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From Enlightenment To Being An Atheist

From enlightenment to being an Atheist.I know it sounds weird but this is the truth of my life.Atheism is what I am experiencing from past few days.After 10 months of ecstatic enlightenment phase just few days back I got this realization/understanding/enlightenment- part ii that there is NO GOD.

This understanding dawned upon me when I was in deep meditation and was with “AUM” (which is also known as heart beat of the cosmos).

I realized the truth that God word relates to an identity that we want to relate to. It is the invention of human mind.There exists nothing called “God”. I agree to the existence of souls and supreme souls based on my experience of past life regression sessions and meditation. I have realized that Krishna,Ram,Jesus,Buddha they all are supreme souls they are also on a journey like us but they are not the ultimate destination “God”. It’s just that they are ahead of us in this journey but they are not God for sure.They all are supreme souls who work as our guides.God is a term that we humans have crafted. What I understand further is that we should not treat these supreme souls like God and make them un attainable and unachievable instead we should idealize them and try to learn from their life experiences.Take them as mentors if required in your journey.

Next I would like to take you through the journey that I experienced in this life where I enjoyed a peaceful childhood and then after completing studies when I entered job I realized how chaotic my life is as I desire more and then after achieving what I desire I go on to chase more and more. I was living this life till few events happened which completely shook me and made me think and re figure out things that where I am heading towards.These events made me completely distracted from the materialistic life. Fortunately at the same time I met my Guru who introduced meditation to me and after meditating for 1.5 years and PLR(past life regression sessions) and by the blessings of the supreme soul Krishna I was able to cleanse and de-condition all the conditioning and blocks that I had. I wont say all but in my knowledge most of the blocks got cleansed.I got connected to “Aum” and got enlightened.After few months I again realized that enlightenment is not the zenith. There is more to it. There is a process which exists. There is a cycle that is being followed. Enlightenment is just one state of that cycle. The cycle is “Ego-Enlightenment-Ego”. In past 10 months I went though this cycle many times. Now just few days back another dimension got added which is atheism. I realize cycle is not “Ego- Enlightenment-Ego”.

But it is “Ego-Enlightenment-Atheism” . Right now I am at stage 3. I am an atheist. I don’t know whether I would get back to other two stages or I would remain at this or I would get new realization a new state or a new path. That time will tell. As of now I believe in three things based on my experience-
# meditation is the best gift to mankind shown by Buddha and Osho
#Souls and supreme souls exist.
# AUM is the life of this cosmos and it makes everything alive. If you are immersed in AUM you are on the right track. Aum is the life. Aum is the divine or God if you wish to say.But I would suggest not to call it God as God is strictly identity and anything which mind tried to give identity will create conditioning and which will keep you away from AUM. Better you detach yourself from the identity called “God” to get closer to AUM.

Once you are deconditioned from all the negativeness , conditionings and evil you are bound to decondition yourself from from good,divine and God. Because after enlightenment nothing exists neither bad nor good and neither evil nor divine. So after getting rid of all the negatives if one gets enlightenment then it is obvious to get deconditioned of all the goods and divine and God also. As when there is no black there is no white. That’s why when I got over of all the negatives and got enlightened then I got over of divine also. When there is no evil then what is the need of divine? May be that’s why I am experiencing this state of “Atheism”. Where I realized no need of divine. AUM is enough to keep me alive and make me feel that Life exists.I don’t need any God. Although since I got the help of the supreme souls in my journey so I believe that they are our mentor but they are not God.

After reaching this state I am experiencing life fearlessly , without any beliefs and preconceived notions of Evil or God.I can feel the power and fearlessness within my soul.I feel there is no divine which is making things easy for me or there is no evil which is making things difficult for me.It is my souls journey and it is my responsibility to own the actions and the consequences.I feel there is no one to blame to and there is no one to pray to for making things easier.Only when we are stuck we can seek for guidance from these supreme souls or get inspiration from their life’s if required.Now at this stage I decide to do things best in interest of this planet earth,humanity,nature and it should be aligned with cosmic intelligence.I feel this atheist stage is actually enlightenment part ii . As I am not going to become a preacher or Guru instead I would love to be in action doing things for the people and simultaneously updating them with my articles about where my journey has reached. This was was one full circle which I have lived in past 2 and a half years.

