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Tungsten Rings Are the Latest Craze as a Wedding Ornament

Wedding jewelry is redefined with the introduction of tungsten. This metal stays polished permanently, is highly durable, and affordable. These qualities have prompted the new generation to switch over to this metal instead of the more conventional gold or silver. An increasing number of brides and grooms are opting for tungsten rings and bands. Three varieties of this metal: white, black, and classic grey are crafted into jewelry.

The increased use of tungsten in making jewelry, especially wedding rings and bands is taking place because of certain intrinsic properties. These properties are because of its position in the Periodic table. It belongs to Chromium group of transition metals.

Properties of tungsten

Tungsten on its own is not extremely hard or scratch-proof, but becomes so when combined with carbon. This metal melts at approximately 3422°C and is thus very stable under normal conditions. Though hard, it is prone to scratches like any other hard metal like steel or titanium. Tungsten when combined with carbon forms tungsten carbide compound with hardness of 8.5 – 9.5 Mohs. This hardness is double that of steel and four times that of titanium. Due to its hardness tungsten is traditionally used in mining machineries, cutting tools, and engine nozzles of rocket engines.

In case of tungsten bands or rings this hardness makes it totally safe for daily use. Even if worn daily the metal does neither tarnish nor scratch. For busy people it is botheration to remove and wear a ring for protecting it against spoiling. Naturally tungsten carbide is light grey in color and resembles steel very closely. When polished it shines brilliantly and with a coating of finish its grayish tinge becomes more pronounced.

Tungsten as an ornamental metal

In addition to the inherent qualities of hardness and durability, certain modifications are made to this metal to make it more suitable as an ornamental metal. Latest tungsten wedding bands guide would provide a fair idea about these modifications. White tungsten and black tungsten are modifications for ornamental types. Tungsten bands are often inlaid with gold, silver, or even precious stones like diamond or sapphire to make exquisite wedding jewelry.

  • White tungsten – White tungsten is a modification of classic gray tungsten with coating of platinum group of metal. This offers a lustrous shine and a bright white appearance which lasts for years in spite of regular use. Though this coating diminishes tungsten’s scratch proof quality as compared to classical gray type, it is harder than usual ornamental metals like silver, gold or copper. Young brides and grooms prefer this for its platinum like appearance.
  • Black tungsten – Black tungsten band is obtained by exposing natural gray tungsten to PVD (physical vapor deposition) process. In this process, layers of black color are deposited on a classic gray tungsten piece subjected to high temperature and in an evacuated environment. It assumes the color of onyx characterized by a lustrous shine.

Both white and black varieties have low surface friction and high wearing resistance making them perfect for uninterrupted use. They are scratch proof under daily working conditions.

Buying tungsten bands and rings

You could refer to CEfashion.net guide on tungsten rings for buying an ornament of your choice. Websites offer complete guidance to these finely designed rings and bands meant for both ladies and gentlemen. The choice is varied and you could select among designer rings, laser engraved rings, tungsten and carbon fiber rings, gold inlay rings, diamond inlaid tungsten rings and so on. Each item is aptly described so that buyers are totally informed. Items are priced competitively and orders executed as per your instructions.

About the author – Ben Houghton is a metallurgist also having interest in e-commerce. He works as a consultant to leading jewelers in areas of product development and online sales.


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