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Learn Astrology for Self Empowerment

Osho shivo

Shivo has just challenged all the astrologers in the world, where he claims that Energy Matrix Astrology, an astrological method invented by him, is far more effective than Vedic and Western Astrological methods. You can know more about this challenge at the Facebook page- “Global Astrological Challenge” http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Global-Astrology-Challenge/117152614974408?ref=ts . You can also join his facebook profile by name “Astrologer Shivo” http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=100001103410829&v=wall

Shivo is an inspirational astrologer and carries the mission of turning astrology into the tool for making right choices in the current chaotic environment. He is the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, which provides unparalleled accuracy to astrological predictions.He is also making immense efforts to popularize the scientific dimension of astrology and hence making it free from the fear psychosis and superstitions. Shivo is also an astrology coach with unique teaching methods, which unravels the complex mysteries of astrology in simple, interesting and practical manner.


Hrushikesh:  I got surprised when I Googled the word ‘Astrology’, seven out of ten search results came out with negative feedback especially from scientists and upper class. So what made you believe that by learning astrology one can empower himself, when the subject of Astrology itself has been surrounded by many allegations and negative approaches?

Osho Shivo:  Ya it is true that most of the people with logical mind set has an aversion for astrology. And this is true not just for astrology but for all the mystical and spiritual subjects. In my understanding, this is the class which has a set pattern of living, as their life seem to be more in control. Now compare his life to a person who is adventurous and creative, who wants to explore new horizons all the time, he is more likely to experience the mysteries and hence gets overwhelmed with life. Such a person is aware that life is much bigger than him and he cant control it and hence he believes in astrology. So, I would say, more the person faces challenging circumstances, more he is likely to believe in astrology and astrology certainly empowers him by providing a structure to understand life and make right choices.

Hrushikesh: Now, even those who believe in astrology have a typical question “Why learn Astrology when there are astrologers almost in every lane of the city?” My father too asked this question, when I told him about my plans to learn Astrology.

Osho Shivo: In my experience, astrology is a self development tool and no one can understand your own horoscope better than you. Your horoscope is a deep mystery, and you can go deeper into it as the life unfolds. The way you can analyze your own horoscope is so deep and vast that even the best astrologer in the world cant do that. Why? Because as the events unfold, and when you look at that within the context of your horoscope, you derive much deeper meaning of your own life. Now, no astrologer can do that, as only you are aware what exactly is going on within you in terms of your feeling and how you are relating with that event.  Astrologer can predict events to certain accuracy, but when you yourself know astrology, every event becomes a pointer to your own life path, and with every event your own purpose of life become more and more clear. If you go to an astrologer, (and if he is very competent and compassionate), he can help you make the right choices. But we have choices to make every day and how often can you go to him? If I look at your own case, you met so many astrologers and then you finally decided to learn astrology. In fact, I should be asking you this question “Why did you decide to learn astrology, when you had already gone to so many astrologers?”

Hrushikesh:  Sure. The case was especially about my brother’s marriage. Over the past three years, we had been going to different astrologer every time to sort out the problems about his marriage. Every time we would get the most common answer which I am sure most of the readers must have experienced, and the answer would be, “Next 6 months and he would be married.” And this way my family has spend last three years and have done numerous pujas and donations but all in vain. And finally I decided to stop all this and take the charge. However, my main concern in learning astrology was –  Today’s lives are all hustle and bustle. We can hardly manage to spare some time for our hobbies. Every person’s including me; assumption was that Astrology requires at least 3-4 years to learn. So I had a serious doubt about – How much of Astrology would be delivered by you since you cover the whole subject in just eight days and how PRACTICAL your teaching would be when you told me that students would be given notes of just Five pages. But the outcome of the class was beyond everybody’s expectations. The biggest pleasant shock was that we had covered Vedic Astrology in just two days and at the end of the second day, we all students had started reading Horoscopes with above 50% accuracy.

