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Suicidal tendencies – Tips to students to overcome

Sandeep K. Maniaar is a well known hypnotherapist, alternative psychotherapist and an EFT practitioner from Gujarat. He specially works on students issues such as suicidal tendencies, exam fear and stress, depression, lack of confidence during exams, memory issues during exams etc.

Board Exams of 10th and 12th standards are approaching near, in the month of March. So as usual, students of these standards must be feeling severe exam stress and exam fear.

Every year few students suffer from suicidal tendencies as exam dates are declared. This year too, in Junagadh district two scholar students committed suicide.

One of them, a girl, had got 80% in her 10th standard and now was studying in 12th. She committed suicide by hanging herself with a fan. Another boy committed suicide by jumping from an eight story building.

So, Speakbindas requested Mr. Sandeep K. Maniaar to discuss on issues such as, Why students suffer from suicidal tendency, what can be parents role, what can be teachers role for students studying in 10th and 12th standard. Video language is Gujarati. Here below I have scripted our conversation in English.

Speakbindas: What is the reason behind students committing suicides as the exam approaches?
Sandeep K. Maniaar: The main reason is that, students think that because I’m feeling depression, I should commit suicide. Also because they have read and heard of such stories where board students have committed suicide.  So when they read such news or hear from others, they start thinking that, what will happen if I fail in exam? What my parents will think of me? How would I show my face to my teachers?. And as they ask such questions to themselves, they feel the severe depression and committing suicide is the only way they can think of during such mental depression, and they commit suicide. Their basic fear remains in the question “What will be my future?”. And this forces them to take such an extreme step.

Speakbindas: What role should the parents of students studying in 10th and 12th standard should play?

Sandeep K. Maniaar: Parents should become friends of their child. Because the student who feel depression or have negative thoughts about exams and as exam approaches near, their depression level increases, their negative emotions increase and because of this they don’t hesitate from taking a negative step such as committing suicide.

So parents should look after him / her, whether they really study or not, or if they remain silent at home etc. So if parents do really create a friendly atmosphere at home, students won’t have a chance to take an extreme step.

If parents have some advise to give, they shouldn’t just start advising. Rather, they should start with something that their son / daughter likes to talk about. And once he / she is in a good conversation with them, they should deliver their advise in such a way that they don’t consider it as an advise.

Speakbindas: What should students of board exams do who are suffering from exam stress?
Sandeep K. Maniaar: I strongly suggest that, such students must watch some laughter show, comedy show at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. Also they can listen to audio cassettes of artists such as Shahbuddin Rathod. What will happen here is that, those negative emotions which were created due to exam stress will be vanished by watching / listening such humorous programs.

Students can also do Pranayam. If they can spare only five minutes a day for Pranayam, it can really help them.

And while reading, they should take on those subjects that they find easy. And after that they should cover those subjects that they find hard. What will happen is, as they have gone through easy subjects first, they would feel confident about themselves, and this confidence will help them covering hard subjects.

Speakbindas: What should teachers do who teach students of 10th and 12th standard?
Sandeep K. Maniaar:  Teachers can play the most important role for students. Let me tell you a quote of famous Hollywood director Woody Allen. He says “I attended my school for emotionally disturbed teachers.” So sometimes, students suffer from negative emotions because of their teachers behavior with them. So if teachers really want to help their students who suffer from exam stress and negative emotions, they should become their closest friends.

I also suggest that teachers should visit their students at their home. Mostly, they should visit those students who are weak in studies, or is clever but suffers from depression. What will happen is that the student will feel that “My Sir / Madam has come to my home.” This will help them come out depression and negative feelings easily.

Speakbindas: Any special message you would like to give to students studying in 10th and 12th standard?

Sandeep K. Maniaar: My special message is “All the best and do the things.” Just believe that this exam is not the final result of your entire life. This is just a part of it. There is a long future awaits you. And even if you can’t score good marks, do not bother, because only good score Marksheet is not your final recognition. Dhirubhai Ambani, Thomas Alva Adison, Bill Gates are few examples of the same. You can still make wonders in your life without a certificate. So just chillax and enjoy your exams.


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