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T.I.A. – This is Africa


Rajeshbhai Rajpura lives in Kampala Capital of Uganda. He basically belongs to Guajrat and is a fan of Speakbindas, who reads articles regularly.

During our email conversation, I got to know more about him. Now because he lives in the continent of Africa, I wanted to know more about its wild life. I’m truly fascinated by the wild life of Africa, the lions, leopards, cheetas, elephants with huge horns are my favorites. I watch them on Discovery or National Geographic Channel.

Rajeshbhai was kind enough to send some photos of his visit to local wild life Sanctuary. He also shared some of the interesting information about the country. He says “Many Indians live in Uganda who belong to various parts of India, here Patidar Samaj is formed which was organized in the year 1936.”

Hanumanji Temple in Uganda

“And we have 2 big temples, one is Swaminarayan Temple which belongs to BAPS and the other is SDM (Shree Sanatan Dharma Mandal) of all Gods like Shiv, Ganesh, Radha Krisha, Ramji, Hanumanji, and Amba Ma.

Every Saturday we have 108 Hanuman Chalisha. One of the worshipers sponsors the same event weekly and all Hindus get to gather then. At 08.00 pm Aarti (Prayer) is held which is followed by maha prashad (Full diner).

In case, if there is no single sponsor for all this, then it is organized on self-based, i.e. all Hari Bhakts contribute something.


Radha Krishna temple in Uganda

This event on every Saturday gives a chance to us to meet up fellow Indians, as no one has time to meet each other personally. Kids get a chance to play with fellow Indian kids, and the elders chat with each other. This ends at around 10:00 pm, and we all leave for our home. Indeed, this keeps us in touch of our motherland by meeting our friends and family members.”

“We celibrate all festivals, but due to time and holidays problem we organise them mostly on the Sunday, which is either next or before the date of festival. For example we celibrated this year’s Dhuleti on Sunday. Even we celibrated Utrayan on Sunday, but here Government gives us permission only from Morning 10 to 5. The interestnig thing is that, we are not allowed to fly kites on our home’s terraces, but only in the compound of one school (Uganda Acadami).

Uganda’s main food is Matoki, Poso and Cow (cheeeee!!). It is very common to produce a child before marriage. In case, after having a baby before marriage, if you don’t find that person a perfect match, you can still leave him / her and move on!

The main attraction of Uganda that I liked is Lake Victoria and Greatest river Nile, which starts her long journey from Lake Victoria only.

We can still find the homes having Indian names on it like ‘Kanta Vila’ or ‘Magan Patel Bhuvan’ here.

Enjoy the below images of Uganda’s wilfe life which were clicked by Rajeshbhai.








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