Osho Shivo:  You have just narrated the experience of common man, who keep wandering to astrologers in the hope of right guidance and what he gets is the state of utter confusion. I realized that there is a lot of darkness in this area, which is supposed to be the light of God (this is the literal meaning of Jyotish), Hence I decided to teach astrology, so that people can learn and understand their own lives, instead of handing it over to someone, who is anyways reading horoscopes keeping his own self interest in mind. Only a person of deep compassion can give right guidance and how often you meet such astrologers? Most of them have their own selfish agendas to fulfill, such as selling pujas, stones, yantras etc. Hence they misguide very often either because their knowledge of astrology is very poor or because they have their own selfish interests hiding behind.

There is another mis conception in masses that astrology takes many years to learn. In fact, I have met people telling me that they are learning astrology for 5-10 yrs and still they have not learnt. Same people come to my workshop for 2 days they tell me that they have learnt and they begin to analyze horoscopes. I am very sorry to say that astrology is being taught in very outdated fashion and no one can ever learn astrology this way, even if he spend his whole life doing so. I am able to teach astrology in two days because I apply deep intelligence in teaching and I give them the tool to interpret planetary combination. Traditional way of teaching is to spoon feed the meanings of planetary combination and that is why they spend years in memorizing and still they cant, because there are millions of such possible combination. On the other hand, I explain the meanings of planets, houses and zodiacs and then teach my students intelligently, so that they can understand the technique of analyzing a planetary combination, which they can apply to any possible planetary combination. If I explain it another way, The traditional method of teaching is to force students to memorize the multiplication tables (Lets say from 1 to 1000), but my approach is to teach them the technique of multiplication itself.

Hrushikesh:  Very true. All astrologers who saw my brother’s horoscope were not able to see the problem in his horoscope. They were saying that there was absolutely no problem in his horoscope. After we finished the second step of Solar Progression, I realized why those astrologers were not able to SEE the problem. In Solar Progression, we learnt how the transit of planets triggers the events in our lives ONLY Vedic Astrology Methods fails to see somehow. It was amazing to see the exact period in which particular events get triggered. So in that particular period, we can emphasis on our efforts or take the back seat to avert the problems.

Osho Shivo:  It is true that Vedic Astrology is not sufficient to make correct predictions. Energy Matrix Astrology goes far beyond in accuracy. I have been challenging vedic astrologers all over world with my claim that traditional Vedic Astrology is insufficient. Recently I challenged “Vic Dicara”, whom I consider as probably the best vedic astrologer in the world. (You can read our interaction on authentic astrology (vedic)- his facebook community). When I started the discussion on how vedic astrology is insufficient, he started to argue. But when I challenged him to test the accuracy of vedic astrology in comparison with Energy Matrix Astrology, he refused to take the challenge. I am sure he knows, how often vedic astrology fails to make correct predictions.

And, yes, even the level two of my course is very powerful, where I teach the western astrology’s solar progression, as well as the way to integrate that with vedic astrology. But level 3 is simply awesome, as I teach the most amazing karmik progression method, which is by far the most accurate method of predictions.

Hrushikesh: Sir, coming back to our theme of emPOWERment – From the Psychological point of view, when the word ‘power’ comes in, misuse, overuse or addiction normally follows. How to keep the balance between Intuition of Mind and Empowerment by Astrology in routine life? For example – I know a friend of mine who doesn’t entertain stock market at all when he sees his stars are not favorable.

Osho Shivo: You have asked a very good question, How to keep the balance between Intuition and knowledge. Basically such a paradox can always surface, when you use any knowledge. Since astrology is a very deep knowledge, this paradox can become even more acute, as people tend to depend on astrology. And I consider it a serious mistake, as astrology should be used only as a tool and not as a crutch. In the example of your friend, Energy Matrix Astrology does foresee the profit and loss days in stock market very accurately, hence wont it be wise to be away from market, when you may face setback? Or I would say, he can still go to the market, be aware and face the consequences and this will give him deep insights into life. So, the choice is totally on the one who is applying astrology about how he wants to apply it. Personally, I follow the second way, i.e., even of it is a very challenging day, I dont change my plans and live the difficulties with awareness and this gives me much more understanding of life. However, I leave the descretion of how to apply the astrology to the discretion of my students.

