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Why successful people often have difficult horoscopes?


Osho Shivo is an inspirational astrologer and carries the mission of turning astrology into the tool for making right choices in the current chaotic environment. He is the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, which provides unparalleled accuracy to astrological predictions.He is also making immense efforts to popularize the scientific dimension of astrology and hence making it free from the fear psychosis and superstitions. Shivo is also an astrology coach with unique teaching methods, which unravels the complex mysteries of astrology in simple, interesting and practical manner. Currently he is conducting an online course on Energy Matrix Astrology. You can email him at thirdeyeastrology@gmail.com or call him at 093231 50873 for further info.

Shivo has just challenged all the astrologers in the world, where he claims that Energy Matrix Astrology, is far more effective than traditional Vedic and Western Astrological methods. You can know more about this challenge at the Facebook page- “Global Astrological Challenge” http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Global-Astrology-Challenge/117152614974408?ref=ts . You can also join his facebook profile by name “Astrologer Shivo” http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=100001103410829&v=wall


Sarvesh: If we happen to see the lives of the ‘rich & famous’, in most cases it appears that their lives are full of pain, struggle and emotional turmoils, yet they come out to be extremely successful in whatever they do. Say for example, Charlie Chaplin, Amitabh Bachhan, P.V Narsimha Rao etc. How would you explain this phenomenon from an astrological point of view?

Osho Shivo: Yes it is true that almost every successful person had a tough life. If we look at their horoscopes, we would find that they are quite tough. This is quite contrary to the general view that a good horoscope makes a person successful.

Sarvesh: So you say that even the BAD horoscopes end up giving a happy and successful life to them. Is there any extraordinary dimension that these people work through and end up being hugely successful, despite having very difficult horoscopes?

Osho Shivo: Well, there are two dimensions of life, which are beyond horoscope- The Consciousness and Karma Store. People of high consciousness will always gain strength from the eventualities, which many others will call unfortunate. Amitabh Bachchan gave a creative dimension to his anger, and he became famous as angry young man. A person with many planets in 8th house got to be angry, but the question is how does one expresses it. And it is the high consciousness, which enable person to give creative dimension even to the most challenging circumstances. Similarly if we look at the life of Frida Kahlo, the celebrated painter and national icon of Mexico, we would find extreme sadness and shocks. Such difficulties are natural for someone with many planets in 12th house. But her high consciousness caused her to give it a creative expression and she could paint the pain of woman to such an intensity and this made her so famous worldwide. So, we should know that astrology does not predict the outcome of events, it just predicts the circumstances in life. And high consciousness person will respond to difficult circumstances with deep intelligence and turn this into his own strengths, while the lower consciousness person will react to similar circumstances with anguish and hence make further mistakes.


Sarvesh: Beautifully explained. So I make out from this that there are two aspects – consciousness and karma store on one hand, and the horoscope on the other. And the former can overpower the effects of the latter. But a slight confusion could arise in the reader’s mind. Doesn’t the consciousness and the karmic store also get reflected in the horoscope? I mean doesn’t the horoscope determine whether the person would of high or low consciousness? Doesn’t the horoscope also reflect the karmic store of an individual? Kindly throw some light on this issue.

Osho Shivo: Horoscope has no connection with the consciousness. Horoscope is about the planets, while the consciousness is shiva, the lord of all the planets. Many times, high consciousness people are born to handle most difficult circumstances. Look at OSHO’s horoscope, it is extremely difficult and his whole life was filled with extremely challenging circumstances. But when such difficulties were handled with such a high consciousness, beautiful vision unraveled. About Karmik store, there is a major mis conception in astrology that a person with good karma will be born with a good horoscope,which originates from complete lack of understanding. Two children may be born at the same time, one in a rich household and another at the poor’s hut and both have a different karma store but the similar destiny. If it was true that good karma store person would be born with a good horoscope, than you would find mostly good horoscopes (financially) with those born to rich parents. So, someone may have a good karma store, but he may take birth with difficult horoscope, so as to handle his stored negative karma in his current life. That is why, very often we see that those with difficult horoscopes may be living better lives than those with good horoscopes. Hence it is a big mistake to derive the horoscope interpretations of horoscopes, unless one is able to check on the consciousness and karma store. Also, I must tell you that horoscope can be calibrated with reference to past events so as to take into account both these factors.

