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Interview of Jethalal Gada fame Dilip Joshi

Dilip Joshi

Dilip Joshi

Dilip Joshi is a popular drama artist, who has successfully acted in some of most famous Gujarati dramas, one of them being બાપુ તમે કમાલ કરી with Sumeet Raghavan and Amit Mistry, the trio known for their television serial Shubh Mangal Savadhan. He also directed this play. Dilip has always been good at comedy, rather we can say that comedy is his best area for  acting. As a comedian he can make people laugh just with facial expressions.

He plays the role of Jethalal Gada in Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma, a very popular television serial. This has brought him great popularity and at the other side he has poured soul in the original character of Jethalal from દુનિયાને ઉંધા ચશ્મા written by Tarak Mehta.

He with Disha Wakani (Daya) and Tapu, was in Rajkot during the Navratri festival, when Speakbindas volunteer correspondents Rupal Tank and Adhiraj Jadeja had few interesting moments with him.


Interview of Dilip Joshi – Part 1

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Interview Excerpt

Rupal Tank: Your prime field is drama. You have also been acting in television. How have been the differential experiences?

  • Drama, I have been doing since I was a kid. In between I acted in television medium too. I think every medium has its pros and cons. Like if about theatre you ask me, it’s very difficult as there are no re-takes. You have to be on your mark and live the moment on every show. Where as in television serials and films you have chance for re-takes. So working in serials and films is easier than the theater. Theater is the toughest.

Rupal Tank: You have acted in many drams. Which one of them is your favorite one that you really loved doing?

  • The first drama that I directed બાપુ તમે કમાલ કરી is my favorite. There was hilarious comedy in it with a wonderful team of co-artists such as Sumeet Raghavan, Amit Mistry, myself and couple of actresses. It was a super-duper hit play and we did over 200 shows in the span of 2 years. We traveled around the world in countries like London, Africa, Singapore, Dubai, Muscat etc. We enjoyed this play as much as audience enjoyed it.

Rupal Tank: Any future plans?

  • Well, presently I am busy with television serial called ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma‘ which is running very popular. It’s a good team effort from producer, director and actors involved in it. With God’s grace people will keep enjoying it very much. So far so good. So I am happy with it.

Rupal Tank: In real life you are Dilip Joshi but with the popularity received from Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma you are now also known as Jethalal. What do you think, have you given justification to the role?

  • Well, that is for you (audience) to see if I am justifying the character or not. And as far from people’s response we can say that they are loving it so I can say that yes I am justifying it.

Rupal Tank: What would you love to be known more as, Dilip Joshi or Jethalal?

  • Love in the sense what I would like to be? (Rupal:yes). Definitely then, Jethalal. It’s a challenge, you pick up a role of someone else and you convince people to expect you as somebody else. The character that I am playing of Jethalal is totally different from what I am. Character Jethalal’s body language, expressions, behavior pattern, thinking pattern is totally different from myself. I think I have been successful in going across people’s heart and people are accepting me as Jethalal. So for an actor to be accepted for the role which he is playing that is biggest achievement.

Adhiraj Jadeja: Earlier you have worked in few comedy serials, one of them being Shubh Mangal Savadhan. And now Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma. Which one have you liked more from the acting and working point of view?

  • Myself, Sumeet Raghavan and Amit Mistry, we acted in Shubh Mangal Savadhan. Our chemistry was really good and hence we also decided to do a play together and thus બાપુ તમે કમાલ કરી was born. So that was fantastic serial. But Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma is ultimate for me and is something which I can say best of my career. I am really enjoying playing character of Jethalal Gada.
(From left: Adhiraj Jadeja, Tapu, Daya (Disha Wakani)

(From left: Adhiraj Jadeja, Tapu, Daya (Disha Wakani)

Adhiraj Jadeja: What’s your take on difference between the original creation of Tarak Mehta “Duniya ne Undha chashama(દુનિયાને ઉંધા ચશ્મા)” and this serial you are working in Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma?

  • First difference is that the original creation is in Gujarati language where as now television serials are reaching globally, the serial has extra stuff for other cultures than Gujarati and this was done of course with permission from Tarak Mehta. I was also little afraid for playing this character because through the Duniya ne Undha Chasma in Chitralekha magazine, Jethalal’s image may be different from person to person. So it was quite difficult to come out successfully playing the character that everyone likes. And Jethalal’s physical appearances in original creation and serial are different so it was a challenge for me as an actor. And now you can see the results and I feel glad knowing I have given justice to this different Jethalal.

Rupal Tank: Any special message to your fans and readers of Speakbindas?

  • For the readers of Speakbindas and fans, as the title says Speak Bindas, so Speak Bindas. Whatever you feel for our serial (I would become selfish here!), just give us your feedback. Speak Bindas about whatever you like, what you don’t like. Because we would also like to know what you don’t like so we can improve ourselves and we can make more and more people happy. Thank you so much.

