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Animals & Humans. In Real, Who Is Attacking Whom?

Lion attacks on humans on the rise Times of India Dated Mar 10, 2011, Leopard kills child in Junagadh Times of India dated Mar 2, 2011. 2 leopard attacks in three days Times of India dated Mar 9, 2011. Elephant attacks local market in Orissa, 20 injured NDTV dated November 1, 2010. These are few headlines from our daily news. There are more. And each day minimum one news related to this issue.

You must be wondering that why I am sharing these links here. But have you noticed that these kind of news are getting normal day by day. Even we don’t give much importance to these news. It is normal routine news for us. But have you thought that why these kind of incidents are happening? Well, it’s because we are entering in their natural habitat. And when they attack on humans we think that wild animals are attacking on humans. But it’s contradictory. We are capturing their natural habitat. They also need space for their life. They are not attacking on our home. But they are trying to save their natural habitat. They are not coming out from forest for hunting. We have captured their forest and they are coming out from forest for food
which is available to them very easily. What will you do if a stranger try to capture your home??

Tiger Population Map

Tiger Population Map

There was a day that Tiger was living in each part of India. Tiger was living from South India to Afghanistan. Hunting tigers was sport in past and it was royal kind of sport. At least 57,000 tigers were killed for bounties between 1875 and 1925. But current situation is totally different. Right now only 1,411 (approx) tiger left in whole India. Now think that who is capturing the habitat. Humans or wild animals?

Same issue with Elephants. Elephants were killed for their tusks. And now elephants has become endangered species. Same issue with Asiatic lions. Like other animals, birds, and insects, even trees too. We are so busy with our progress. We are destroying forest for farming and industrial infrastructure.

Today Indian population is nearly 1.21 billion and still increasing. That’s why we need more land for our home, farm and industries.Ill legal mining also causing damage to forest. And for that we destroy the forest and capturing the forest and wild animals are keep attacking to protect their home. And it cause conflicts between humans and animals.

Our life has become so busy we are keep running for individual success. But we don’t even look at them and think of them. They have rights to live on this earth. They are equally entitled of this earth. We must not forget that every life has right to live on earth.

We are keep working on “Project tiger” and some other environmental projects to save nature and save animals. And these kind of projects is due to all of damaging and capturing environment. Cause we are not looking at them. There are small amount of people who works on these kind of projects. But these kind of issue needs attention of all humans then after we can make deference.

So from now when ever you read news that “Tiger has attack on so and so village”. First don’t blame them and think that who is capturing whose house. Are we capturing their house or they are capturing is our house??

My point is give them space as much we need space for our life. It’s not only about the tigers, lions and elephants. It’s about all species who are living around us and who are a part of our life. But we don’t even look at them. They has become only part of news and TV shows. And we are portraying them as bad animals. But look at us we are more bad than them. We are spoiling everything for our self only. They don’t have language to speak about. So they are opposing by own their way.

At last my message. “Live life and let other live”


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2 thoughts on “Animals & Humans. In Real, Who Is Attacking Whom?

  1. Kunjal says:

    The most touching thought is “give them space as much we need space for our life.” – wonderful

  2. Maggi says:

    by killing animals, we are breaking chain of the life cycle. if 1 chain breaks, it will affect every living ones. Seems like, men develop many things, but destroy everything.

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