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Video interview of Tarak Mehta

Sometimes, some unbelievable things happen in our life. Like, I had never ever thought of meeting Tarak Mehta personally at his home, and taking his interview was out of dreams as well! But it all came true. It was the fine Friday evening of 3rd April, 2009. Tarak...
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Smile please

Smile is a dangerous virus, whenever we are seeing some one smiling, we are infected by that and we also start smiling. I believe that smile is the most precious gift of great almighty, when we were kids we were laughing on silly talks, normal deeds. Then when...
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Interview of Pallavi Mistry

Pallavi Mistry born in 1958 in the city of Navsari is a humorist writer. At present, she enjoys her ‘retired’ life in Mumbai with her family. During her stay in Ahmedabad, she was engaged with Gujarati humor writing. She wrote in various mediums. Also got her 3 books...
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