Note: Rupal Tank and Adhiraj Jadeda, both are students of first year course of Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication at Rajkot. To interview Dilip Joshi they wandered for hours starting from 07:30 PM as Dilip Joshi was to land at Rajkot at 08:00. They tried to interview him at few occasions but succeeded only at midnight at 01:40 at Hotel. Their dedication is appreciable. Also thanks to Dilip Joshi for being kind enough to consent the interview at such midnight time when he must be exhausted.


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  1. vikas says:

    Congrates!Guys, u did wonderful thing!

    1. mera zindagi ek khwab hai, aur woh khwab hai “Gokuldham Socity” ko ekbar dekhne ka.

  2. kalpanadesai says:

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    Ane tamara palepal badalata havbhavne to shun kevu? kain nahin.Tame kyan kain kevapanu rakhyun j chhe? Khub khub abhinandan ane shubhechchhao.
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  5. @Dr. Maulik Shah,

    You are so right. Your suggestion is truly accepted. Infact, we are going to buy it soon. Such positive comments add leverage to our passion. Thank you so much.

  6. ary says:

    Thanks to Devangbhai and his team, we have seen “Jethalal” up close and personal. Its a good thing he or the other actors on the show do not indulge in their own publicity in the papers. So we look forward to knowing more about them. As it is all of them complement each other so well that we can hardly separate the actors from the characters. Aur haan Jethaji aapke param mitra Mehtasaab sutradhar ke kirdaar ko itna achchaa nibhaate hain toh baaki situations mein itne hyper kyon nazar aate hain?

  7. Amarsinh Vaghela says:

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    -Amarsinh Vaghela

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    Brilliant Job rupz.. also Mr. Adhiraj.. Its just ur first year n u’ve marked this record in ur career.. Long way to go!
    I’ve personally been a huge fan of Tarak Mehta Ka Ultah Chashma n especially Disha n Dilip.. Congrats guys!! I wish u all great success in future too..!! 🙂

  9. kunj palan says:

    well questioned n answered.
    but one question to rupal: why did you interview only jethalal? it would have been great to see daya being interviewed too…after all, hardly a few souls know how she talks in real life.

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    1. Hima, this interview was conducted at Rajkot only during the second last Navratri only 😀

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    muje itna achha lagta he ki me uski d.v.d bhi le aya hu,,,. har pal har wokt itni kushi milti he ki pura din achha chala jata he kabhi kabhi me uski nakl bhi karta hu .muje jyada to uske acction achhe lagte he.

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  65. vaibhav sinha says:

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    Gokuldham society.I love all the members of this family.my favourite episode is ghost .champak uncle ko mera pranam .jetha bhai sundarbira Kai sa hai?dilip ji your expression of face is wonderful.you are truly very good actor.best wishes to you.

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    i just strated to watch serial and its really so interested and when it will came in tv i really happy and i enjoyed happiness with family.my all family member are laughing so..it was good time for all….thx Mr jethalal and team.

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  71. satyaprakash dash says:

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  72. MAYANK RAJ says:


  73. arpita agnihotre says:

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    1. hardik says:

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  78. meet vediya says:

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  80. Parwinder Singh says:

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  81. sanjay sah says:

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  82. jaygaurav patel says:

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  83. Rushikesh Raval says:

    I like this ciriyal most. And in ciriyal is very funny cerector.Filip Josh was a unbilivebal

  84. Rushikesh Raval says:

    I like this ciriyal most. And in ciriyal is very funny cerector.Filip Josh was a unbiliveb

  85. YASH DEOL says:

    DALIP JOSHI SIR RIGHT NO. 7389601859

  86. Punit choudhari says:

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  90. Manas kanade says:

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  93. praduman sharma says:

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  94. Walling says:

    I’m from far North eastern part India; Nagaland. Often watching TMKOC.Really it reflcts lot of message to all individual/families and also brings smile/laughs as we watch the serials.Thnk you so mch.TMKOC teams !

  95. vandit rawat says:

    fan i am.gokuldham socity I’m. join you shows sir please vandit rawat villege is khawasa thandla road

  96. Nitin says:

    Thanks Neela Telefilm,
    I do watch Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma.
    It very good comedy and social messaging serial.I request you please spread awareness about biased Indian law about sectioon 498 420 125 as there is no punishment for #falsecases by wife against their in-law. Because of mental stress married men thinking of suicide, you can see such news in media everyday.
    Please help to stop misuse of law







  98. nilesh says:

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  99. Baraiya Bharat says:

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    Siriyal me kam karu plz..mujhe ek Chang milega plz…Plz…sir
    Mujhe acting ka bahut shok he Plz…Plz…

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