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Talk to Strangers

The era of internet is really interesting and fascinating. Social Networking websites made it more interactive. I guess the concept of talk to strangers was evoked from such sites.

One of such sites which allow this concept in broad sense that I recently came across is iMeetzu. Hundreds of users you will find online there anytime, anyday. And guess what, they allow the non-registered users too to start talking with a stranger in form of a chat conversation. It more like gives the message that ‘You Are Not Alone.’

The site is created by two dudes, Aaron and Josh who are funny and interesting in their own ways. It works very simply in this format “All you have to do to use iMeetzu in its BASIC form is click the big button on the homepage that says “click here to meet a stranger”, and just like that you will be connected with the first random stranger who does the exact same thing.”

Take a look at below screenshot of my chat with a stranger. And guess what, that stranger happened out to be an Indian! The world is round, you meet the point you started. Same went with me. But I must confess that the unique idea of chatting with a total stranger is like evoking the Adrenaline Hormone!

Click on it for original size

Click on it for original size


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  1. Gene says:

    Great! This http://www.tohla.com talk to strangers! With smileys! Try it..

  2. lizzy says:

    i need friends and pals thanks for reading

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