I don’t know about my further journey and whether I will get next level of realization or not. But could not stop myself from sharing this full circle of my life where I evolved from a chaotic life to an enlightened one and now from enlightened life to an atheist life where I own responsibility of everything and feel the powerful and fearless state within my soul.


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15 thoughts on “From Enlightenment To Being An Atheist

  1. Osho Shivo says:

    wow.. such a powerful sharing Richa…

    1. Richa says:

      Thank you for the blessings Shivo…..
      And thanks for appreciation!!

  2. Richa, one sentence that caught my eye & mind straight away is “After reaching this state I am experiencing life fearlessly”. And one word in this sentence bubbled up at top is “fearlessly”.

    I do mediate sometimes, and at that time I often wonder about this thought that “how beautiful the world will become if there is no fear at all, of any kind, in our mind!” But reality is that life is always full of fears. I am talking about myself. Fear of this and that. I am just assuming that how blissful you would be feeling having no fear at all. I bet that even one such fearless moment would be an experience of life-time.

    Mediate even deeper and share the experiences that you go through in real. I have so far read “thoughts” of people on enlightenment. First time, reading someone’s “experiences” rather than just thoughts. It inspires. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Richa says:

      Thank You Devang !!!

      I will definitely share my journey ahead…
      As you know I am a common gal and just by the right guidance on this path I am realizing the Truth and feel sharing gives multiple dimensions to our experiences. So will share it.
      Thanks again for giving this platform to many people like me …


  3. Jigar Patel says:

    Richa — First of all, thanks for sharing your experience.

    I find your below lines contradicting.

    As per you…”There exists nothing called “God”. I agree to the existence of souls and supreme souls… I have realized that Krishna,Ram,Jesus,Buddha they all are supreme souls … but they are not the ultimate destination “God”. It’s just that they are ahead of us in this journey but they are not God for sure.”

    My question is: If there is nothing called ‘God’, then why do you say Krishna, Jesus, Buddha..etc are NOT ‘God? Clearly, you have a definition in mind of what God is and these big names do not fit in that definition. What is that definition? You call them ‘Supreme souls’ and others refer to these same Supreme souls as God. How do both differ?

    Also, Considering that you do believe in spirituality and soul and supreme soul..etc..it seems that UNLIKE most of the Atheist, the reason why you don’t believe in God is not because of your stronger belief in science but you don’t agree with the definition of God (Which is not same as being an Atheist).

    Not sure if i could make my questions clear enough but will appreciate if anyone can help me clear my doubts.


    1. Richa says:

      Hi Jagan,

      First of all I would like to thank you for reading this article and then quoting such a wonderful question.Below is my reply-
      When I mentioned that Jesus,Buddha,Krishna are supreme souls and not God. I didn’t mean that Supreme Soul is God and it is the highest rank or designation. For me if you are on spiritual journey and if you takes multifolds of quantum leaps in your consciousness then even you have the possibility of becoming supreme soul. Infact every soul has the possibilty of becoming supreme soul. We all are on the same Journey…
      By using word atheist I mean that I do not believe in God as an entity which is controlling our lives… In this world people normally give responsibility of their karmas to God which in actuality they should own the reponsibility themselves… So I do not believe in the functioning of the God as well and as he has been perceived by many fellow travellers in this world…
      In my opinion I am not in the lot of people who use the name of God as per their convenience like ” Bhagwan ki icchha ke aage hum kya kar sakte hain” by saying this they will get away from owning the reponsibility of their duties….
      From this perspective I am an atheist currently… I don’t know about my further journey right now… Once I explore something new I would definitly share..

      1. Jigar Patel says:

        Thanks Richa for your detailed explanation. I think i do understand your points better now than before. It will be interesting to get updates from you on your journey as you further explore.

