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The Magician: Ultimate source of inspiration

The Magician Tarot Card

During the early days of my working with Tarot, I was literally fascinated by the images of my first Tarot deck, it was Rider Waite. I was dealing with the cards in dual ways, intellectually as well as mechanically.

Initially, I had only a “Mechanical Faith” on the Tarot, because I was too logical.

I started reading and relating the card with all my logic. I had applied my memory to remember the names that were new to me. I had struggled to understand concepts which were completely unfamiliar.

I had endeavored to learn long lists of correspondences, reinforcing and opposing cards. In fact, I didn’t have a single experience of having strong belief for the Tarot. I didn’t feel I was having much success at either endeavor. The obvious reason of my initial failure was “My Logic”.

Here, I would like to point out the truth that Tarot does not work on any mechanical ways; there is neither any science nor any calculations work behind the working of the Tarot. I concluded, finally, about the Tarot that “Tarot is obviously an Art, not a Science”. Just put your logic aside and let go the reasoning mind to enjoy the Tarot at its fullest force.

Meditating on each Tarot card was my next move on the path, though it was not easy for me to concentrate on the card’s image.

But I didn’t try much; just let it happened effortlessly, with the nature’s flow. With meditation, I began to relate the meanings of Tarot cards with all the situations I encountered in my life and also related the characters of Tarot family with the real persons from my surroundings.

I related “The Emperor” with my father. The girl in the “Six of cups” was my sister.

One of my friends was “The Fool” and I related many persons with many cards and their characters, but most interesting and inspiring relation I made is “Me” and the “Magician”, the second but number one (1) card from the major arcana. This card depicts a practitioner of the magical arts. A lemniscate, the symbol of infinity, is usually shown above his head. One hand of the figure, gripping a magic wand, is pointing upwards to the heavens and other is pointing down, signifying the drawing of universal power from the higher source, and directing it towards practical, earthly matters. As well as signifying skill in directing energies and universal force. This card also indicates charm, articulacy and ability to lead and guide others.

“The Magician” always guided me in a great sense throughout the journey of learning this art as well as throughout my life too. I added articulacy and creativity to my learning and working of Tarot. I had started following the intuition and illuminations of the unconscious awareness from within. I began the journey inside of “my self”. And, when my logic disappeared, I was stunned with some experiences of the learning the Tarot. My self-awareness and understanding for the Tarot and every aspect of the life were uplifted and, really, the journey became more and more enjoyable and smooth.


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2 thoughts on “The Magician: Ultimate source of inspiration

  1. I don’t know much about Tarot myself, but learnt few things from this informative article. Now, because you have been practicing Tarot and teaching others as well, I would take you as an authentic personality to believe in for Tarot.

    I guess, it would have been tough for you to keep your logics aside initially. It’s interesting to note that looking at Tarot mechanically, won’t rip the fruits.

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