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Glimpses of Encounter With Madhu Rye

Video of program ‘Encounter with Madhu Rye’

Madhu Rye

Madhu Rye (pen name of Madhusudan Vallabhdas Thaker) is a well known Gujarati author. He has written many Short Stories, Plays, Novels and Articles. He lives in USA.

Akila Banner

He recently visited INDIA and was in Rajkot. Akila – the leading daily evening Gujarati newspaper organized a program in his honour as ‘Encounter with Madhu Rye’, an interactive program with his readers.

Jay Vasavada

Jay Vasavada anchored the program with his vibrant style. Rajkot Municipal Commissioner Shri Dinesh Brahmbhatt, Deputy Commissioner Shri P.P. Vyas, Shri Nalin Zaveri adorned the program with their presence.

(L to R: Dinesh Brahmbhatt, Madhu-Rye, Nalin-Zaveri)

(L to R: Dinesh Brahmbhatt, Madhu-Rye, Nalin-Zaveri)

Rakshit Vasavada and Jwalant Chhaya performed a short standing play based on Madhu Rye’s one of the short stories.

(L to R: Rakshit Vasavada, Jwalant Chhaya)

(L to R: Rakshit Vasavada, Jwalant Chhaya)

‘Encounter with Madhu Rye’ was attended by at least 200 lovers of Gujarati literature. Shri P. P. Vyas did reading of Madhu Rye’s one of the creations. In the above video, you will be able to watch this interesting reading by him. Unfortunately, due to camera battery issue, only a bit of Madhu Rye’s presence on stage is covered. But it’s always better to have glimpses sometimes instead of nothing at all.

Dinesh Brahmbhatt Honoring Madhu Rye

Dinesh Brahmbhatt Honoring Madhu Rye

To know more about Madhu Rye, you can visit his website: http://madhurye.net/


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  1. Thanks Devangbhai. It’s a pleasure to go through this encounter.

    1. My pleasure Panchambhai.

  2. nilam doshi says:

    thanks devangbhai… nice article abt madhu ray…

  3. Harnish Jani says:

    Nice-Video-Wish you had back up Battery-I was curious for what Madhu rye has to say-Still like you said something is better than nothing- Good clear videography as always-Next time please try to take a shot of audience-We , in forign land love to see our people. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Devang…for refreshing our memories too!

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