        Although, I’m not a passionate believer of God, I also don’t want to not believe in God’s existence. I never blame god for my failures and neither do i ask from god for more than i can achieve myself. But i have hard time imaging this world without temples, without believers of god, and to be honest without fear. I like to believe that there is someone called god who knows everything about me and i cannot deceive him. For me god is someone who has put in place standards of human behavior; standards of what could be considered sin or virtue, right vs wrong. If i were to believe that there is no such thing as god and i have nothing to be fearful other than myself–i may just become a bit more dangerous. I would rather like to believe in god and keep my act straight, than becoming a free soul and let myself set standards of my actions. I like to think that if i screw up, may be…just may be…god will play that video in front of me someday (after death i guess) and beat the crap out of me. May be he will reveal all my secret deeds to everyone else i know! I also think sometimes it is okay to say “Bhagvan ki icha thi..” especially when i have gone at someone’s funeral, rather than saying, “Dude…your dad lived longer than an average Indian, just get over it…he was suppose to die”

        Lastly, i think beliefs are something that should never be challenged (and that’s why i liked your article–it was your belief and experience that you were not trying to force on anybody). Belief is what keeps us going….let it be yours or mine.

        Thanks Richa!

  4. Jigar and Richa, I enjoyed reading your conversation. Jigar is a sharp reader indeed. And such questions do help others think and explore further. This question of “Is there any existence like God?” is so tempting.

    In the film “The Matrix”, there is a dialogue that “This Mind Is the Key”. I like it a lot. But in spiritual world I think “Meditation Is the Key” dialogue would fit perfect, coz otherwise there is lot to read, assume, believe without experimenting. Through meditation only, we can feel the glimpse of our existence.

    These days once or twice in a month I go and meet Khodabapa who for me is an enlightened person in terms of only him so far has attended my spiritual queries at its best. He is not a Guru or something. He is just a Samsari like us. Lower middle-class and works a tailor (reminds me of Kabir). but the depth with which he talks about his spiritual experience (nadbrahm) and all in his own flare is amazing. He has suggested me to simply practise to seat silently. That’s what I’m trying to do.

    1. Jigar Patel says:

      Devang, Good to know that you have been spending some time trying to explore as much as you can of the never-ending galaxy of spiritual world.

      Honestly, i have never read or tried to learn much about meditation (for no special reason) but someday i would like to go in that direction just to feed my curiosity.

      Would like to hear more from you and of course from Richa when you guys have something to share!


  5. Richa says:

    @Devang – I would love to read interview of ur friend whom u discussed above and compared with Kabir. Like I would be thankful to u if u publish his spiritual journey and what spirituality means for him…. Since I also got all realizations by practising Naadbramha and as u said he also recommends the same… I would like to know his journey…


    1. Richa, it would be tough for me to write in English Khodabapa’s message because he talks with great depth about spirituality and I’m afraid that my interpretation of his “words” would not be in exact format. I have interviewed him (link: https://www.speakbindas.com/interview-of-khodabapa/) but that’s where he speaks in Gujarati language about MIND. He doesn’t know English and I never talked with him in Hindi, but I believe that only in Gujarati he can converse fluently.

      I would still try to bring you some of his teachings in English after discussing with him.

  6. Richa Raghuwanshi says:

    @Devang : I know I am troubling you. But thanks for the effort 🙂

    1. Yes, Richa, and see you made me bring something for you from Khodabapa.
      He has delivered some collective messages and has put frame of it on a wall of his home. It’s in Gujarati. I have translated those messages in Hindi, which are as below:

      सबसे उतम धर्म – सेवा
      सबसे उतम आसन – शरीरकी स्थिरता
      सबसे उतम लक्ष्य – द्रष्टीकी स्थिरता
      सबसे उतम प्राणायाम – पवनको उलटाना
      सबसे उतम भजन – नादब्रह्म का.
      सबसे उतम ध्यान – त्रिकुटी का.
      सबसे उतम मुद्रा – सांभवीमुद्रा.
      सबसे उतम दर्शन – द्रष्टापुरुष का.
      सबसे उतम आनंद – अस्तित्व मे पिगल जाना.
      सबसे उतम योग – लययोग
      सबसे उतम जिवन – प्रेम का.

  7. richa says:

    Thank you so much Devang!
    What does “pavan ka ultana” mean
    Does it mean belly breathing??

    1. I have some assumptions about it as heard about it from Khodabapa earlier, but I think I will talk with him again on this and then get back to, so that you get the error-free reply 🙂

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