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Types of Coin Collecting Supplies

If you are an avid coin collector, whether a beginner or advanced, then you must get the right supplies. Coins can be extremely fragile and delicate, so you have to make sure that you have the supplies to preserve your collection. This way, your coins will remain in their best and most pristine condition possible.

There are several coin collecting supplies that can aid you in your coin collecting journey.  Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose from a variety of supplies for your collection.

Storage Supplies 

There are many coin collecting supplies that can be used to store your collection. A good starter would be coin folders or albums, which are inexpensive yet functional for displaying your coins.

Coin albums are similar to photo albums and consist of several slots for you to insert your coins and view them. The most basic albums only allow you to see one side of the coin, but more advanced versions will enable you to see both sides.

Coin flips are also inexpensive options for coin collecting supplies. They are typically mylar plastic pockets that can be folded and used to store a single coin. Usually, an insert is placed together with the coin inside the pocket to identify the coin. Coin flips are useful in that it makes it easy to inspect the coin with a magnifying lens, as there is no glare.

If you prefer storing a large number of coins in one place, you can opt for a coin tube instead. Coin tubes are sturdy and airtight plastic cylinders that you can use to store many coins at a time. They typically come in sizes that fit the circumference of coins and can thus be used for storage for a long time.

Cleaning and Handling Supplies 

There are several supplies that you can use to handle your coin collection properly. First, gloves and soft pads are essential in managing your coins. Using cotton or powder-free latex gloves will prevent oils and acids from contaminating the surface of your coins.

Likewise, a soft cotton pad will help protect your coins from damage or breakage. In case you need to clean your coins, you can also use a soft cloth to wipe it carefully.

If you prefer not to use your hands to handle your coins directly, you can also get coin tongs or tweezers to do the job. When using such tools, you should take the coins by the rim rather than the face. This way, you can prevent any possible damage to the face of the coin.

Magnifiers and lights are also useful coin collecting supplies to have on hand. If you are a beginner, you can opt to get a hand-held lens with a magnification power ranging from 2X to 6X. For more in-depth inspection, you can choose a stronger lens or a jeweler’s loupe with a magnification power of 10X or more. Some loupes can go up to 60X magnification to see the finest and most intricate details.

Coin collecting is becoming increasingly popular because, coins, regardless of the period and passage of time, retain their value. Whether you start this hobby for leisure or passion, you will need to get the right supplies to keep your coins in their best condition. Having the right supplies will ensure that your collection stays immaculate even after a long time.


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