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Interview of Jagdish Joshi aka Crazy JJ

Jagdish Joshi

Crazy People Create History
Wise People Normally Read History

TM Jagdish Joshi

Jagdish Joshi is a management educator, business advisor, author and business psychologist who runs Joshi Management Consultancy. Under this firm he provides corporate consultancy, training & development for sales & marketing and HRD related services.

Jagdish Joshi with book
Jagdish Joshi with book “Speak Bindas – following the inner passion”

He is known as “Crazy” for his outstanding personality. He believes in doing anything with total passion only. Around the globe in more than 40 countries more than 1 million CEOs, Managers, Executives etc. have taken training from him. He also serves various management institutes as a faculty. He has also helped in creating brands of big companies such as Mufti, Euro Group of Companies and Alpha Group. He has authored three books viz 1. Dare To Design Your Life, 2. It Is Your Business, Make It Big!, 3. Sell Like A Great Man, Give Service Like a Madman. All have got translated in other three languages, i.e. Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi and are bestsellers.

In this exclusive interview with SpeakBindas he talks on various important subjects such as marketing trends and expectations of consumers. He says one important thing “To succeed, you need to know the difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’.”

Jagdish Joshi

Most of the interview language is in English. You will get to learn many business, entrepreneurial oriented tips from this interview from Jagdish Joshi, rather Crazy Jagdish.

Videos of Interview

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Photo Album of Seminar – total 120 photos

Contact details

Joshi Management Consultancy
A/401, Kedarnath, 4th floor, Near Old shailendra Nagar police station,
Opp. Gokulanand Hotel, W.E. Highway, Dahisar (E), Mumbai – 400 068. INDIA
Tel.: +91 22 28953815 / 2894 2881
Email: jagdish AT jagdishjoshi.com Web: http://www.jagdishjoshi.com


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

17 thoughts on “Interview of Jagdish Joshi aka Crazy JJ

  1. DINESHTILVA says:

    દરેક સપનું ક્ષણીક પાગલપન છે, અને દરેક પાગલપન એક લાંબુ સપનું! – રેફ: jv
    આ પાગલનું પાગલપન માણવું તે એક લહાવો છે…”
    dineshtilva@gmail.com 09427270271

  2. Jagdeesh Padnani says:

    oh my god . Mr eJagdish Joshi is really cyclone, he has marvellous and amazing speech and deep knowledge of corporate world . I m very delighted to see his interview taken by Mr Devang Vibhakar. really all have done great job
    thank a lot
    FRM Jagdeesh Padnani
    SIR institute of English.

  3. dilip mehta says:

    dear devang
    many congrats ! its indeed a real privilege meeting and knowing such personality like jagdish bhai…so multifaceted and so simple! keep it up. i m sure speak bindas has been proving a big platform for the right and genuine expression !! wishing u a great success a head.

  4. Neal Lathia says:

    Its really crazy !

  5. Manish Challa says:

    “Crazzy” really speaked BINDAAS!!
    very impressive and inspiring.
    he gave us new point of views to see the things, long time ago I impressed with Dale Carnagie`s book “How to win friends and influence people” now after seen this interview the same feeling.
    thanks Devangbhai.

  6. chetu says:

    Really very impressive !! … special for new generation…
    Thanks to Shri Jagdishbhai & Devangbhai …

  7. Dear Devang ,
    I saw crazy JJ interview on speakbindas. It’s gre8 & inspirational though give by Mr. Jagdish Joshi.
    for Pagalpan I understand that (What is Pagalpan ?)
    Mr. J.J. saw us when we enter in subject , then questioning over self . Why this happened ? why this happened ?…..why………….why………….why…….and then after reach in the root of the subject & then you get right answer of subject. This is PAGALPAN. ( in gujarati not gandaveda.)
    Bharat Dudakia.
    National Trainer

    1. dineshtilva says:

      આભાર કે તમારા જેવા નેશનલ ટ્રેઈનર… કે જે સર્વે દિશાનું જ્ઞાનનાં જાણકાર છો એવા તમે, જયારે “પાગલપન” થી દુનિયામા ફેમસ છે તેવા ક્રેજી જે. જે. ને આપનો કીમતી ફીડબેક આપો છો તે વાંચી ને પણ અમે તમારાથી “ઈન્સ્પાયર” થઈ છીએ. ક્રેજી જે. જે. ને મળવાનું મને અહોભાગ્ય મળ્યું છે તો તમારી યાદી ખાસ આપીશ…

    2. Yes, Bharatbhai. Pagalpan has nothing to do with Gandaveda, it is being crazy about our passion. I am sure that you being a National Prime Trainer would understand this concept in depth.

      Let’s be crazy and create history.

  8. dineshtilva says:

    Carzy JJ ne aaje mali ne koobj aanand thayo.. temna bhai, staff ane ekdam active temni 2 doughters! visit this link also. http://picasaweb.google.co.in/umiyausa/jj#

  9. Jayesh Dobariya says:

    Jakas! I have attend seminar which was in rajkot. Mr. Jagdish is booster for passionate people . semainar was 150 minnutes non stop presentation. such joshi has created cyclone hemu gadhavi hall, rajkot I Learned Lot from same.
    it works Crazy People create history wise people read history.

  10. vaishali parekh says:

    its so nice & tremondance. i hv enjoyed a lot.

  11. Virendra Mathne says:

    Really Good One Sir,
    Every One has to be Crazy About Work. If Politician Follow this so our country will defiantly fly….

  12. mahesh trivedi says:

    j j is a wonderfull charger in our life

  13. Ritesh Bhungaliya says:

    i don’t know how it works but i can say that there is some internal power to be a crazy……………….i really enjoyed…so till today…i remember it…

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