Sarvesh: Thanks shivoji for clearing that confusion! Thanks also because the reader would definitely feel inspired to know that they are not doomed to a miserable life just because the right planet is not present at the right place in their horoscopes. From what I have understood till now, the possible circumstances in our life are reflected in our horoscopes. But how we would react to those circumstances and what would we end up with, would be determined by our consciousness level. Is that right shivoji?

Osho Shivo: Yes it is true. The destiny is fixed at a given level of consciousness, but as consciousness evolves, the whole destiny also transforms. So, two practices are very important to live a powerful life, one is to consistently work on enhancing your consciousness and second consistently create value.

Sarvesh: Well, shivoji, you said that horoscope has no connection with consciousness. But isn’t it true that a really miserable and painful life also has a tremendous potential for expanding the consciousness by leaps and bounds. I mean if the horoscope is good and the life is going smooth, there are high chances that the consciousness will stagnate at a given level, but if the horoscope is challenging and full of difficulties, then there is every chance that the person may finally surrender internally and this in turn can take him to an entirely different level.

Osho Shivo: It is very true that the challenge of life inspires a person to go deep into the mysterious and spiritual dimension of life. That is why, I have often found that the people with difficult horoscopes have more chances of being alive, as the spirit thrives under difficult circumstances. I have very often found that the people with good horoscopes tend to become more unconscious, as there are hardly any challenges. You must have noticed, when you are faced with danger, how alive you feel. However, there are certain people, who get scared with challenges and get depressed. Hence it is not necessary that challenges will turn everyone into more alive ones.

Sarvesh: Exactly!. So we can say that we human beings can overcome the horoscope effects by just altering the consciousness levels. Is it just an accident that the consciousness level of a person increases? Since you said that consciousness is beyond the planets, astrology etc, WHAT exactly determines whether a person would be successful or not in raising his consciousness level? Also tell us in short, what a layman like me can do to raise his consciousness level and overcome the effects of a bad planetary position.

Osho Shivo: Yes, it is true. That is why, I always say that there are only two sets of possible remedies for astrological difficulties, first based on raising consciousness by way of self inquiry and understanding, pranayam, mediation and samadhi and second based on doing a good karma, create value and remaining away from any acts of destructing value. Difficulties are a must for consciousness to be enhanced. It is like, for a person to be trained as a fighter, difficult drills have to be designed. However, if the drills are too difficult, his confidence may also get shattered. Hence I would say challenges are good for a person to grow and become more intelligent and alive, as long as he can relate with challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Amitabh Bachchan

Sarvesh: Shivoji, I truly have no more questions to ask as you have explained the entire issue so clearly and precisely , that the reader would really appreciate your capability to inspire us amidst all the chaos. We can conclude that it is nor really about horoscope, but about our consciousness levels, which would determine the quality of our life.

Osho Shivo: Ya Sarvesh. I really feel that this understanding is a must for our nation to grow. We have remained slave in the hands of destiny for too long and used astrology as a crutch. And look at the result. The nation with so much faith in astrology and rituals have fallen so far behind the western nations, which almost have no faith in astrology. I sometimes feel, that misinterpretation of astrology has caused our nation’s downfall. I truly wish that astrology becomes truly the light of god (that is the literal meaning of jyotish, jyoti plus ish ) and guides us to our full potential.

Sarvesh: I too wish that this should happen some day. Thanks shivoji for explaining to us the importance of using astrology in our lives and also for clarifying the role of the consciousness level for overcoming the astrological problems.

Osho Shivo: Thank you Sarvesh for your insightful questions, which always provide me an opportunity to share breakthrough knowledge with my readers.


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7 thoughts on “Why successful people often have difficult horoscopes?

