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Whom To Blame?

Is she an object of desire?
Is she anything to give pleasure to others?
Is she a mere means for reproduction?
Is she meant to run family doing job and doing household chores?
Is she a scavenger meant to satiate sex desire of men and keep the society clean from the rapists?
It’s truly said “Nari ek , roop anek!! “ . It’s sad to see this multi facet Nari go through such torture.

If you actually see the complete eco system for the role of women in our society you will understand what a pity state we have reached and the question is whom we should blame for taking society to this level?

It is shameful to see rapes and gang-rapes almost daily in news. Have we ever given a thought why men indulge in such things when we have such tough laws against this heinous crime? Is it their low consciousness? Or, is it no-fear and no-guilt attitude? Reason could be anything but even the strict punishment like Hanged till Death is showing no improvement in reducing this crime. Law, Government, Police, Administration whom to blame?

Worst thing is that incidents with women have stirred further fear in people and they are fearful if they have girl child. Already in India, female feticide is so rampant. Now, with rapes we can expect increase in this crime also. Women themselves are scared of having a female child.

Earlier it was for getting male child people used to kill the female fetus but now fear of girls protection is leading to the same crime. Now, whom to blame? Male-dominant society? Or, Culture? Or, Women?

One thing leads to the other and when you go on to control one aspect, the other goes out of control. Pain point is when we try to empower women by giving them education and job so that they become self dependent unfortunately exploitation begins. When they go out of the house for getting good exposure they are also exposed to negative circumstances. Whom to blame for this?

Is it the woman who wants to become self dependent should be held responsible or the people who exploit? The whole system of personal and professional life becomes such that it is always the woman who suffers at the end. If she chooses to stay back at home or she chooses to go out and soar like an eagle in her career.

When woman gets harassed at home she feels the acute need of educating her daughter and herself. For which she has to send her daughter out and when the education and exposure given to girls is same as boys then girls also leave no stone unturned to prove their self worth in career. But when a girl is harassed in school, office, public transport even if she tries to fight back in her conscience she becomes aware of the danger zone. This leads the women who are modern and educated but wish to have only sons when they are expecting. Fear of harassment makes her think skeptically about having a daughter.

This somewhere leads to hidden crime of female feticide. Now, on an individual level one might think it is a corrective measure to solve the problem of protecting a girl child but long term loss is we loose on the male – female ratio. The number of male is more than females. This further leads to kidnapping of young teenage girls who are sold to the people who are into the business of prostitution. Story does not stop here, the government takes legal action to free the trapped girls who work like scavengers to satiate sexual monsters. This shoots up the rape figure in society.

The rape victims who are socially condemned and have to go through a moral depression again demoralizes the females in society. It also impacts the thought process. On one hand we are empowering women on the other hand we become skeptical about the safety of women in the family. This affects the ecosystem of the safety, lifecycle and lifestyle of the female in our society. When we try to bring one issue in control it creates another issue.

When corrective measures are failing and instead of solving problem creating problems then we all should understand that the problem is at the consciousness level of human being and the consciousness of society needs to be transformed. Transformation on the soul level is the need of the hour. Unless all the genders and society system realize it and work towards the uplifting the consciousness all other rules, laws and measures would fail badly. Also the moral science and religious institution has also failed in saving the females. Effective transformation can only be expected with the consciousness transformation.

We all have to consciously work towards it and should organize mass meetings for this transformation. Find out different methods to uplift the consciousness only then we can see a transformed society where uniqueness of gender will be appreciated and no one will be harassed mentally or physically. Give it a thought you might get beautiful ideas for the transformation of the masses. Group prayers and Group meditation can help to catalyze this process. When we all can unite and fight against corruption then we all can unite and uplift our consciousness also and actually help each other to make it a transformed and safe society for all.

Female Ecology in our Society
Female Ecology in our Society


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2 thoughts on “Whom To Blame?

  1. Jigar Patel says:

    Good article. Important subject. Well written.

    Here is my 2 cents:

    I very much agree that before everything else, soul transformation is must within individuals. However, i also strongly believe that those transformed already should be taking initiative in bringing transformations into others. For instance, i know that i would never rape a woman or would not do something to hurt the dignity of a woman, however, what have i personally done to ensure the protection/security/betterment of women? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    So being a good soul isn’t enough. This reminds me of current PM of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s statement that i even hate to repeat. He said that he ‘himself’ has never been involved in corruption. He ‘himself’ has not been part of any scandal, thus, should be left alone from criticism. So he is a good/clean soul. But being good yourself isn’t enough if you let things slip under the carpet under your watch. It is still criminal to see bad things happen and not do anything about it, even if you are not directly involve in doing it.

    Lots of people say that they would never kill their child just because she is a female. But i wonder what they would say if i were to ask them what would they do if they found out that their relative/neighbor/friend/sister or anyone else was going to do so? Probably nothing. And that’s a big problem with our society. We should therefore blame ourselves!

    Remember,… rapists on their own will never one day wake up to be a transformed soul, it is the duty of the already transformed lot to bring changes to the society. Even if i am not going to kill my daughter just because she is a ‘daughter’, i should also ensure that no one i know kills his/her daughter–and if they do, i better bring them to justice.


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