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Interview – RJ Sheetal from Radio Mirchi


RJ Sheetal works in Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM at Rajkot station. She hosts a program called ‘Khoobsurat’ which focuses topics related to ladies.

Sheetal says “I have five sisters. So it’s quite easy and routine for me to handle a show related to women, on Radio Mirchi.” Aspiring to become a lecturer in college and now she is an RJ in Radio Mirchi. Her journey of becoming an RJ is very sudden. She didn’t plan to become RJ, it just happened.

She has got this broad smile that makes you feel at ease. Her father liked the role of Vidya Balan as RJ in movie Lagey Raho Munnabhai.

Sheetal says “My Papa liked it so much. He just used to be very delighted watching her as an RJ. So I thought that if I become an RJ too, how glad my Papa would be! This was the only thought behind my career of an RJ.”

In the video below, she shares some important tips to those who aspire to become an RJ.


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4 thoughts on “Interview – RJ Sheetal from Radio Mirchi

  1. Jigar says:

    Rj Sheetal has got very nice voice nd very nice fluency of words… but d most beautiful thing z her smile.. nd her inncoent face……!!!!!!
    wish u a very bright carreer…..!!!
    Keep smilin alwyz….

  2. Jigar says:

    I would wish to talk to her nd listen her voice atleast once..
    lets see if i m that lucky and get d chance or not..!!!!

    Dr. jigar

  3. hi sheetal me ne ushe kabhi nahi dhe kha lekin o mare bast frand hoo

    my best frand is sheetal

  4. Ajay.jadeja says:

    Hai sheetal hu taro bdhathi sharo frend su ajay.jadeja

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