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Tips to follow before and after dinner

When preparing to relax in the evening, it’s best to eat a light meal not too close to bedtime, have healthy dinner options, and avoid sugary foods and vigorous exercise, in between others.

Here are some recommendations and recommendations before and after dinner.

Plan your meal

Everyone knows the expression, “if you don’t plan to fail, don’t stop planning.” If you haven’t made pre-dinner arrangements like preparing food, storing leftovers, and having healthy frozen meals, there’s a good chance you’ll come home hungry and rummage through the fridge and cupboards. To find ready-to-eat foods, which is not always the case. in good health Options.

Your brain and body don’t understand that a healthy, nutritious meal will be ready in 1 to 2 hours. You can also treat your overgrown candida with the help of candida overgrowth diet.

So look for simple carbohydrates like sugary snacks like candy, cookies, muffins, chips, pretzels, and fast food and drive.

Having a healthy ready-to-eat dinner on hand will take the struggle out of the way and give you a sense of calm and psychological stability.

Don’t be very hungry.

If you are very hungry before dinner, you may overeat.

Make it pretty

Setting the table for dinner might take a few more minutes, but it’s worth it! Take out the plates, cutlery, and napkins, light a candle, and turn on your chosen music. Eliminate all distractions: TV, phone, and tablet. If you have Gerd do not worry, combat Gerd by diet, and click here for more information.

Eat slowly and carefully. Stay tuned to your body – are you still hungry, and how do you feel with food? Conscious eating with intention and paying attention to your body has been shown to reduce binge eating and improve overall satisfaction with the eating experience.

Shine the light

At dinner, make sure you have a green salad; a small number of complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, or whole wheat pasta; and 3-4 ounces of lean protein like fish, poultry, lean cuts of beef, or tofu.

Drink lukewarm water

Drinking hot liquids has a calming effect on the stomach and digestion. It will also make you feel full to avoid overeating during your meal.

Wait at least 30 minutes before sitting down to eat to avoid excessive dilution of digestive enzymes and compromised digestion.

Drinking a little water during your meal is good. Do not swallow it, as it can make you feel bloated and interfere with digestion. Drinking hot water 30 minutes after a meal is also beneficial in facilitating digestion and absorption of nutrients. (of them)

Wait before going to bed.

Meals can often make you tired and lethargic. Many people are tempted to lie and are often misguided by the unhealthy and dumb people to lay down and avoid physical movement after eating.

However, the recommendation is to avoid the horizontal position or, worse, go to sleep immediately after dinner. Your body is made for relaxing and needs time to digest food before it goes into sleep mode.

If your food were heavier, it would be difficult for you to fall asleep due to your digestive system’s excessive fullness and discomfort.


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