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Valentine day and Shiv Sena attacks

I was truly expecting that some news will come out of attack by some religious groups on youth on Valentine Day, which they consider as against-religion activity, for the stupid reasons. Recent attack on Mangalore Pub by Sri Ram Sena was an example of it.

Now was the turn of Shiv Sena, followers of Bal Thakre. Few activists of Shiv sena went on terrorizing youth, at some places beating and threatening and spoiling their valentine day.

In Peshwe Park in Pune, some Shiv Sena members located a couple sitting there and beat up a youth and ran after another couple.

Interestingly enough, girl from the couple raised her voice against these activists and threw their flag telling that they have no authenticity to interrupt them. This evoked the activists  and as a result the boy was beaten up.

Another shameful incident happened in same city of Pune, where a couple of forcibly were made to garland each other like they were getting married. This is truly worst humiliating on earth. This incident is said to have happened at Chowpatty in Pune where an area called ‘Love Point’ is also located. It is also said that some Shiv sena activists also chased few young couples. Anti-lover rally it seems to me.

And an interesting thing here to note is that, after the recent attack by Sri Ram sena in Mangalore, MP of Shiv Sena Mr. Sanjay Raut had told to media that they won’t do what Ram Sena did in Mangalore. That was big bluff. They did just the same thing on a different day at a different place.

I wonder, why such activists, let it be from any religious group, take actions only on such beautiful days?

Are they taught to hate something which is good by considering as against-Hinduism?

I wonder, if such activists had lived during the time of Lord Krishna, they surely would have protested and interrupted Krishna’s Ras-Lila (dance with Gopis)!!

On other days than Valentine Day, they remain speechless for various issues such as water problems, traffic problems, road accidents, cows on roads, limited number of buses for students coming from village, cleanliness in city and such other issues. Don’t they come into their syallabus or what?

I’ve a question:

Why only non educated or low educated people are members of such groups?


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