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Slumdog Millionaire Oscar mania

The time has come now. Just few hours left for the Oscars 2009. A huge roar is going on all over India about Slumdog Millionaire and Oscar awards. Dual opinions are in float. Some people believe that, Slumdog Millionare‘s winning Oscar is a thing to be proud of for every India, where as others have an opposite opinion.

Slumdog Millionaire has truly proved that the outer world has a vision to India in form of poverty. If India is presented in form of poverty, people would say “Yes, this is India”.
Where as the matter of the fact is different too. India is rapidly growing since last few years. Every country on mother earth requires Indian brains for their companies.

But when it comes about India, poverty is the prime thing they concern.

The question is that, if Slumdog Millionaire wins Oscar award for Best Film, it is a matter of proud for Indians or feel ashamed? Movie director Danny Boyle is British. So it’s not actually an Indian film. Of course, all actors are Indians only, such as Anil Kapoor, Irrfan Khan. Dev Patel too is an NRI.

But the theme of movie is poverty, poor people. This is quite a controversial matter here. Of course, if the film wins Oscar for best film, entire Electronic and Print Media of India will roar like anything saying “Jai Ho”, like they are proud of Indian poverty presented in the film! Personally, I’m against to film winning Oscar.

Of course, I will be happy like anything if A R Rahman wins Oscar. If he does so, he truly deserves it. He has had a long journey of composing outstanding music for bollywood industry and few out-borders films, but he never received such a great recognition. Now is the time for him, to receive true acknowledgment. Of course, even if he doesn’t win Oscar, it doesn’t matter for his creativity. It’s just that the world will accept him as a great musicians. Indians have already accepted him one of the greatest musicians bollywood industry ever had. Roza, Yuvraaj, Taal, Lagaan are to name a few films for which he gave outstanding music.

Recently, I heard from my friend who read blog of Amitabh Bachchan on BigAdda. Bachchan has mentioned in his blog entry that on his tour to a foreign country (mostly France, I guess), he was in a car on a road.

On a signal, his car stopped. He saw few people coming over to him. He felt like they were his fans, and he was little amazed by a feeling that he has fans in this country too.

But the driver told him that, they were the beggars! Amitabh Bachchan was stunned to know that such a developed country too has beggars living in. Then he asked himself that, then why only India is represented as the country of beggars and poor?

Anyway, let us wait and watch. Oscar ceremony is to be held just few hours after this. I will update on the same in this article only. Fingers crossed!


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7 thoughts on “Slumdog Millionaire Oscar mania

  1. Kristi says:

    I absolutely loved this movie. I never assumed that India was a “strictly poor” country- as America is not a “strictly rich” country. We have plenty of ghettos here. He have a lot of poverty to go around. I just loved the story line of the movie. I usually don’t cry when I watch movies but this was a tear jerker lol. My sister and I watched this movie about 3 times- I just loved it.

  2. Sarah Clark says:

    Dev Patel and that indian chick really rocks on the movie Slumdog Millionaire.,~’

  3. Dev Patel gave a great performance in the movie Slumdog Millionaire.,-,

  4. Dev Patel is a great actor specially on the movie Slumdog Millionaire'”`

  5. i watched Slumdog Millionaire and Dev Patel has great performance on this movie,,-

  6. Titanium Earrings says:

    Dev Patel showed his great acting skills on SlumDog Millionaire, i would love to see more of his movies ;**

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