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What are Asian giant hornets, and How Dangerous Are They?

The Asian giant hornet is a common sight in many parts of Asia. This is where this large wasp originates from. However, n recent years there has been an increased number of giant hornet sightings in Europe and parts of the United States.

This has led to a number of concerns regarding how dangerous these insects really are.

What Are The Asian Giant Hornets?

All hornets are types of wasp. They serve a useful purpose in nature as they help bees with pollination. But, their main role is to eat other insects, helping to control the population.

The giant hornet has a distinctive orange head and a black and orange banded body. They have a stinger at the rear but, unlike the bee, it doesn’t break off when they sting. This means they can sting repeatedly. Because their stingers are long it’s also possible for them to penetrate clothing.

A giant hornet will be between one to two inches long, with the queen being slightly bigger again. That makes the sight of several giant hornets coming toward you a little terrifying.

Giant hornets generally build their nest underground, using holes that have been previously dug out by small rodents. They may also find a space near rotten tree roots.

If you find them living in your yard it’s a good idea to click here and get the professionals to take prompt action before you or your family get stung.

How Dangerous Are Giant Hornets?

This is the question that concerns most people. Considering the size of these wasps and their stingers it seems reasonable to be concerned.

The good news is that hornets are not generally aggressive. If you leave them alone they won’t bother you. The problem is when you get too close to their nest and they perceive you as a threat. This can cause them to attack.

Unfortunately, because hornets tend to build nests in the ground it’s easier than you think to walk past a nest without realizing.

However, it’s important to note that the giant hornet does not inject a particularly powerful venom and in no significant quantity. In other words, the sting will hurt, but it will simply cause localized pain and redness. The area will also with for a while and then heal completely.

Of course, if you suffer from allergic reactions then the hornet sting can be much more serious, especially if they sting you in a vulnerable area. If you’re in an area that you know there are hornets then wear white clothing, they are more attracted to dark colors.

It’s also worth noting that multiple giant hornet stings at the same time can cause enough pain that your body will go into shock. If this occurs then you’ll want to seek medical help.

Fortunately, there are very few deaths per year in the world as a result of hornets stinging. However, if you see them in your yard contact the professionals and get the issue sorted, you can find out more info here.


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