  1. sairaman says:

    wounderrful sir sir sir …………… i have ben baffled about this for past 27 yrs of hobby reading this subject difficult horoscopes big challenges and achievements advancements in materials things in life

    people do not question how beatiful is your wife but how rich you r you have many family connections however can have only one wife legally and have many caras bungalows and affairs rich food dress wordlycomforts

    as 8th difficulty is 3rd to six house winning competition loss to opponents 12th to 7th and it is 11th to 10th status 3 7 11 gama houses destructions 2 6 10 negatives gama money swinningstatus it isalso 11th of 4 8 12 4th properties 8th ancestral sudden gains 12thinvestments

    you can sleep sound 12th house be fresh for hours like that invest nicely and be happy about future for existan ceintheworld 1 5 0 self children 9th darma is total waste unless we loss self work hard no enjoyment no darma we cannot reach big heights in life


  2. Osho Shivo says:

    Thanks dear friend for your comments…

  3. Vinoth Kumar says:

    Dear Sir ,

    Thanks for the wonderful explanation, but i have a question one of my friend as per his horoscope was told that he would live up till 70+ but sadly he died recently at 63 becoz of cancer.Why is it so ? Is it becoz of his bad karmas in this life or something
    Moreover wat is ones destiny and how it is decided and how consiousness helps and is it also true that if one falls in to unconsiousness and with bad karma will change his destiny in the present life to a more deeper hell.

    1. sairaman says:

      Most dificult thing in astro is to predict the death time
      if known to everybody so easily nothing shall move in world

      so many combination given however nothing fits perfectly for all

      how many vips with wrong horsl. given so many wrong predictions in elections death accident sunamis etc etc……………….

      in a horoscope in manif jupiter with raghu mars in 6 8 12 in watery r watery signs death may be by accident if if they r in trines 1 5 9 to each other also accident possible jupiter jeeva karagha maras accidents andraghu marana karagha

      never imagine of bad ends of life it is definite cannot be avoided r postponed

      however job house health foreign travels etc etc if known it is a confidence faith and trust in life

      if known after 10 years u shall be wealthy sure u can be free mentally about present difficult financial conditions
      if u have benefics 2 6 10 or mesha simha danus unafflicted sure to be healthy and wealthy

      saturn close to jupiter venus mercury good job venus close to jupiter good wife jupiter close to mars good husband to ladies

      nadi rules more comfortable appealing and convincing acceptable

      somegood astrologer may avoid some dupacurs may cheat in name of pariharams etc

      pariharms in human form best moon mother old ladies sun govtfather jupiter teacher saturn labourers mercury business man venu ladies wife sister etc like this if we r able to please them get their hearty asiwards we shall be happy instead pumbing money in wealthy temple can not produce goodresults

      god can come only in human form through unknown persons also unexpected persons



  4. Rahul Wankhade says:

    Thank u very much sir. Today i hv got most of the answers what i m searching from last 7 years about ‘destiny, planetary effect, bad karma, etc’. Its really Osho’s bliss that today i hv got the opportunity to read the interview of Osho Shivo. Only such insight about astrology can prevent the misunderstanding and misconception which are frequent today about such a great science.
    I am always afraid about the bad positioning of planets in my horoscope as it results many difficulties, disappointment, successes and painful circumstances in my life which i am still facing now. But today i have got a new and transforming insight through your deep insight questioning as well as answering by Osho Shivo.
    I inspired a lot which i cant explain in words.
    I am speechless..!

    Would you please give me the contact details of Osho Shivo for personal guidance from him?

    Please post such inspirational and motivational posts regularly…!

  5. Mansi Bhagdeo says:

    Dear Rahul Wankhade,
    It is just sheer synchronicity that I came across your comment on this site today. I happen to be a student of his astrology class. You can add Osho Shivo as a friend on your fb and if you wish, you are welcome to add me too.
    Mansi Bhagdeo

  6. Mansi Bhagdeo says:

    Rahul, Shivo’s email id is thirdeyeastrology@gmail.com

    Hope this helps!!

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