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The benefits and advantages of a CMMS

Computer-aided maintenance management, abbreviated CMMS, refers to a software-based management technique that adapts to accounting, management, management or technical maintenance services for companies to help them plan their activities. It is included in enterprise asset management. To explain it more simply, one could summarize his missions in three points. First, a CMMS is designed to help maintenance departments perform their tasks more efficiently. It is an extensible management tool that can be adapted to many branches within the same company: maintenance but also production, maintenance of production assets, remote monitoring, system operation computer, but also everything that is the responsibility of the administrative pole such as the management of human and material resources, the needs of the management and finally it adapts perfectly to the imperatives of the financial pole.

Centralization of your equipment information

On the other hand, the CMMS is usually the only software likely to have all the information relating to your production units that are machines and other productive equipment. This software thus greatly facilitates the maintenance of your production fleet and allows you to have in real time an approximation of its productive capacity or even to prevent possible failures or adaptations to make to enhance your production objectives. Indeed, this type of software represents an undeniable advantage for companies who want to have an overview of their real capabilities of profitability and production. Indeed, it is designed for companies whose productions or stocks may vary and can be adapted as the progress and extension of it. It is in this sense that the CMMS software is designed to receive appendices: the addition of functionalities can in fact lead the software to go far beyond its original maintenance tasks to move towards a versatile maintenance tool called asset management.

24/7 availability

Another essential point of the maintenance work order software  resides in their adaptability in all contexts. Used in many fields such as industries, the energy sector, transport, hospitals and public works, this integrated management solution in the working environment is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ubiquitous adaptability allows to control at any time the capabilities of a particular service within a company in particular circumstances (inventory problems, confronting fluctuations in demand or production, etc.) or to adjust the missions of these units in due time. Moreover, the advantage of these software resides in their accessibility since they are accessible from everywhere provided to create the conditions and thus makes it possible, even during periods of holidays to take care of the productive apparatus.

Improving the quality of service

These various advantages necessarily lead to an improvement in the quality of services, the CMMS software making it possible to consider the entire production fleet and the clusters of the same company and to manage in real time all the questions relating to the management of goods or services. Indeed, a company that is well managed is a company that has all the necessary information on its various activities to be able to regulate at any time and project. This is what CMMS software allows with all the battery of arithmetic tools and indicators that they make available to the various management poles, which obviously facilitates the relations between the different productive units and allows a much greater management responsive, effective and less expensive. Thus, such a software makes it possible to simplify the organization charts of management and to go more quickly to the essential with less hierarchical levels. If they offer significant benefits in terms of managing, they are equally adaptable in purely productive terms in that they allow coordination between all services so that one-off imperatives can be effectively addressed by all at the same time. In addition, features can be added to control the quality of products created in all dimensions that may interest a company.


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