known to us.
    Also this is not related to any religion.Every religion just has devised a way to control the energy in their own ways.
    Its similar to the fact that you watch TV but some of you watch on LCD some on CRT some on a new technology LED TVs.
    So these are different technologies to watch the same program.
    Now as we think that SONY gives us the best technology as they are old in this business.
    Similarly Hinduism being the oldest and most knowledgeable, has the best way to control these energies!

  8. Parish says:

    Hi Devang,

    Really you did well by conducting this sting operation. I would suggest you if you want to make your sting more effective, contact Vigyan Jatha president of Rajkot Jayant Pandya (call me if you want his contact number). He will help you to conducting real sting, where you can face to face able to expose kind of Tantrik and by that way you will get satisfaction of work and people learnt lesson from this eye opener sting operation. All the best for your courageous social work.

    1. Thank you Parishbhai for your suggestion. It would indeed be nice meeting Jayant Pandya. I will ping you soon.

  9. mohit says:

    yes i totally agree with u.but there is tantrik called kapali mahakaal….. he is the real tantrik in the world.

    1. Mohit, the Tantrik vidya is true.

      The word “Tantra” itself means “System” like “Lok-Tantra”, “Praja-Tantra” etc. But it has been widely misused by few people, so called Tantriks. And I do agree with you in the way that there are some true tantriks in this world – in number they are very few but they are.

      I don’t know about Kapali Mahakal personally.

  10. madhav says:

    mohit you are right i know kapalia mahakaal his full name is kapalika mahakaal bhairvananda saraswati…… he is the only one kapalik in the world.his guru is yogananda saraswati an his is guru is bamdev ji.he spent 25 years in kamakhya to learn tantra.he can solve every problem and he has true power with grace of ma kamakhya.if any one has doubt on him just personally meet him.he have many followers.he is true aghori and kaula master.

    1. Deep says:


      Can you give me the contact details or address of mahakaal bhairavananda? It will be of great help.



    2. kunj says:

      may i have your contact number or plz contact me on +919555579044 +919716414749

      1. paresh says:

        Kunj pls give me a number of baba or any tantrik who take money after work. Mail id paresh.patel794@gmail.com

  11. pichiraju says:

    can u give more details of kapalika mahakaal Bhairavananda saraswati such as his address, ph.no. etc.?

  12. Mercury says:

    Hi Friends,

    Happy to read the comments you all wrote. But i would like to ask something… just becoz we dont see air, we cannot deny itz presence. Similar way, tantra is also invisible to our thinking. But yes IT EXISTS. pseudo tantriks are a useless herd of people who do not know real Tantra but may have seen or learnt the process without actually realizing itz true meaning.

    And as for real tantriks i doubt they will ever help or reveal themselves coz’ of the mere fact that u can learn tantra / mantra’s true meaning once u have shed all the worldly pleasures. So what does a tantrik want to do with others ??? They simply retire into their own self and abandon themselves in deep meditation. Only and Only they will help when our destinies are entwined.

    Kumbh Mela is a place where tantriks can be met.

    1. Those who have true knowledge of Tantra, those who are Tantrik in real-sense are either of very few in numbers or are not interested in revealing their identities and sharing the essence of it, may be for the reason they couldn’t find the matching disciples.

      Tantriks have always been mysterious and mostly marketed negatively. I am read a lot about Tantra but still in search of some true positive experience of the same.

  13. Mahendra D Mehta says:

    Please send your contact no.
    I am suffering from black magic…i want your help…my wife also support to my enemy…opposite side tantrik is very powerful & he(tantrik) done vashikaran on my tantrik everytime…so my side tantrik nothing able to do and under complete control of his tantric….so what can I do?
    my contact no.is 09558803401
    email id:sai.mdm9659@gmail.com
    send your contact no.

    1. Hello Mahendra D Mehta,

      Though, I’m not replying your comment with a solution but I felt like replying so what I would like to tell you is that the post that you’ve commented upon does not sponsor the act of Tantrik acts. Rather, the intention was to draw attention of people towards cheaters who in form of tantra loot. Personally, I believe that there is existence of tantra but I also believe that all those advertisements that we see in newspapers of various tantriks is mostly based on cheating. I mean, if they are so powerful why don’t they earn money with their power instead of remaining dependent on clients?

      I would suggest you to drop a thought of being hunted by tantrik. Instead increase your inner strength by practicing spirituality.

      From your name, I think that you’re Gujarati and hence I would suggest to listen to spiritual discourses of Khodabapa at http://www.khodabapa.com

  14. jyotish says:

    As mention above tantarik and aghori name used for them who use black magic for finding solutions.they cast this technique both for good and bad purpose.they are expert in doing vashikaran and get control on your mind so that they can easily do ,what they want from you and you will not in the condition to stop them.In scientic way we can say that it is a way of hyponatism and they would not deny you.All the techniques used by aghori and jyotish are very powerfull and strongly effects you in both way (bad and good ).if you are faceing problems of ghosh or any other contact well experinced jyotish guru .problems like want to harm some one ,want to solve money related issues,marriage issues ,job problem or any other.
    In our hole life everyone have to pass from some bad time either he is finacial good or bad because his luck/ circumstances is not in his/her control .In these kind of suction if any one has a ability to help that person ,he is “jyotish” .

    1. You have used the word “…to help that person…” in your sentence. I wonder that why do they charge money (handsome money!) if it is a HELP?

      And if they really want the money by making it business (Be it jyotish or aghori), why not use their power to earn money directly instead of playing with miserable people’s lives?

  15. Paresh says:

    Hi pls if any have true Tantrik number pls send me.its urgent.
    Mail id:paresh.patel794@gmail.com
    Mobile no:8200341621

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