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Bhadar Dam

Bhadar Dam, biggest dam of Saurashtra region in Gujarat state of India. It is located around 57 kms. from Rajkot city. It can be reached via State Transport Bus or personal vehicle only. It comes enroute to Vadiya and Sultanpur.

It is around 21 kms. away from Gondal city. You can read a signboard on left side of the road enroute to Gondal to Virpur. Bhadar Dam is the main source for drinking water for Rajkot city. Well, there are some special memories attached with Bhadar Dam.

I did my primary schooling in village Navagam, which is 4 kms. away from Bhadar Dam. Our farm was just few meters away from Bhadar Dam. I used to visit our farm regularly even when I was a child. My dad used to take me along with him in his scooter. And from there, I couldn’t resist myself from visiting Bhadar Dam. At that time, it was an ocean for me.

I remember, when I grew up and was studying in 7th standard, me and my friends used to visit it on our bicycles on Sundays. Nothing was used to be preplanned then, it was all spontaneous. Simple logic was to roam around in the lap of nature. Bhadar Dam has a very beautiful place of attraction. There is this temple of Lord Shiva, popularly known as ‘Ghanghleshwar‘. It is situated on a nearby hill which is very well taken care by Bapu. Bapu is a word given to saint who lives and manages Ghanghleshwar.


He has worked hard for making Ghanghleshwar a place to visit. He has created a very beautiful garden on the hill itself, which has Mango tress, Banana tress, other fruit tress, flowers and other big tress. There is also a small children-park. A small guest-house is also available for outstation visitors who want to stay overnight. And above all, temple of Lord Shiva. I remember, when I was a child, there was only this temple and few trees. But now, he has built other temples too. Water facility is 24 hours as this hill is situated just few meters from Bhadar Dam. We can have a very close look at Bhadar Dam from this hill.

During monsoon, Bhadar Dam overflows. So authority opens all doors of dam and lets excessive water flow out of dam. And it creates River Bhadar, which provides drinking water to many surrounding villages. Many farmers use water from river Bhadar for their crops. Upon clearance of water from Bhadar Dam, the road to hill gets blocked. Sometimes, we can not visit this hill for a week.

Bhadar Dam

When Dam overflows in monsoon, people from surrounding villages and cities do come to see it. It becomes like a tiny festival then. Temple gets full of visitors. People can bring food from home and can have it in garden of this temple. Bapu also makes ‘Alu-Paratha‘ for those who wants it. He charges some nominal amount for the same. Earlier, he used to give away this for free, but as visitors increased, now he gives for some nominal charges. I remember, whenever I used to meet Bapu on those childhood Sundays, I used to enjoy those Parathas very much. His Parathas are such that, you do not even need any vegetable with it. If it is taken with Curd, nothing else you would need.

Treelane to Bhadar Dam

Bapu is extremely energetic. He walks so fast that I used to run with him and still couldn’t get into his line. He remains vital 24 hours a day. He wears nothing but a short cloth on his waist which goes down upto knees. He applies ashes all over his body. He is an interesting person to meet.

River Bhadar

Bhadar Dam truly is a beautiful place to visit.


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  1. neema says:

    Nature always gives us message to live pure,, be pure & useful to others,,but v always spoil it,, save beautiful places of ur city ‘s beauty,,stop others to spoil it,, a beautiful video & superb music ,,this is the one of favourite places in rajkot,,gr8 to visit it again by this video , good work,, go ahead

    1. Keyur Patel says:

      Good, Very nice ,please post other Dam’s of saurastra

  2. Dr.Kishorchandra Vrajlal Vibhakar says:

    I Am very much pleased to see regarding our Bhadar dam,our farm and also mainly Ghanteshwar Temple.It is our second special place(1st one our Home At Navagam) For our family gathering. Again thanks For remebering my old Days at These Places.

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