Hrushikesh:  Very true. But while using Astrology to empower our lives, shall we expect the events to turn out exactly the way it is being predicted? I see great confusion here since the Events don’t turn up as predicted by the astrologers and people come to easy and favorable conclusion that astrology doesn’t work. When I returned from your astrology course, my family asked me questions which all were related to Event outcomes. “Will this happen?” is always the most common question asked by people. But I don’t understand if I don’t put my efforts to achieve something, how will that event take place on its own and its fruit fall in my hands when I am sitting in the house?

Osho Shivo:  You have made a wonderful point Hrushikesh. We must understand one thing very very clearly that astrology predicts only the circumstances and never the final outcome. Final outcome always depends upon how that person handles it. That is why I always say that we are the masters of our own destiny and astrology is just a tool. Isnt it really empowering to know that we are not the puppets in the hand of planets?

Hrushikesh: Yes sir because when a person comes to know that his/her horoscope is ‘Difficult’, he/she may feel low. What I appreciated most about your approach to astrology, is that you never consider difficult horoscope as bad. Most common assumption in Astrology is that 6, 8 and 12th houses in Horoscope are always ‘Difficult’. But you told us that if a person’s conscious level is high, these houses CAN deliver positive results since awareness or consciousness is the answer for any problem we face in our lives. If, at the worst, these houses don’t deliver positive results, our biggest weapon, ‘Consciousness’ can take us so HIGH and definitely above the problems that at a certain point in life, we come to know that we are the masters.

Osho Shivo:  I have studied lots of horoscopes of successful and famous people. And I was amazed to discover that almost all the horoscopes were extremely difficult. For Example, Amitabh Bachchan has a very difficult horoscopes. And if you look at his life, he has faced such challenging circumstances. Hence I always say, difficult horoscope is an opportunity to raise your consciousness.

Hrushikesh: But Every science has its limitations. Astrology too must be having its share of Limitations. To deal with the inaccuracies of Vedic Astrology, you integrated it with Solar Progression and Karmic Progression. Do you think, Energy Matrix Astrology cna make correct predictions in every case. I am apprehensive, since Law Of Karma is the ultimate truth of the universe and its hard to see in to the future without considering a person’s Karmic Backlog?

Osho Shivo It is true that the study of vedic astrology left me very dissatisfied and that is why I kept searching for deeper astrology insights. And I consider myself very blessed that the insight of Energy Matrix astrology descended on me. I also realize that even though Energy Matrix is very accurate, it still cant predict everything. Law of Karma is the ultimate truth in terms of how this world functions. Every astrologer always have to check the karma backlog of a person, before making any predictions. This understanding is missing in Vedic Astrology, while Energy Matrix has a specific technique to check out the karma backlog.

Hrushikesh: Dear Shivoji, I wish to let you know that after attending your astrology course, huge changes have taken place in my life. Now I can cope up with my feelings pretty easily since I can see how my state of mind is in the current period, which section is activated and where I have to lean back as there can be a possibility of having difficult time in the near future. Today I feel much more in control and can sort out problems because now they are fewer in life since I know WHAT to take charge of and WHEN. Not just about my personal life but I can also guide my family members for their better future. I genuinely thank you for the efforts you have put in to the subject which is surrounded by black clouds but you have successfully taken the subject out in bright day light. Many confusions and wrong theories have been erased by you. I wish you good luck in your work and I hope you will brighten others lives as well.

Osho Shivo: Thank you so much Hrushikesh for using Astrology so powerfully. I consider it as a hallmark of your elevated consciousness. I am proud to have students like you. I am certain Energy Matrix Astrology will continue to become even more valuable in the hands of practitioners like you.

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