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Wear your helmet

In 2007, Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi brought the strict rule of wear helmet. I have been driving a motor-bike for few years now.

I never even thought of wearing a helmet. But this strict rule made me wear it. At first, it sounded little awkward. But I got used to it later.

In the initial phase, traffic police was very strict. They used to stop every passing by vehicle if the rider has no helmet and would charge a fine. But with the passage of time, everything settled down and it came back to normal(!). Now very few people wear helmets. I don’t.

Just before few months, I was riding my bike in a highly traffic area in my city Rajkot. I was stopped by a traffic police. I knew at the very moment that fine is a must now. He asked me to show my license, which I showed. Then he asked me “where is your helmet?”. To which I said “Do you see anybody here wearing a helmet? Then why asking me specially?”

But experiences tell me that, it’s always useless arguing with a government officer, no matter which department. He threatened me to detain my bike if I don’t pay the fine. So I had to pay fine and leaving that place with great agony in my heart!

Nevermind. I received an email from a friend, which contained few photographs describing an accident on a highway.

It contained some outrageous photographs. A motorcyclist was traveling at 120 mph and ran into the back of the moving semi-truck.

Truck driver said he felt the impact, and it took almost a 1/4 mile for him to pull over.

Watch the video to know what really happened then after. Turn ON your speaker too, it has a touching music.

Moral of the story is, Wear the helmet.


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