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Tarot: A journey towards the higher consciousness


When I look back into the past, it was the time when I started attracting the events which I never wanted in my life… I was carrying a grief of my mother’s sudden death, there was a break-up in my relationship, my business was on the peak of the loss and I winded up and I caught in some illness.
I couldn’t find the headway to get out of my problems. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I was feeling so depressed with full of negative emotions.

My depression led me to many other psychological issues like anger, fear, insomnia, etc. and suddenly I became the victim of typhoid… that was an another devastating blow… wasn’t that too much to suffer!!! That was the time when I asked a big question to my life… “WHY ME ???”…

I still remember that day and the moments when my sister gave me a glossy foreign magazine to read. I opened the magazine without interest, and there was a fun game on the page which I opened… that game was “Tarot wheel of fortune”… now I found it something interesting, the game was something like to find out our own Tarot card related to our character with closed eyes. I started playing the game to find something for me and my pencil pointed out my card and that card was “The Magician”… I was astonished… I laughed on me and couldn’t believe how “The Magician” could relate to my personality… I couldn’t find any similarity between me and “The Magician”, because the meanings of the keywords of the magician’s cards are “Action”, “Conscious Awareness”, “Power” and “Concentration”. The character of the Magician is ultimate achiever. The image of Magician’s card symbolizes to tap the universal forces and use them for creative purpose. I was so confused, but my subconscious had started working on that and it gave me two questions, first was “Why”… why I picked that card of the Magician? And second question was “How”… how can I become like a “Magician”?… suddenly, there was a flash in mind and I received the answer of both the questions from within, my intuition gave me the perfect answer, and the answer was “TAROT”… I was energized with the answer, and I immediately decided to learn Tarot.

Well, here I didn’t want you to take “my story” so seriously but I wanted to point out the spiritual aspect of my story. For me, It was an awakening.

In the process of learning the Tarot, the first and foremost thing I noticed about the tarot was “Tarot never tells what you want to know but rather tells what you need to know”.

Very commonly, Tarot is perceived as a tool for divination and people use Tarot for fortune telling. But, in fact, it is not limited to fortune telling only. In my experience, Tarot is an esoteric tradition. Tarot may show you something about your self. It may lead you to the path of Qabalah, meditation, unconscious awareness, Para-psychology, alchemy or mythology. It may open a great door into the western mysteries. Tarot doesn’t stand alone, its connections are many. As you deepen your knowledge and understanding of the tarot you will make these discoveries for your self.

Tarot images and its ideas may also serve to initiate, creating changes within us. And it is a journey towards higher consciousness. We are given the opportunity to grow as a spiritual being. This journey is not an event but an on-going process of events. Once begun the process is self feeding and self motivating. This is the journey into self discovery, the path of personal growth, the way to awaken…


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