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Trends That Will Continue Shaping the Online Marketing Industry

The internet marketing world is as complex as it is volatile, and trends that were useful in the past are almost always phased out by new user preferences, or reinforced as they become more popular. Every online marketing company will strive to have their customers adopt the latest trends to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. But how exactly does one know which trends to follow and which new ideas are likely to fail? Here are some suggestions on what is likely to remain popular in the next few months.


Video ads are not exactly new to the industry. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Bing already offer their users advertising options through video, as well as the chance to host their videos on the platform. However, a sign that video will continue to dominate is the adoption of in-SERP advertising by Google. This is the surest sign one can get that users are now becoming more accepting of video ads. Videos are likely to continue popping up in the most unexpected of locations, especially considering Google owns YouTube, the biggest video platform online.

The internet of things

Another trend that has become popular but is yet to reach its full potential is the internet of things. Today, it is difficult to find a device that is not connected to the internet. The travel and hospitality industry used a case study provides useful insight. Research shows that up to 70 percent of companies in this sector use apps to track and engage their customers. Even then, this industry leader in the use of the internet of things only has 14 percent of its participants using location based sensors, and 14 percent using product based sensors. Judging from these numbers, businesses have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the possibilities provided by the internet of things.


App indexing has been available for quite some time now on Google. Ranking possibilities for apps have become more complex, though, making the app platform important when it comes to online visibility. Utah SEO companies have always sold the benefits of a mobile optimized site, but these are slowly being replaced by apps. They offer everything the website does, except they do this in an innovative and intuitive way, with the benefits of convenience and accessibility. This is not to say that Apps will completely replace websites in the next few months, but they will play a much larger role in internet marketing and visibility.


There is no questioning the usefulness of data in an advertising campaign. However, every online marketing company will likely stress the advantage that comes from having someone who can break down the big data into useful information. Even though data scientists are highly respected in the industry, the past few years have seen data scientist jobs only available in companies with deep pockets. Today, the candidate pool for these jobs is rapidly growing, with more courses offered and more companies looking to hire. He next few months will likely see more data scientists hired even by the smaller and mid-sized companies.

A world that is constantly changing requires one to evolve with it or be labelled irrelevant. Keeping up with these trends will not only maintain online visibility but will give the business an edge among competitors.


Stephanie M. Clarke is a respected Utah SEO expert. She has extensive experience working with the industry’s leading companies and managing online marketing campaigns for successful startups. She also runs her own blog and offers advice to beginners.


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