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Top 3 Types of Car SPA

What is Car Spa?

All the automobile and car lovers understand how essential Car Cleaning is for them. After all, we all will love to move around the city in a sparkling clean car which looks brand new throughout the seasons.

Every car rider has a dream is to give their Car an advanced pampering in a form of spa So that it sparkles all the time. A lot of us have got tired of driving the car to a garage or service station for washing, but washing is not something which can work alone for long to keep your car appear dazzling.

If you are one of them who love to take a good care of the car and give a pampering that it needs on a regular basis, we are the profession to provide car spa services(http://hicare.in/home-cleaning-services/services/premium-car-care). Be it a complete renovation of any car, through Car Spa service, you can get to see an advanced version of your car which is thoroughly washed from inside out.

Ideally, any Car Cleaning service is only possible when there are skilled and trained staff and professional expertise to execute the work efficiently. The car spa industry has trained our professionals to execute a flawless Car Cleaning Service with minute detailing in a well-defined manner.

Top 3 Types of Car Spa

We have Exterior Spa, Interior Spa, and Complete Car Spa.

1. Exterior Car Spa

The Exterior Car Spa Service is exclusively performed for an advanced cleaning and detailing of the car (http://hicare.in/home-cleaning-services/services/premium-car-care). Under this service, we take care of the entire car’s body, all the glasses and windshields, the engine area and the wheels. Our experts spend more time in cleaning and taking care of the underbody area in terms of cleaning and oiling.

2. Interior Car Spa

The Interior Car Spa Service is exclusively performed for a detailed cleaning service and further, the cleaner ensures to provide a hygienic interior atmosphere for you to drive your Car. We carry out this process very precisely so that you get an amazing driving experience each time you plan to drive around the city. Under this service, we take care of cleaning all the interior parts of your car right from the seat covers to the storage space that is available in the rear. We also ensure the Vents and AC Ducts are working and completely cleaned physically by detaching them from its systems.

3. Complete Car Spa

The Complete Car Spa Service is exclusively performed when you want to combine both Interior and Exterior Car Spa Services. Under Complete Car Spa Service, we provide you a wonderful offer wherein you get to save a lot while taking the home car which has gone through a complete makeover.

To know more about our range of Car Spa Services or Car Cleaning Services, reach us out at hicare.in/home-cleaning-services/


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