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Be a global person

As name suggests, today I will talk about global person who is none other but you. In old times, if a person was intelligent then he could get a job though he was not having good personality or impressive attitude. Then era arrives of people who are having...
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Freida Pinto

Slumdog Millionaire has brought a great fortune to lives of many people, mostly who acted in it. Freida Pinto is one such actress, for whom her debut film brought unlimited popularity. Her role in the film is of Latika who is born and raised in slum area in...
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Slumdog Millionaire Oscar mania

The time has come now. Just few hours left for the Oscars 2009. A huge roar is going on all over India about Slumdog Millionaire and Oscar awards. Dual opinions are in float. Some people believe that, Slumdog Millionare‘s winning Oscar is a thing to be proud of...
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