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Interview of Dr. Gauravi A. Dhruva

Dr. Gauravi A Dhruva is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology, P.D.U. Medical College, Rajkot. In this exclusive interview with SpeakBindas, she talks about disease of Thalassaemia, new development in the field of pathology and her appeal for blood donation.

Thalassemia is an inherited autosomal recessive blood disease. In thalassemia the genetic defect, which could be either mutation or deletion, results in reduced rate of synthesis or no synthesis of one of the globin chains that make up hemoglobin. This can cause the formation of abnormal hemoglobin molecules, thus causing anemia, the characteristic presenting symptom of the thalassemias.

Information on disease of Thalassaemia

Information on New Development in Pathology

Blood can not be generated artificially in factories. It is naturally created in our body. Its quantity doesn’t decrease if we donate it. But if we donate it, it can be really helpful to those who need it badly. Watch this video where Dr. Dhruva appeals, especially to youth to donate blood and save lives.

‘Donate Blood’ appeal by Dr. Gauravi A. Dhruva


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  1. aaryan says:

    excellent speech with lots of information…………….something new…….great….Dr.Gauravi and Devang

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    very nicely said n explained… vry important n vry informative… thanx dr. garuravi n devang

  3. Dhaval says:

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    keep goin….:-)
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  5. HARSHDEEP says:

    Maru Maru Kare tyan Mhabharat. Taru Taru kare tyan Ramayan.
    Pleasure is always thre in giving.
    Confident and nice expressions. Good job. Very happy to see you on web.
    And thank Animesh for this info.

  6. dr bhoomika says:

    it is an excellent talk madam………with impressive speech and very useful informations……congratulations and thanks for the same…

  7. varad says:

    Simply Superb….
    perfect speech….specially i like “positive feeling by blood donor”,
    new developement in pathology is also informative…
    congratulations and best wishes for everything…

  8. Dr.Kaushal says:

    Really impressive and nice talk, also very informative and appealing to common people. congratulations Madam.

  9. Chhaya says:

    It is an excellent speech madam..really very informative and impressive..congratulations madam..

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  11. Rajshri says:

    It reminds of your std. 12th result.
    And I remember Harshdeep’s comment that Tina doesn’t know that I visited her room. This shows the amount of concentration that you had.


  12. Dr. Krupal says:

    Good to have such knowledgeable interview on site.. Such talk will help in general awareness of the people and will improve the good will of civil hospital..
    Hope to receive more such informative article soon.
    Thanks a lot.

  13. Paras Shah says:

    excellent speech madam.. you were as vibrant and versatile as ever 🙂
    it is a nice briefing for the people and will definitely tempt people to atleast think regarding donating blood.. good job mam..

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