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Reverse Video Effect To Add Magic To Your Video

Reverse video is the best magical effect that you can give to your video or movie. With the use of this effect you can create wonderful magic tricks.

Reverse video

Reverse video, as name suggests is reversal of your recorded video clip or movie. For example, if you record video of yourself drinking water from a glass, in reverse video, it will show as you filling the empty glass with water from you mouth! Likewise, if you record yourself throwing a cushion on couch, giving it reverse video effect will turn it in a video where viewers will see it as cushions coming from couch in your hands without you doing anything. Until you tell someone, they would get the Wow feeling watching your reverse video.

Examples of reversed videos

In the below video you can see reversed videos. They were not filmed this way. They were filmed the opposite way and then were reversed using reverse video software or reverse video app.

Isn’t it like the real magic? I mean, if you didn’t know about the fact this is nothing but a mere video effect FX that does this, you would have been surprised like anything. Agree? This is what happens when you reverse your video and show it to friends, family members, colleagues or anyone. They get the wow feeling because it excites chemicals in our body seeing a cushion floating on its own from couch to someone’s hand. Only professional magicians can do this. But using reverse video effect, everyone can become a magician. You too can.

Application of Reverse video effect

Reverse video effect is used primarily to create the magic element. Also it is real fun. Magic is one such thing that only few are good at. It’s art that needs cultivation and practice of years. In today’s time it is not so easy to impress someone by doing a magic trick. First, it is not easy to learn one and then second is that it is not easy to perform one after you’ve learnt. But this all gets done automatically through reverse video effect also known as reverse video FX. (FX means sound or visual effects used in film, TV, or music). All you have to do is take your video and then reverse it. Boom! Magic is created. You’re the magician in world’s eyes!

How to create a reverse video

There are softwares and apps available in market using which you can create your very own reverse video. Different softwares and Apps have different standards about the quality output and usability. The good ones are available for purchase which give you the great output file of reversed video. You can search Google for finding softwares and apps that provide facility of reversing a video.

For whom is reverse video effect useful?

For everyone!! Yes, reverse video effect is for everyone. Why so serious in life? Let’s have some fun. It is though can be most useful for parents, teenagers and youth.

Reverse video for your kids: Imagine your kid showing his reverse video to his friends and his friends are all going “WOW”! Just imagine that your kid is standing in your room and football which is on couch comes on its own in hands of your kids! Wouldn’t that be a great deal of surprise? I personally feel that every kid would fly on the seventh sky showing his reversed videos to his friends. I know it because I have done it as a parent. My son was so happy first seeing himself doing all those magic tricks like flying back to the top of couch, rejoining torn pieces of paper sheet on its own, three cushions floating back to him from the couch. Then he showed it to his friends and received awesome reactions from them. This made him real happy.

Reverse video for teenagers: School and college going students must try this. You would receive kind of reception that you had never received earlier in your classroom or among friends. Imagine yourself pouring water in a bowl but instead of bowl being filled with it, it gets emptied as you pour water in it. To know the real reactions from your friends, just show such a reversed video once and feel the experience. Also if you’re a sporty, you can record your sports actions and then reversing them will give them an outstanding magic trick. Remember those movies in which you saw some reverse movie FX and felt wow? Well, same way your friends will feel for you.

Reverse video for youth: If you’re an adventurer, a swimmer, a trekker; you must make use of reverse video effect. This will make your experience turn into a magic trick! It’s boring to show your friends what you did the way you actually did it. Add some spice to it. Show them you jumping from a small cliff into a pond, but in reverse!! i.e. show them yourself coming out of water and then going back to the cliff! Fun begins here. Try it.


As I said that you can download reverse video software or download reverse video app but it requires your involvement in doing so. Sometimes you may need more than once reversed videos, which I would recommend highly, along with matching background royalty free music to it, then in such case you can either purchase reverse video software or can hire someone to do this job for you at cheap price.


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